Tuesday, April 30, 2013

10 weeks flew by!

Carly is 10 weeks old today!!
Carly loves to stick her tongue out and have her hands interlocked!

Sleep: She goes to bed at about eight and then is up at one and five to eat. These stretches of five and four hours are SO nice! Sometimes it's even longer. She loves to fall asleep as I read to her. For about three weeks now, we have been able to lay her in her crib when she is fully awake and she falls right to sleep. Sometimes she cries a little, but she goes to sleep on her own. It is hard for me to hear her cry, but I know it is good for her to fall asleep on her own instead of me rocking her to sleep. Which I LOVE.

Eating: She eats about every three hours during the day and every four to five hours during the night. Some days, like Sunday, I felt I never put her down! She was constantly eating. Even through church she ate and ate, slept a little, and ate some more!

Experiences: Carly has now been to her first wedding. My friend Leslie Willis got married this past weekend. She loved all the attention of being passed around by all the old ladies :) She has been to many track meets to watch Aunt Dana and Uncle Leo. She loves being outside. The other day I could not get her to calm down. So I put a blanket around her and walked around outside. She fell right to sleep.

Carly also experienced her first bonfire. We had a bonfire for Uncle Leo's birthday on Friday. Carly loved it. She stared at the fire the whole time. Until I put a blanket around her and she fell asleep on me:)

Achievements: Carly holds her head up. She loves to 'sit' up with our help. She smiles all the time. She says "agoo" when we talk to her. One morning Jeremy and I heard Carly at eight. She was sneezing and cooing in her crib. It wasn't until twenty minutes later that she started crying and needed changed.

Favorites: ME! :) Grandma Karen was holding Carly at a track meet. Carly was crying. As soon as Grandma Karen gave Carly to me she smiled :) She also LOVES her daddy. When I can't get her to stop crying I just give her to Jeremy and she settles down.

Carly and mommy on Sunday last week. She wore her new red dress from her great-aunt Julie.

She always sleeps with her arms out like this :)

This is what happens when she falls asleep with her headband on her head :) Her hair is all messed up!

Carly always just stares at the camera when we get it out to get pictures of her

Carly loves to chew on her hand. She just started doing this

She fell asleep on me! I LOVE this.
We couldn't figure out why Carly was screaming so loud in the car. Well, this is why! This wasn't the first time it happened. She loves to move her hands and she always knocks it right into her eyes. :)

This is the face you get from Carly when she is smiling and then you put the camera in her face. She just stares. haha

Friday, April 19, 2013

woot woot 2 Months old!!

Oh how Carly is growing so fast! We took pictures today. She was a trooper about it until she got hungry! :)

Carly has now started following people with her eyes when they walk across the room. Yes, Jeremy will prop her up on the boppy and walk across the room and Carly will stare at him the whole time! It makes Jeremy so excited. Carly now sucks on her hand.

The other day Grandma Karen was holding Carly and all of the sudden her leg was wet! Carly had a blow out and it got on grandma's jeans :) oops. 

This past week she has done much better about sleeping at night. She has gone 4 hours, 5 hours, and then 7 hours! Jeremy and I are really starting to like it!

Not sure how Jeremy and I got so lucky, but last night Carly slept for 8 hours! She fell asleep in my arms when we were at mom and dad's for games. We put her in her car seat and kept her in there because we knew she would wake if we tried to put her in her crib. She slept for 8 hours and at the same time Jeremy and I jumped awake and checked on her. Jeremy put his head close to her so he could see if she was still breathing. He said, "Yeah she's fine!" We had to wake her to feed her and then she went right back to sleep in her crib.

Now that Carly is 2 months old I figured I should try on my old jeans. Like pre-pregnancy jeans. and... they fit!! Mom asked me how I did it in a short amount of time, I said, "Well, my baby is 13.5 pounds! and that's a start!" Jeremy thinks it is his announcement to let EVERYONE know. "Hey look! Krystal fit in her jeans!" no matter where we are.
The rolls in Carly's arms! They are just so cute!

This is the face Carly gives some people.

She is SO precious! She fell asleep in her swing.

She started rubbing her eyes when she wakes up. SO cute!

Carly wasn't very happy we had to wake her up to go and eat.

She wasn't so sure about taking pictures :)

She is even cute when she cries! this was so sad

Smiley Carly!

She is so smiley! We love it!

Look at those cheeks! :)

Carly is starting to lean!


BIG yawn! doesn't it make you want to yawn?!

We loves her so much!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

J & K update :)

Jeremy, Carly, and I
Yes, Carly's cheeks are really chubby. But she was upset while taking this picture. 
I wanted to give a little update of Jeremy and I. :)

Jeremy is still busy job hunting. He spends hours upon hours doing this every week. He is also helping my parents with the remodel of the house. He is becoming quite the handyman. Who knows..?? maybe someday he will need to know how to do electric in a house, insulation, and dry wall. :) Jeremy has also enjoyed going on Saturday mornings to play basketball at the church.

Jeremy has learned to love the 'country' life. He is like a little kid when he sees the farmers out working in the fields with their tractors. He loves being able to shoot animals that are on the property. He loves driving my dad's tractor around the farm. Jeremy has learned how to drive a 0-turn lawn mower. He loves it because it is a sit down mower and he has wanted to drive one since he was little. Jeremy has learned his way around Home Depot pretty well. He runs errands for dad so they can get the remodel done.

Jeremy called me one day on his way home from a job interview. He stopped at Goodwill. He called and was so excited that he found seven games that were all still in perfect shape. Monopoly, Clue, Life, Jenga, Connect Four, Boggle, and Scrabble all for $20! Yes, we were at Walmart and he calculated what he would have spent buying the games brand new. It would have been $105! He brags to everyone about his good find at Goodwill. :)

Jeremy and I enjoy running together. After I got the okay from the doctor we started running. I am pretty slow and get winded really fast. I can't even remember the last time I exercised. It feels good to exercise again.

I spend my days feeding Carly because as you can see by her checks she loves to eat all of the time. I am so happy to take care of her. She makes me so happy every day. The nights are starting to seem not so bad anymore. She is doing so good. I love her so much!

Jeremy took this on my photobooth :) silly Jeremy.

Jeremy 'rawring' at the camera haha

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

7 weeks old today!

Carly is 7 weeks old today!

Carly now sleeps in her crib in her own room! This was super hard for me, but she has been in there three nights now and has slept great! Four hours asleep then up to eat and then asleep four more hours.

Carly now wears 0-3 month clothes. She grew out of everything that is newborn. She was in newborn diapers until five weeks and newborn clothes up until six weeks. We packed up everything newborn and are now wearing 0-3 month clothes.

The highlight of my day yesterday was was Carly sat on my lap at two different times for five minutes and just smiled away at me. Made MY DAY.

Enjoy these pictures that I took throughout the week! 

Carly loves to hold her head up while on her boppy for tummy time.

peacefully sleeping in her car seat

Carly loves being propped up on my leg and against the couch. Even though her face doesn't show it :)
Sleeping in her crib!

Carly and Me :)

Carly is very 'silly'

She looks so big in her bassinet.
Carly sleeping in her crib for a nap. 

The only way I put her in blue, is if she had a bow!

She loves her boppy! She does tummy time every day on it and holds her head up.

Carly and Jeremy during General Conference.

Carly loves watching Jeremy and his funny faces.

leopard skirt and matching bow :)

She was falling asleep on my lap and gave a little smile.

Carly slept right through President Thomas S. Monson's talk :)
She loves the bouncer!

She woke up as soon as he was done speaking.

watching Uncle (Ammon) Leo in his track meet. 7 weeks today!
This is all you could see of her. Just her two little feet.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

6 weeks old!

Carly is six weeks old today. There are a few cute stories that I can remember from this week. One morning Carly started to wake up. I could hear her start to moan and about to cry. She started to kick. She kicked just right that she turned on her slumber buddy. It plays music. As soon as she heard the music she stopped crying and went back to sleep. I sat up just to make sure that I heard everything right. Sure enough, she was sound asleep. I laughed and went back to sleep. Only for a few more minutes though. Then she was up.

Another cute story. Jeremy was burping Carly the other day. He was patting her back. She let out a big burp. Then sighed. It was super cute. It was like she was waiting for it to come and then she felt better after the burp.

I can't believe she is already six weeks old. It has been so much fun watching Carly grow. She loves her bath time. She has learned to kick in the water. She gets upset when she gets water in her eyes. Or when she tries to drink the water and starts to choke her. Then it makes her mad.

Carly loves being outside. We put her in the car seat and she gets mad. Then we take her outside to put her in the car and she stops crying. She loves being in the car. She falls asleep just about every time we take a ride. Carly also LOVES to snuggle. Which I am totally fine with. Because I LOVE holding her.

These are pictures that I took throughout the week.
Carly loves to hold her head up. It is sometimes hard to burp her because her head is looking around.

This is Carly on Easter Sunday. She is all ready for church in her new purple dress.

Our family on Easter Sunday.

"My First Easter" onesie. Carly wasn't very happy at first.

She loves wearing bows that I made her :)

She always has this scowl on her face. Especially when new people hold her. Sometimes she looks at me like this too.

I took this picture because this was MY outfit that I came home from the hospital in. :) She grew out of this super fast!

Carly loves watching Hunger Games with her Aunt Franki :)

"you know you're a dad when..." you have a diaper coupon in your wallet!! I found this in Jeremy's wallet and couldn't resist taking a picture.

Carly LOVES being outside. It was pretty nice outside on Saturday. I couldn't resist going on a walk!

Jeremy colored a yellow Easter egg for Uncle Clayton who is on a mission.
Jeremy colored an Easter egg for Uncle Talon who is also serving a mission.

Our family coloring eggs. This was Carly's first time coloring eggs! She slept right through it.