Tuesday, June 25, 2013

 I have come to find out if Carly can see me while I am doing something, she is fine. The second she can't see me anymore she gets mad. For example, I was vacuuming yesterday and I propped her up on the rocking chair in mine and Jeremy's room. Like so:

As long as she could see me vacuuming, she wouldn't cry. The second I was out of sight she would cry. I would move her from room to room while vacuuming and she would just sit and watch me :)
Carly on the rocking chair in her room. Just chillin'!

Smiley girl with her sun hat on!

Yawning Carly. This girl has some BIG yawns.

Carly is such a happy baby.

Cousin Olivia giving Carly kisses on her head. :)
 Carly was weighed and measured today. Oh how she has grown! haha. She is now 25 inches long and in the 74th percentile for height. She now weighs 18 pounds and is in the 99th percentile for weight! We love our chunky Carly!
Carly in one car seat and Olivia in her car seat. They stared at each other most of the way to the store :)
 Carly was so good at her doctor's appointment today. When the doctor was talking to Jeremy and I, Carly kept squealing and laughing. It was cute. It was like she wanted to be part of our conversation!
Until Carly fell asleep :)
 Carly likes when we hold objects in front of her. She grabs it with both hands and puts it in her mouth. We showed the doctor and she said that usually 6 months old can do that! Carly is only 4 months old! yayy Carly.
Carly loves her sun hat and stroller! What a nice summer day!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

4 months old!

We decided to take pictures of Carly with no onesie on first. I think they turned out pretty cute. Only to show off her rolls! She is our chunk and I love her. 
 Carly is four months old! Wow! She has grown so much and has been eating like crazy these past few days. She is back to sleeping very well for Jeremy and I. She has really enjoyed getting to know her cousin Olivia and her Aunt Breanna and Uncle Anton while they visit. Now that Olivia doesn't try to poke her eyes out! She is so good with Carly and it is so cute. Carly loves watching Olivia run around.

 The other day we were at Costco. I was handing Carly to Dana and asked her to hold her for a minute. The old lady that was handing out samples said, "Well I'll hold that little porker anytime." I about died laughing. My sister-in-law Breanna looked at me and laughed too. We couldn't believe that she called her a 'porker' haha. I totally call Carly that all the time. :)

Carly more interested in eating that blanket. yum.

 Carly is always trying to suck on whatever is around her: My fingers, burp rag, dress, my shirt, blankets. I am bound to have drool all over me. I love it though. Never fails, we walk in to Carly's room to get her from her nap and her blanket is up in her mouth and she is sucking away on it. We pick the blanket up and it is soaked! haha. Cute Carly.

My tired baby. :)
She is beginning to smile more and more at other people. She has always smiled at Jeremy and I. The other day at the store she was smiling at all of the people that would smile at her. Then she would rub her face on my shoulder. Jeremy thinks this is a sign that she will be a shy girl :) Just like her mom.

Finally! A smile! Our smiley 4 month old! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

daddy-daughter dance :)

our happy girl :)

When she pulls her blanket over her face, she hasn't quite figured out how to take it off. :)

First Father's Day and MORE...

Jeremy opening up presents on his FIRST Father's Day! :)

Carly and Jeremy on Father's Day. Carly was smiling a second before. Oh well.
Jeremy (I think) had a good Father's Day! I at least had fun getting presents for him. Carly and I went shopping together and picked out some nice flip flops, new white socks, twizzlers, and a new tie to decorate.
Carly with Jeremy's new Father's Day tie. It has her footprints on it with 'Happy 1st Father's Day!' Carly was more interested in the blanket :)

Carly loves grabbing blankets and sticking it in her mouth.

The bib that goes along with the maternity shirt that I would wear :)

My smiley baby before church :)
Carly's new sunhat (thank you Lin and Cathy) and her new outfit (thank you Grandma Heidi and Grandpa Jim)

Carly showing off her belly in her church dress. Grandma Karen thinks this used to be my dress.
Carly in the bathtub! She loves taking baths and splashing mom and dad.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A taste of SUMMER!

Mommy's Lil MVP :) Love this outfit from Lin and Cathy!

haha. Carly makes the funniest faces

Carly loves her teething toys.

She can hold them in her hands and suck on them :)

Carly LOVES sucking on her blanket. Anytime she has her blanket it is in her mouth. We find her blanket soaking wet!

Teething toys :) She used to not like them. Now she LOVES them.

Me and My baby girl. LOVE this face. haha. It is bright out.

Thank you Lin & Cathy for the sunhat! & Grandma Karen for the swimsuit!

Jeremy holding Carly while I jump in the pool.

Jeremy looking the other way just like Carly. :)

Carly doesn't really know what to think about the water.

Carly loved sucking on the side of her floaty.

Carly's new chew toy from Grandpa Glen and Grandma Karen. It is John Deere and looks like a piece of corn. It vibrates when she bites down.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

tummy time! Carly is beginning to like this.

sitting up! kind of :) I hurried up and took the picture after I propped Carly up.

pink flamingo outfit. Thank you Lin and Cathy! We LOVE the outfits you sent us!

BIG smiles! :)

Carly trying to find her hands.

Yum. She found her hands.


Our tired girl after being with Aunt Dana for a bit so mom and dad could go to the Temple :) Thank you Lona Garrett for the dress! everyone thought it was SO cute!

I LOVE when she falls asleep on me. Never gets old. I especially love her little chin in this!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I came downstairs to this :) Jeremy's allergies were acting up and so he and Carly snuggled on the couch to take a snooze.

Carly grabbed her toy! Usually I would have to put it in her hand myself. This time she just grabbed it with both hands and stuck it in her mouth! Thank you Lona Garrett for the toy!

Carly was going cross-eyed while looking at her toy.

throwing a fit on daddy's lap :)

If Carly is awake in her car seat, this is how we find her. She doesn't like to lay back, she holds her head up. She has also started sucking on her straps to her car seat. yum!

I went on a walk with Carly and this is what kept her quiet the whole time. haha.

After a long afternoon of shopping with mommy for daddy's Father's Day presents, Carly is sleepy :)

I LOVE when she falls asleep on me. precious.
We were able to help open up Grandpa and Grandma's pool.

Silly daddy, you better hold on tight!
Carly doesn't know what to think about the cold water.
Carly rocking the Ohio State onesie along with Aunt Dana's bonnet. She isn't sure what to think about the bonnet. It helps if it stays out of her eyes.