Thursday, September 19, 2013

7 months today!

Carly is 7 months old today!

Changes in Appearance: Carly's bald spot on the back of her head is almost gone! She sleeps on her back and that is the only time she is on it now since she sits up most of the time or is on her belly. Carly also has cut her first TWO teeth! She cut her first one on Sunday. I found this out by letting her chew on my finger. I thought "ouch! that was kind of sharp!" then I looked and saw a tooth! Now she has the other one right beside it coming in too. Jeremy also thinks she has become more rollie. haha.

Activities and Experiences: Probably the biggest experience she has had was moving! She has been so good about the big change in our lives. It is fun to see her notice when I put new pictures up on the walls. She just stares at them.

Carly now has eaten rice cereal, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, mixed vegetables, green beans, and pears. She has done really well with all of these and no reaction to any of them other than she poops normal now. haha. poor girl. And boy does it stink!  She eats at least three times a day. Once in the morning Jeremy will feed her and at least two other times with me.

Favorites: Carly loves to splash in the bath tub. She isn't always on her back anymore because she can sit up now and play. But when I lay her back to wash her body, she kicks and kicks and splashes all over! It is really cute.

Carly loves it when people notice her at the store. She will stare at them until they look at her and then if they start to talk to her she will smile. haha. The other day we were at the store. There was a couple that had been watching her for a minute or so and she was just staring back with no reaction. Then the lady told me that I had a very pretty little girl. I said thank you and I looked at Carly and she had the biggest smile on her face. Then the lady said, oh is that what you wanted to hear?! haha. Silly Carly.
When she gets really excited she extends her legs and feet like this :) So cute.

Carly loves walks. We live really close to a nice park that has a trail that I can take Carly's stroller on. We also live by a really nice neighborhood that Carly and I go walking in too. We are gone about a good forty-five minutes and the whole time she just sits and chills in her stroller. Unless it is cold out and I didn't know just how cold it was until I felt her halfway through our walk and she was just staring at me. Giving me no smiles. Just stares. oops. The next day I made sure to have hat, jacket, pants, and socks on, with a blanket wrapped around her. Thank goodness it wasn't as cold! I took off most of that while walking.

Achievements: Carly can just sit and play by herself. Every now and then she likes it when I play with her. This is how I get things done though. I prop her up with lots of toys or her bows in reach and she just plays.

Carly has also been able to get from sitting up position to her belly. She doesn't really mean to always to do. Sometimes it's more graceful than others. It usually happens when she is reaching for a toy that is out of her reach and plop! she goes right to her belly. She has only cried a few times because she whacks her cheek. Other than that, I just watch her go from sitting to on her belly. It is cute to watch.
Carly has chewed on her fingers more in the past few days than every before! yayyy for teeth!

Happy Happy Birthday!

 I am officially 23 now! (as of September 17th) woot woot! On my birthday, Jeremy woke up at 5:32a.m. (6:32a.m. Ohio time where I was born) to wish me a happy birthday :) He is so sweet. Then we went back to sleep until Jeremy got out of bed at seven. He told me the night before that he would be back in the morning and not to worry.  I got up when I heard Carly at 7:29. Then we got ready for the day. We wanted to start out a little earlier so we could out to breakfast with Jeremy.

Jeremy went to the store. Baked me a cake. Decorated our house with white and purple streamers everywhere. He told me he wanted the streamers in every doorway I would go that day. that meant EVERY doorway in our house. haha. Carly loved to grab them as we would go through the streamers and stick them straight in her mouth. They didn't last long hanging up.

Jeremy took me to Village Inn. Best place to go with a little baby. There were so many elderly people there. One lady told me that she would buy Carly and just look at her all day if she were a doll at a toy store. Another lady told me to enjoy my precious little girl. :) I don't think I have ever been to Village Inn. It was really good. I got an omelet and hash browns with a side of biscuits and gravy. Jeremy definitely scored with his Southwest Chicken Fajita Crepes. They were delicious. I got a free slice of pie since it was my birthday! Jeremy asked what I could get because it was my birthday. silly Jeremy. I got the Chocolate Carmel Delight. ( It was delicious.

Coolest thing ever!
Since I have a Google Plus account. It told me happy birthday when I was on Google's homepage!

The rest of my birthday consisted of Jeremy going to work while Carly and I went to the mall. We checked out the mall that we hadn't been to yet. We live within seven minutes of two different malls! :) We actually just enjoyed walking around. I looked at lots of baby clothes for Carly. :) Carly and I came home so she could take a nap. She actually fell asleep in her car seat so I just let her sleep there for a bit. I got a few things ready for the post office and when Carly woke up we went. Thank goodness she wasn't hungry or anything when she woke up. NOT! She was so hungry and did the raspberry all the way there and all the way back. haha.  It was so cute.

