Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Happy Easter!

Uncle Clayt joined us for our Easter weekend.
Uncle Clayton pushing them on the tire swing. They got pretty high and none of them got scared!

Showing off their climbing skills to Uncle Clayt.

Emma is so strong. She would climb up all by herself and then just hang here for a few seconds, then drop to her feet!

Coloring eggs always takes the girls about .25 seconds.
I mentioned how Clayt was always the last one to finish coloring his eggs, like hours after the rest of us had finished. haha

Emma was so excited her egg was BLUE. She loves blue. 

We planted flowers out front!
Hopefully this year they will be the color that says on the package! Grrrr. (Last year Carly wanted purple flowers, we bought purple flowers and planted them and watered them. They weren't all purple. Not even half of them were purple.)

Uncle Clayt getting some exercise.

A huge thunder storm rolling in.
My all time favorite picture from Easter weekend. Carly loves her Uncle Clayt. 

Jeremy used his new grill!! We marinated some pork and he grilled it out on Saturday. Yum. I love how Emma is looking at Clayt in the picture. 

Sunday morning we let the girls watch Trolls with Uncle Clayt. He hadn't seen it yet.

Easter baskets!

Carly got a new basket for her bike and tons of candy.

Giving daddy his Easter basket. Jeremy got some fun church socks and two nice button down shirts.

They were pretty excited about new chalk.
They kept asking for it.

Emma giving Uncle Clayt his Easter basket. He also got some fun socks and candy.

This picture just makes me love them more. They are seriously so fun. Their personalities are so defined lately.

Happy Easter from the Pitchforth's!

Happy Easter!

Easter dinner. Yum. The girls LOVED the ham. We have been eating it all week.

Searching for Easter eggs. haha

Emma needed a little help filling her bucket. Carly almost had hers full and Emma was still working on the candy from her first egg. Jeremy grabbed her bucket and started helping her. haha

We got a bubble machine! They love it. 

Going through their plastic eggs. There was candy, pennies, little rubber lizards, bubbles, and rings.

We are so grateful for the Easter season that we get to celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. We are grateful for all He has done for us so we can be together forever.

"Emma, want to hold my hand?!"
Sisters holding hands and drinking their shakes.
They are precious.

Jeremy bought a Groupon for five tickets to the Play Station a while back. It expired on Friday April 15th. So naturally we waited until one of the last days to go! It did not disappoint and there was hardly anyone there!

We definitely wore Emma out!

Picnic outside is a daily request from Carly.

We have play group every Friday. On Good Friday all of the libraries were closed. So we decided to meet at the church so the kids could play. We got there a little early so the girls had the gym all to themselves for a bit.

They were a fan of stopping at Hyvee for some groceries.
They give free suckers at the checkout!

Two girls and their strollers.

Emma with her baby and this yellow car.

Carly can now get on the swing, lean back and kick her feet to get herself going, and pump her legs!!!!
Where is my little baby?!

When your toddler asks you to hold her flowers, you do it.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Crying, bowling, scraped knee

Emma at her finest. She was not happy. And this face is so cute we couldn't resist.

Bowling for $1 night! Emma was more obsessed with having her own water cup.

And right before we were going to leave, Carly and Emma started racing outside on the driveway. Just as I opened the door, she hit the cement. Ouch! Skinned her knee pretty bad. She only bowled once. She just wanted to sit there and watch the rest of the time. Poor girl.

This picture was taken the next morning. It was already looking better!

Carly's pant leg was up all day long. Poor girl. Yes, I carried her everywhere.

By night time she was fine with getting a bath. She was just careful to keep it out of the water. 

Day 3 it looks tons better!

80 degree weather?!

We get this face a lot.

Playing catch.

Our little ray of sunshine.
I know I just said this, but I love having two girls. Carly wore this yellow outfit and it fits Emma's personality perfectly.

Since we took out the shed, we have tons more dirt to play with! (Until we plant grass.)

Carly yelled and asked for us to wait for her. We waited and then she zoomed on by! Stinker.

Running the bases.

They were fighting over third base.