Friday, August 30, 2013

6 month pictures with Carly

Laurie Powers did a wonderful job taking these pictures for us. We wanted pictures of Carly because she just turned 6 months old. Thank you thank you! We love them! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New shoes and bows!

Daddy fixing Carly's headband.
Carly all ready for church! I bought her some shoes for her 6 month 'birthday' :)
This is Carly's first pair of shoes that I have bought her. I have been looking and looking for a pair that I love. Her feet are a little chubby so I asked the lady at the store if I could run out and try the shoes on my baby who is asleep with my husband in the car. They fit!

Carly isn't really a fan of socks or shoes. She loves to rub her feet together. When she has shoes and socks on, she can't feel her feet rub against each other. She freaks out! haha. Carly eventually kicks off both shoes and has her socks in her mouth. :)
Carly saying "oo oo" to me while loving being outside in her jumper.
One of the best finds at a yard sale Jeremy and I went to. Carly LOVES this jumper and so do we!
My blue-eyed baby eating a bow :)
I pray Carly keeps her blue eyes because other than that, she is ALL Jeremy.
Carly's new favorite toy. Her bows!
We sit Carly on the floor and give her the box of bows. She dumps the box and usually starts eating the bows and playing with the box.
Carly sleeping.
This is how I found Carly while taking a nap at Grandma Karen's and Grandpa Glen's house. She covered her face with the blanket.
Reaching for the faucet in the bath tub.
Carly's new favorite in the bath tub. She doesn't play with her toys we have for her. She reaches for the faucet and sucks on her wash cloth! haha. too funny.
Rockin' her headband and new onesie from Lin and Cathy.

Carly's giggle and jumper

Yesterday Carly and I were in the back of the van. I started tickling her under her chin and she giggled! I try so hard to get her to giggle like this every day. Some days she giggles more than others. But I finally had my camera to capture it.

Jeremy and Clayt were outside pulling weeds. Jeremy had the good idea of bringing Carly's jumper outside. She loved it! We have done this a few other times. She loves watching the cars go by and just being outside.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Carly and her elephant

I decided that I haven't really posted many videos of Carly. I need to do better at that. I think she is showing so much personality now and I need to capture it while I still can.
Here is the link to her video that I took of her today...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Carly's first cereal!

Carly had her 6 month check up today! She now weighs 20 pounds and 7 ounces, which is 98th percentile in weight. She measures 26 3/4 inches, which is 85th percentile in height. Her head is in the 35th percentile.

Here is the link to watch Carly take her first bites of rice cereal! She actually did really well. She kept asking for more! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

6 months old today!!!

Carly was getting a little tired.
 Carly is now 6 months old! woot woot! She is getting more and more of a personality. Carly is usually a pretty happy baby. She smiles at everyone!
She was really reaching for the camera. But Jeremy thinks it's cute, it looks like she is reaching for me.
 Changes in appearance: Jeremy and I feel that her hair is growing so fast! We are just glad that she has hair! It is more of a strawberry blonde. which I LOVE.
Our naked, happy baby!

grrrrrr face :) hahahaha too cute.

"really mom?!" more pictures??!! haha
 Achievements: Carly can now sit up all by herself. We love this! It is so nice to let her sit on the floor and just let her play with toys and not have to worry about her tumbling over. Because she can sit up, she has been doing this in the bathtub at nights. She loves to be able to play with all of her ducks now and not have to lay down.

 She can now be on her belly for tummy time up to 15 minutes now. She can also scoot using her arms and legs. We lay her facing us and by the time tummy time is over, she has completely turned herself around facing the other way. Carly also reaches for anything and everything in sight.
She LOVES eating paper.

  Favorites: CATS. Aunt Dana has a few cats and Carly loves to play with them. By 'play' I mean that she pulls their fur and their ears and doesn't let go. haha. She kicks and says 'oo'..'oo' when she sees them until we put her down close to the ground so she can play with them. It is quite cute.

Daddy came to help me get her to smile.
  Activities and experiences: Carly went to the Columbus Zoo this week for the first time. She has also been swimming every now and then and she actually lasts longer than she usually does. Carly was able to watch her Aunt Franki play volleyball and loved watching all of the people. She is definitely a people person and can just sit and watch them.

Carly also gets to sit up at the table when we eat dinner. She has her own booster seat that attaches to the table. We just have to make sure that we don't have anything she can't have within her reach. She will get it and put it in her mouth.
She loves smiling at daddy!

Best one yet!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Columbus Zoo

Carly rockin' her pink striped onesie from Lin & Cathy! fits perfect!

On our way into the Columbus Zoo. This is what she is doing :)

Carly's theme for her room is elephants. :) I will definitely putting this picture in her room.

Her sunhat looks so cool in this picture. Oh and of course Jeremy looks great, putting his hand on his hip.

We love the Jeep stroller.

Carly took a little nap at the zoo.

The Keller/Pitchforth group who went. (Franki had a volleyball scrimmage.)

Carly at her First Keller Reunion. She is officially on the family tree!

Franki and Jeremy did the egg toss.

Jeremy catching the egg Franki overthrew

The Jeremy Pitchforth Family

mommy in the middle!

cute picture if Jeremy would not have been talking :)


siblings :)

Carly was so quiet on the way home. She didn't even fuss. hahaha. Jeremy had to take a picture.