Sunday, July 28, 2013

Outlaw Lacrosse Game

 Jeremy, Carly, and I went to an Outlaw Lacrosse game with Jim. It was pretty cool. I had never been to a lacrosse game.
They played in the Denver Broncos stadium.

Grandpa Jim holding Carly

Carly and the field :) She was SO good.

 They have big statues all over the walkway into the stadium. It was pretty cool!
Carly sitting up on the football tee.

Chin strap

Jeremy, Carly, and I with the stadium

mouth guard

football face mask
Jim and Jeremy

Pedal Boat Date

There's the bridge that Jeremy and I tried to go under:)

"Would the green boat please turn around and not go under the bridge." oops. Jeremy and I were trying to go under the bridge haha. We didn't see a sign! So we wanted to duck and go! Until the person came on the intercom and told us to turn around. :) Good way to start out our 1/2 hour paddle boat date :)

The steering wheel for the paddle boat.

My wonderful husband!

Our green paddle boat :)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Family Pictures

 While we are in Colorado Heidi wanted family pictures taken. She picked out the outfits and the location. These were taken at the park where Jeremy and I had our wedding reception. :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Carly loves playing with her bows :) She loves that white one that she has in her right hand.

Thank you Lauren for Carly's sign! We love it!
 We decided to have a picnic with food from KFC and Taco Bell at the park where Jeremy and I had our wedding reception.
Grammy, Carly, and Lauren
 Such a perfect night to have our picnic.
Jim and Jeremy

Carly loves hair... in her mouth!

She is so silly with her tongue. She just started sticking it out like a few days ago! haha. so cute.


Carly loves water bottles. She gets so excited and licks them.

time to swing! She's not so sure about this.

Swinging with mom wasn't any better. haha

Grammy, Grandpa Jim and Lauren on the blanket

Smiling at Grammy as she holds up Carly

She loves being held up like this!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

5 months!!

Carly is now five months old! wahoo! 

 I decided to take some five month pictures outside by Grammy's flowers. They are beautiful. Carly liked it outside until she kept falling backwards :( oops. She is almost sitting up by herself. She gets a little wobbly. Unfortunately she fell back twice into the bushes. By then I was done taking pictures, thank goodness, but it made her pretty upset. :( Poor girl.
 I have noticed that I have to trim Carly's nails just about every other day. She always finds a way to scratch her face.
 Carly is a big fan of 20 minute naps right now. Oh goody. Yesterday she did take like a three hour nap (on me) because we had her outside for awhile. Jeremy and I went and played volleyball at Jim's work and brought along a neighbor girl and her friend to watch Carly.
Shasta sniffing Carly :) 
 If Carly gets grumpy while we are inside. I take her outside and play fetch with Shasta. Carly sits there and just watches.
 Carly has began to show a real interest in food. Anytime I am eating something and have her in my other arm, she reaches for my food. One more month and she can start eating food! I am SO excited for this.
Carly is watching Shasta in this picture.
 We have been going on lots of walks. Carly and Shasta both love this. Carly watches Shasta run after the ball. This usually lasts for a good twenty minutes.
I like the sunlight in this picture :)

 We had to move inside to take pictures because she doesn't like to smile when she is squinting from the sun.
 Carly loves to drink water out of glasses. If Jeremy or I have water in a cup, Carly puts her lips right up to it and drinks. At first she would spit it all back up. Now she actually drinks it!
 Carly loves to giggle at Shasta. One of the first nights we were here, Jeremy threw a plastic water bottle for Shasta and Carly just giggled and giggled! It was SO cute.