Monday, December 31, 2012

still traveling...

Jeremy and I have been traveling for awhile now. We left Ohio on December 12th for graduation at BYU-Idaho. We were in Utah for Jeremy's cousins' wedding, then we went to California. I would post pictures of our trip to the Logan Temple, Salt Lake Temple Square, and the sunset on the beach in California, but I lost my camera the first trip the beach. Sad day. I wasn't all that upset that I lost the camera. I just wish I could have those pictures from our trip. 

Jeremy and I spent Christmas with his family in California. It is quite different seeing palm trees with Christmas lights on them. It was really weird seeing Christmas lights and no snow on the ground. Actually some people did have 'snow' on their yard. I told Jeremy if we ever live in a place that doesn't snow, we will put that cotton stuff all over our yard to make it look like snow. :)

We were able to go to the beach a few times and enjoy its beauty. We did not get in the water to swim. We did have a bonfire on the beach one night and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. It was so pretty. The waves were really loud, the moon was full, and it was fun to sit and talk. Jeremy suggested that we just touch the water with our hands to say that I touched the west coast water.  Well the wave came and I couldn't run back fast enough, so I got wet. Thank goodness I rolled up my pants. The water was freezing! 

Baby Update:

How Far Along: Today I am 32.5 weeks along. 

Cravings: I still haven't had any cravings. I just eat about every hour or so. 

Feeling: I am feeling pretty good, considering I have spent 50+ hours in a car in the past three weeks. I have had some good days and bad days. 

I know I have been super blessed to be feeling well throughout this whole pregnancy. I was never really sick. I only got nauseous and light headed when I didn't get enough water or eat frequently.  

Best Part of being pregnant right now: I love feeling the baby move. She is much bigger now and she is pretty active and so I can sit and others can watch her too. Never fails that when I say she is moving and everyone looks, she gets 'shy' and stops moving!  

Worst Part of being pregnant right now: Just the other day I started getting really bad lower back pain. I don't think my back has ever hurt this bad. Yeah, I have always had back problems (it helps that my dad is a chiropractor to put me back together). But lately it has hurt. Walking it off helps and not being in one position for too long. I can't stand, sit, lay down, or walk for long periods of time. Jeremy has learned to just let me cry about it and be patient. 

Sleep: Oh how I love naps! Jeremy asked me the other day how I lasted through student teaching not being able to take a nap every day. I think it was because my body knew that I couldn't take a nap and so I just pushed through every day. Now I can sleep. a lot. 

La Jolla Cove San Diego

I told Jeremy to smile. This is what I got :)

Good timing! We got the wave in the background. 

Me and my love

Love him. 

Jeremy and I in front of a beautiful Temple! San Diego California

Jeremy and I outside the Temple before our session.

Jeremy and I outside the Temple after a session:)

San Diego Temple

Sunday, December 16, 2012

30 hours... at 30 weeks!

Yes, I did it. I know it was an insane thing to do but we have to get our stuff back to Ohio somehow. AND save money of course. We DROVE for 30 hours (from Ohio to Idaho) and I am 30 weeks pregnant. I am pretty sure my dad had to use the bathroom more than I did, so the pregnant girl did pretty well. :) I slept a lot which was nice to catch up on some sleep.

We are now graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho. Jeremy graduated in Communications-Public Relations and I graduated in Elementary Education. It was quite exciting to graduate together. One thing I thought I would not be doing, graduating with my husband! I married well, what can I say :)

Speaking of marrying well, at graduation, you hand the announcer your name card and they read it as you walk across stage. Well, Jeremy wrote on his name card 'Jeremy Ryan Pitchforth III' (he added the third to it). So as he was being announced and walked across stage, 'Jeremy Ryan Pitchforth III was announced. Yes, I laughed and also turned red. My parents asked, you're really the third? And he said, 'No I just wrote it and they read it!' What can I say, never a dull moment with Jeremy :) love him!

Baby Update:

How Far along? 30.4 weeks

Weight gain: last we checked I have gained 20.5 pounds. It has just occurred to me these last few weeks when my feet have started to throb... I have more weight on my feet than I ever have! Of course they are going to hurt! But I know the weight is good and now that I don't teach 8 hours a day, I can sit whenever I want.

Cravings: So far I have not craved anything particular. When people ask me what I have craved I tell them, "FOOD." I just love to eat...all...the...time. Some days I feel like I can't get enough potatoes (fries when we were traveling), other days I feel like I could eat and eat and eat and never be full at dinner. Being pregnant gives me the excuse to get up more than once to get more food :)

Feeling: I am feeling really well. Being able to sleep when I want is a nice feeling. I have been getting naps and so this has helped me feel much better when I have a headache or nauseous.

Best part of being pregnant right now: It is my excuse for doing dumb things. I forget people's names or just simple things and I use "oh I'm pregnant" as an excuse.

Worst part of being pregnant right now: Not being able to go hot tubbing. Jeremy asked if he could go hot tubbing with the Schwab's tonight. I said that he could. So this is why I am updating my blog right now. He is hot tubbing without me :(

Sleep: I am sleeping really well. I wake up to go to the bathroom at least once a night. I also wake up because my legs have been cramping up on me. OUCH! I stretch them as much as I can and fall back to sleep. It isn't a pleasant feeling to wake up to.

Baby Bump Picture:

Jeremy's idea for a picture :) YAYYY!! We graduated!! :)
 Jeremy and I with our mom's :) Two of our biggest supporters. LOVE YOU BOTH
 Korbin and Lydia also graduated. The four of us with our diploma holders (diplomas are being mailed to us).