Sunday, October 28, 2012

baby's first stuffed animal...

How far along? I am 23.4 weeks. 

Weight gain: I have gained about 12 pounds. 

Feeling: I have been feeling great. I am starting to eat more at meals and not so much snacking all the time. As long as I get a good breakfast, I feel really good in the mornings. Certain cereals make me feel gross, so no more Raisin Bran for me. 

Wearing: I am wearing maternity pants. I also like wearing dresses, less pressure on the stomach. 

Best part of being pregnant right now: While Jeremy watches his football, I sit and watch my shirt move up and down from seeing the baby kick. I love it. Last week I woke up because she was kicking me. I didn't even get mad. I think this is the first time that someone has woken me up and I didn't get mad. I just thought 'well the baby is up!' 

Worst part of being pregnant: Since I am pregnant, everyone thinks that I need some kind of advice about everything. Whether it is how to parent, what to eat, exercising, nursing, labor, things to buy and the still continues...daily.

Sleep: I have been sleeping really well. I don't really sleep in on the weekends because my body is set to get up every day early for school. 

Upcoming appointments: I just had an appointment on Thursday, October 25th. It went well. Weight gain is good. I just have to get more blood work done before my next appointment. Probably my least favorite part of being pregnant.. blood work. 

Baby Bump Picture:

I can't forget about Jeremy :) He has the elephant stuffed animal for 'baby Pitchforth'. We had a deal. I post a picture of me and I post a picture of him too. 

This is baby Pitchforth's first stuffed animal. :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

just a little update...

Jeremy is doing his internship. I leave every morning before he does and get home after him. He is getting lots of experience with this internship along with lots of driving time. He is also good at doing laundry and cleaning house for me. :) I love my student teaching experience.I just experienced my first parent/teacher conferences. The students are so fun to teach.

I also love feeling/seeing our baby kick. She loves to move! I told Jeremy it's cute now, but just wait until she starts kicking my ribs. Right now, it just feels like a big heart beat. It feels really neat!

The day has come. I can't see my feet anymore when I stand straight up and look down. The other day, I told Jeremy when I look down, all I see is the baby bump and not my feet! It is a good reason not to see my feet though. :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

She's a kickin'...

I have felt her move every day for a week and a half! Yes, I drink more water than usual. The nurse said that water helps her move more. That's what I have been doing, water.. water...water.
Jeremy felt her kick 7 times for the first time Sunday night! He was pretty excited.

I have found that some pregnant girls do a pregnancy questionnaire. Well, I want to try it.

How far along? Today I am 20 weeks along. Which means I am half way! Which means I will only get bigger!

Weight Gain: I have gained about six pounds.  

Feeling: I have not had morning sickness. Not even in my first trimester, thank goodness. I only get nauseous if I don't eat often enough or drink enough water. I do not like the smell of cologne so Jeremy doesn't wear it. 

Wearing: I have been wearing maternity pants. They are super comfortable and have that nice elastic band on them. I have not started wearing my maternity shirts, I still fit into some of my regular shirts. 

Best part about being pregnant: Feeling her move FINALLY. There has to be something in there that has made me eat so much! 

Worst part about being pregnant: I have to pee constantly. It wouldn't be so bad, but I have to tell my cooperating teacher every time I am leaving the classroom. 
Food: No, I have not had any cravings. I can eat just about anything. I make sure that I eat about every hour. I really like fruit snacks, trail mix, and granola bars for this is what I take to school to munch on. 

Sleep: I have been very blessed and have been sleeping SO well. I only get up once a night to go pee. I have long days at school (student teaching) which helps me sleep really well at night. 

Gender: It's a girl! We found out September 11th when we had an ultrasound. 

Upcoming appointments: My next appointment is October 25th. (I just had one last week and everything looks great. I also had blood work done). 

Baby Bump Picture: