Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This is Carly throwing a fit because she doesn't want to be propped up in her boppy. She  is still so darn cute!

I was trying to file Carly's fingernails. haha. It just so happen that my hand was right in front of her face. It was in perfect position for her to suck on it.

This was taken at Uncle Kris's birthday party. Grandpa Glen and Grandma Karen put Carly in a swing for the first time! I just forgot to post these pictures. 

Yeah, she liked it at first. Not so much after she saw me. 

See that thumb in that mouth? She loves sucking on her RIGHT thumb now :) Jeremy and I think it's cute. 

Family Vacation

For Memorial Day weekend we (dad, mom, Franki, Ammon, Dana) went to Iowa. We went to visit Anton, Breanna, & Olivia.

Carly didn't do so well sleeping for us while we were sleeping in the same room as her. I think she knew we were right next to her and so she would wake up every two hours hungry! ugh! The last night she slept so well because Jeremy and I were able to sleep somewhere else.

We went to the John Deere Pavilion. This was Jeremy's and Carly's first time. Aunt Franki was kind enough to push Carly around in the stroller. 
 Jeremy looking pretty cool next to a John Deere tractor. Yes, he carried my red purse around.
 Jeremy sitting in the tractor and excited like a little kid :) 
 Look how much taller those tires are!!
 Grandpa and Grandma with their granddaughters on a tractor.
 Jeremy playing the tractor game. He did really well once he got a hang of it!

 Carly sitting on Olivia :) Poor Olivia, Carly is almost bigger than her!
 Carly sucking on her blanket in the car. She loves to hold onto her blanket. She now holds onto and sticks in her mouth to suck on it. yum!
 This was Carly's first road trip. She did so well! We got her out of her car seat to eat and stretch. As soon as I would pull her out and put her on my lap, she would streeeetch it was so cute.

 Aunt Dana, Uncle Ammon, and Aunt Franki watching Harry Potter. Oh how it's nice to have a dvd player in the car.
 Carly loves to look at the camera :) She was smiling at me right before this picture.

 This is how she would sleep in the car. We would put her in the car seat and put the dark purple blanket over so it would be dark. She usually fell asleep right away.
 Carly really enjoyed the campus tour of Palmer College while we were in Iowa. She fell right to sleep in the stroller :)
We are glad to be home for Carly, Jeremy, and I are all sick now :) I feel so bad for Carly. Her nose is runny! This is the first time being sick for her. She is still such a happy baby though :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

3 months old!

Carly is 3 months old today! 

Jeremy bought Carly a bumbo. As you can see, she is quite big for it! but she does like to sit up :)
 I decided to take pictures of Carly today for her 3 months before church. She gave me some funny faces as I was smiling at her.

 Changes in appearance: I can tell that Carly is much bigger. Her feet are super chubby. I can't even put shoes on her because she are so chubby. I took off the cute pink sandles she had on today and her feet had really bad marks on them. Oops. Her cheeks are so cute that all the old ladies just want to kiss them all the time! haha. Carly's hair is getting thicker. I love when I hold her that I can feel her hair on my chin.
Carly is smiling at Jeremy in this picture
 Typical daily schedule: Carly loves to sleep in the morning. I think this is why she does not like church right now. Usually she sleeps pretty much all morning off and on and eats in between. Then she is up in the afternoon. This past week Carly has actually slept 9 hours!! not only once or twice but four nights!!! it was SO nice. Well, it would have been better if I could sleep that long! I kept waking up just thinking that I didn't hear her :) Jeremy slept like a rock!
I LOVE her smiles. 

 Achievements: Carly is sleeping much better for us. Both Jeremy and I love when she sleeps well. Carly has now shown a bit more personality too! As you can see in these pictures, she LOVES to smile. She even gave off a smile to Sister Criser today just after she screamed at me for 10 minutes. The other day I gave her a carrot to hold onto. She put it right into her mouth. She didn't quite like it because it was cold. Grandpa Glen always tries to give her celery and tells her to eat it.

When I carry Carly around, I hold her hand. She holds it back while the other hand is securely holding onto my shirt. Carly has also learned to drool! Jeremy's shoulder is always so wet from all of Carly's drool. Carly is now 15.13 pounds, so pretty much 16 pounds! I promise I do not feed her anything else. :)
I pray she keeps her blue eyes :)

Carly loves to suck on our fingers. She grabs them and sticks them in her mouth.
 Activities and experiences: Carly was able to attend her first birthday party yesterday. It was for her Great Uncle Kris. We were outside all afternoon at a park in Columbus. It was SO nice. Carly loves being passed around and watching people.

Carly also made it through her first band concert. Her Aunt Franki, Aunt Dana, and Uncle Ammon had a band concert and she was fine when they were playing. As soon as the band stopped she would get fussy.

Carly has also experienced playing tennis. Jeremy and I played tennis for our date on Friday night. She loved it. As long as I was holding her and running to hit the ball, she was fine. Jeremy says I play better when I have Carly in one hand and my racket in the other. haha.
"What happens at Grandma's stays at Grandma's"
Favorites: Sucking on her hands. Sometimes when I put her in her crib at night, she sticks her hands right in her mouth and sucks on them. Jeremy has found that another favorite is when we stand and walk around with her. He took her today during church for me so I could enjoy Relief Society. All Carly wanted was for Jeremy to stand and walk around :) As soon as he sat down she started crying. He doesn't know how I can hold her for so long and be standing :) Let's just say I am glad that she was a lot smaller when she was born.

Another favorite of Carly's is throwing up on her daddy's nice shirts. It happened twice this week. I hand Carly over to Jeremy just after he changes into his shirt and tie. Carly throws up all over his shoulder :) Silly Carly.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thank you!

Last Wednesday I came home and on our doorstep was a package to me! I hurried up, put Carly inside, ran outside and got it to open it. I read the little card that was on the outside and said, "awww". Then I opened up the box :)

 Thank you Heidi for the purple flowers! They are adorable and I love them. The pot that they came in look like rain boots, too cute!

On Mother's Day my mom and dad gave me my present from them.
These both will come in handy :) I love candy and subway.

This is a flower pot with Carly's feet on it! Super cute. Mom and dad had to have Jeremy take me out of the house so they could hurry up and paint Carly's feet while she screamed for them :)

Mother's Day was more than I expected. We went to a different church to watch Franki receive an award. There were some really nice people there. I didn't know I would feel so happy from hearing "Happy Mother's Day" from people I had just met. :) Being a mom is the best!

our chubbs at 12 weeks

 Our Little Strawberry turns 12 weeks today. (She will be three months on Sunday). How I LOVE getting her dressed every day. The 3-6 month clothes are by far my favorite clothes that we have.
This strawberry outfit is from Elyse Carroll. THANK YOU! We love it.

 Grandma Karen was trying to get pictures of her chunky legs in this outfit.
Grandma Karen found her portable highchair for Carly. She can't sit up on her own and so we strapped her to the highchair. haha. Grandma Karen asked if we could 'tie her up' to the highchair so I could eat. Grandpa Glen said that didn't sound very fun, 'tying Carly up'. haha.
 Carly falls asleep on me at least once a day. When Jeremy isn't home I just keep her on me :) Otherwise I have to put her in her crib to sleep.
Love being a mom :)

sucking on her hand during tummy time
 I am laying down on my back and she is propped up on my knees. Carly loves this because she is on her belly and she just drools all over me!

  Carly wanted to keep sitting up but I needed to get some things done. I propped a pillow up behind her and strapped her in the swing. This lasted a whole two minutes. Yes, she only has one sock on. I was changing her diaper and she kicked her foot right into her own poop. I just took her sock off and didn't put a new pair on yet.

I have been trying to prop her up using her boppy. It helps from her leaning back too far, but she leans forward too. haha.

