Friday, November 10, 2017

Going home day!

I love this picture so much. The girls were so obsessed with seeing Ryan at all times. Especially when he was in the crib. They would each pull up a chair and stand on it to see him.  Oh and their hair! haha
Watching shows while holding Ryan.

Emma brought books to read to Ryan.

It's hard to believe Ryan was born when it was 90 degrees out! Both the girls were winter babies. Never again! After having a fall baby it is so much better! I loved that we could go out to the park or at least go out and not have it be freezing cold. And Jeremy actually thought about what the girls were going to wear to the hospital! Carly's shirt says 'never grow up' and Emma's is 'big sister'.

I just love them.

Carly and Emma got in their own little world and started playing together. They especially the little stool to sit on and the window sill.

They each got a big sister crown from the hospital. so cute.

The nurse gave them the blood pressure cuff from Ryan to play with.

Trying to get out of the hospital! Somehow they lost his birth certificate paperwork, so I got to fill it out again. But due to me having to move rooms and fill that out again, we got a $50 gift card to HyVee! That was super nice of them.

His going home outfit. One of the newborn outfits I did buy. We usually don't buy the newborn size because they wear it only a few times and then grow out of it. But I wanted it to fit him!

Emma trying out his car seat.

Emma helping Ryan get buckled.

This picture is out of order, but oh well. Us walking out to the van!

hahaha I love this picture. Carly's arms out and Emma's tongue sticking out.

Family of five! Oh my goodness.

Mercy Medical Center 
I love this picture so much.
I look exhausted.
My hair is done.
Emma is touching Ryan, always.
And I love how newborns just snuggle right up to you and curl up.

All five of us on our way home!

Jeremy made a welcome home sign for Ryan and I with the girls. So cute.

Changing rooms in the hospital

I just finished nursing Ryan after Jeremy took the girls home. I found a movie to watch on t.v. I thought to myself, I am going to send Ryan to the nursery and call it a night!
Little did I know, there were too many women having babies and they needed my room!
The head nurse came in and asked if I would be okay moving to the pediatric floor. She said they needed someone stable that can handle being without all the help. I said yes and started packing up my stuff. Like I said, Jeremy had just left with the girls and my stuff was ALL over the hospital room. I still had my stuff in the shower because I wanted to take a shower the next morning before going home. The girls crayons were still out on the desk so they could come back and color in the morning. Ugh. 
Taken right before the nurse walked in and asked if I could move rooms. 

Two super helpful nurses helping me move clear across the hospital. The birthplace is on level 3 and I was moving to level 8 on the other side of the hospital. We walked all the way down the hall and took the elevator up to floor 8. I was in a very quiet corner though. 

My new room. I was trying to explain it to Jeremy so he could find me in the morning. 

The nice bathroom. Good thing I didn't want to take that bath! My nurse said the bath would help with the healing, but I was going to think about it.

After packing up everything and moving rooms, here I was just me and Ryan. My nurse Denise came in and checked on me a few times and to give me my meds. But other than that it was so quiet. And Ryan was up most of the night. For some reason I didn't think that he would be hungry. I forgot that babies cluster feed sometimes, and that is just nursing from one side to other again and again.

I remember thinking to myself, we have already spoiled him! I don't remember one time we just left him in his crib at the hospital while the girls were there. Someone was always holding him. 

Yes, I ordered food at 1:30 in the morning. I was planning on just getting some oatmeal. But the guy said they have some hot foods as well. I knew they wouldn't have everything cooking at 1:30 in the morning, but he said cheeseburger and that sounded SO good. 

Precious boy.

I was so tired!

3:23a.m. and he just wanted to sleep on me. Anytime I tried putting him back in the crib, he would wake up!

He is so scrumptious.

I did have a boppy pillow already. I did buy a new cover because the other one had a rip in it and I wanted a more boyish color for him. He loves being propped on it.

Getting to see his eyes!

The view out this window was much better than my other room. The other room looked in the courtyard that the girls and Jeremy went a few times to get some fresh air. I was sending this to Jeremy so he knew where I was in the hospital. Like I said, I moved to the other side and the parking is different.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Day 2: September 22nd

My mom had an early flight. The plan was for her to go home get some sleep, stop by the hospital on her way to the airport, and then be on her way. I had just gotten up with Ryan and was going to send him back to the nursery because he was done nursing and she walked right in! Perfect timing. It was like 3:30 in the morning.  She said she didn't sleep at all. It was nice to see her one last time and for her to see Ryan. Because babies change so FAST and the next time she would see him is Thanksgiving.
Just me and you buddy. I couldn't get enough of him. He is just perfect.

Oatmeal, chocolate milk and yogurt parfait. Yum One reason why I delivered at Mercy for Emma and now for Ryan is because they have 24/7 food and it's a full menu you can pick whatever you want and order it and they deliver it to your room!

There are his eyes! The girls would get so excited the first few weeks because his eyes were closed for most the time. When they would see an eye they would freak out 'I see one eye! oh now I see two!'

His hair!!! I just love it.

Chef salad, lemonade, and pizza. Yum!

We had some visitors at the hospital. The Hunt's were one of them

listening to Ryan's heart.

She was in heaven at the hospital, shows and holding Ryan for hours.

They loved this little desk. They each had something to write with and were playing.

Feeding Ryan a bottle.

Jeremy was so patient with the girls. They kept going back and forth on holding him.