I got to spend the whole day with this cutie! What a great present that was!

I made alfredo with rigatoni noodles for my birthday dinner. We ate when Jeremy got his break at work. Then he was back at the end of work and we had cake and sang happy birthday. Carly was so silly when Jeremy was singing. It looked like she was trying to cover her ears! haha.

Thank you Jeremy for making my day special! :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cousin helping with bathtime!

Olivia loved helping us give Carly a bath! haha. This is too cute.

catching up!

I totally forgot I have more catching up to do on my blog. There has been a few things that have happened these past few weeks and now I am going to fill in the gaps.

1. Sweet Corn Festival (August 28th-31st)
Carly is ready for the Sweet Corn Festival! She loved it. People everywhere that she could just watch.

Our first Sweet Corn Festival with Carly.

The gang that ran in the Sweet Corn Festival 5k! All that matters about this race was that Dad beat Ammon! :) This was my very first 5k to run in. Jeremy and I had been running every day to prepare for this. Jeremy and I ran together the whole way (only walking about a quarter of a mile). Mom walked and had Carly in the stroller. We all wore our Keller Family Chiropractic shirts. We were known as the "Orange Crush" haha.

2. Packing the moving truck

It didn't take very long to pack the truck. Thank goodness for Grandpa Glen's mad packing skills :) Nothing was broken or damaged on the way. 
Dana came up with this picture idea. :)
All our big helpers!  
 3. Saying "see ya later" (it's never a good-bye)
Uncle Leo (Ammon)
Aunt Franki

Aunt Dana
Uncle Clayton (probably the 2nd time he has held Carly :)

Auntie Cass :)

Grandma Karen
Grandpa Glen
I wanted pictures of Carly with the Keller's so I can show Carly just how young she was when we moved! And because I don't think I had pictures of just her and each of the family members. 


 This is a video of Aunt Dana making Carly laugh. This happened quite often and I finally got a video of it!

This is a video of Grandpa Glen playing with Carly. He always does this to her and it makes us all (including Carly) laugh.

A quick visit to cousins!

 We were able to go to Anton and Breanna's for a few days. Carly and Olivia went on a walk in their new ride!
 Carly isn't so sure about Anton strapping her in. haha

 Jeremy looking so fine! haha.
 Jeremy noticed that both Carly and Olivia had their feet crossed. too cute! I bet you can't tell whose legs are whose??!! haha.
 Both girls seem very content. Olivia going outside and Carly has the strap in her mouth.
Olivia helping Jeremy feed Carly. This didn't last very long, but she was a good helper!

We went to help Anton and Breanna for a few days. I didn't even get a picture of the three girls! dang! I will have to get one from Breanna :)

new things going on!!

I have been meaning to do a quick update so here it goes!


We are now living in Iowa. We moved here a little over a week ago. We moved here because Jeremy got a job! This is super exciting. We have been waiting and praying for a job. We now live in a little town home and like it.

Carly has been such a trooper through this whole move. The drive here was about 10 hours. We stayed at Anton and Breanna's for a night and then drove the rest of the way here. (We are only an hour and fifteen minutes from them!) If I could take away forty-five minutes from the whole drive, Carly was perfect. But in that forty-five minutes, I called Jeremy (he drove the moving truck that was pulling my car and I drove his car) and told him that we needed to stop because Carly was hungry. Twenty minutes later we still didn't have a rest area. By this time I was getting super antsy and feeling bad for Carly because she is screaming! Other than that she was super good and played with her toys that I attached to her car seat. She also slept a lot of the way.

My view from Ohio to Iowa. The beautiful skies with the Penske truck and my car pulling behind it.

After dropping off the trailer and my car, this was the first thing that happened to us when getting into our town. We got to wait for a train to pass.

Jim and Heidi were able to come out for a few days and help us unpack the truck. It was nice having people here helping us. They were a huge help.
Grandpa Jim and Carly

Grandma Heidi and Carly

Grandma Heidi reading to Carly.
Carly helping daddy set up our Sleep Number bed. Jeremy and I have never slept so well!

 This was the first meal with just Carly and I when Jeremy was at work. Little did I know, this would be the only dinner I would have alone while Jeremy being at work, at least for now. He gets time for dinner and since we live so close to his work, he gets to come home! I just have to make sure I have it ready so he can eat and get back. I am just grateful he gets to come home for that little bit because this shift he is working isn't so fun.

Poor little Carly. We have moved and she is STILL teething. This mixture of two dramatic things in her little life has made her quite clingy. Some days all she wants to do is snuggle with me on the couch and fall asleep. I am okay with that! I love when she is snuggly.