My 1st Mother's Day

All week Jeremy kept teasing me about my Mother's Day present. He kept asking me when I wanted it. I told him to either to stop teasing me about the present or to just give it to me!

On Friday, I didn't have a very good day. Jeremy was gone all day. The house was about 77 degrees because our air conditioning broke and it was raining. That meant, I was stuck inside all day with Carly and we couldn't even go on a walk.

After we ate dinner, Jeremy asked if we could go on a quick walk. My parents watched Carly while Jeremy and I walked down to the barn to feed the kitten. Jeremy then walked on the other side of the barn. I didn't want to follow him because I'm not a fan of the barn. He asked me to come on the other side or he would come back and get me. I walked over to him very slowly. Then he pointed to the wall, "he look at that wall it's pretty cool". I said, "yeah, it's old" Then he pointed to the shelves and did the same thing, "look at those shelves". Then I thought, okay Jeremy is trying to get me to see something. I look and find a KITCHEN AID stand mixer on the shelves.

Jeremy looked at me and said, "I wanted to make this Mother's Day special since it is your first." I started crying. He told me it was okay and began explaining the really good deal he got on the kitchenaid. I just was NOT expecting it at all. Now I know why he couldn't be quiet about it all week. He was just SOOO exciting to give it to me.

I am a proud owner of a brand new RED KitchenAid stand mixer. I love it. Jeremy got it down for me to look at it. He also got a shredder/slicer and a grinder that attach to the Kitchen Aid. I told him he didn't have to get me this because the deal was he would get me it when we buy a house.

I carried the mixer and shredder/slicer into the house and said, "look what I found in the barn!" Jeremy hadn't even told my parents. He kept it a secret from my family. That way I was the first to tell them.

On Mother's Day, Jeremy surprised me and made me breakfast food after I woke up from my nap. He went outside and picked some flowers and brought them into our room. :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Family update :)

We went on a 'fast' walk down the road. This is how Carly fell asleep in her stroller.

One of the outfits we got from Lin and Cathy!! We love them! Carly's shirt says 'Mommy's Sweetie'.

Carly didn't really enjoy the adult session of Stake Conference. We spent it in the Relief Society room listening to it. She fell asleep on Jeremy. :)
This is what happens when Carly sucks on her binky. It leaves a ring around her mouth :)

I tried to prop Carly up on her boppy to get a few pictures of her. This outfit came from Pauline Sainsbury. THANK YOU. See how she has a hold of her skirt? She did that all day! She kept grabbing it.
Carly now stares at designs on things. Jeremy had a shirt on the other day that had a logo on it. She stared at it while he was holding her. She also stares at her burp cloths that have designs on them too. 

See what I mean? Carly can't sit still in her boppy and ends up like this because she doesn't have any balance yet.
 Carly now uses both hands to rub her eyes. I need to get a video of it. When I go in to get her out of her crib, she is rubbing her eye. She doesn't use both hands at the same time yet, but she has used her left and her right hand. Jeremy thinks she needs to be left handed because he is left handed. He always sticks her left hand in her mouth.
The face she gives me a lot of the time while I take pictures of her. haha.
 Carly sucks on her hands as well. We can hear it through the baby monitor, that is how loud it is when she sucks on her hand. The other night I put her down in her crib and she stuck her hand right in her mouth and started sucking on it. She was asleep in a couple of minutes.
I LOVE the rolls on her arms :)

Carly 'sitting' up!
 What has Jeremy been up to? REMODEL. My parents are remodeling three rooms in their house. Jeremy helps out a lot.

Jeremy hard at work!

Jeremy wondering why I keep taking pictures of him. :)

This is what I have been up to lately. It has taken me a good three weeks to do. It is our mother's day present to my mom. It is a 27 in. x 40 in. frame with about 180 pictures of events that have happened since 2001. I did another collage when I was a Senior in high school for mom. The earliest dated picture on this collage goes back to 2000. A lot has happened in the Keller family. We gave it to mom because we finished it early.