Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Carly was an elephant. She actually had two elephant costumes :) Thank goodness we had more than one event for Halloween to go to so she could wear both!

Last night Carly wore her elephant costume that Grandpa Glen bought for her when I was pregnant with her. The minute I put it on her, she started trying to rip off her ears! Once we got to the church for trunk-or-treating she was totally fine. She loves people and watching them.
 The zoo keeper and her elephant :)  Elephant did NOT want to smile.

Tired Carly after getting her home. 
Carly's pictures we took today :) Happy First Halloween Carly!!!
Carly did NOT want to look at me. Oh well. Cute picture anyways. 

Trying to scoot off the table.

Upset that I put the pumpkin hat on her.

Carly is going to love candy just like her mommy.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

out and about

Carly loves to suck on my keys. Bad idea. My flashlight stayed on and doesn't work anymore :) 

Carly all bundled up for our walk. She actually loved it. She was just super cold and her eyes were watering. 


Carly and daddy playing.

Carly make her two favorite noises. "Bah bah" with her thumb in her mouth and the raspberry.

purple shoe day

Daddy got Carly dressed today, like he does most days. Carly and I just so happen to both be wearing purple. I took a picture of our purple shoes :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

8 months old!

Carly is officially 8 months old. This week people have asked how old she is, I just tell them 8 months. Well now I am not lying! She is 8 MONTHS!

Changes in Appearance: Carly's hair is much longer. I love watching it grow! Looking back at old pictures, she looks so much older with this long hair she is getting! Her hair is also more of a brownish- blonde.

Activities and Experiences: Carly 'carved' her first pumpkin. Really mommy and daddy carved it and Carly took pictures with it. But it was Carly's pumpkin. Carly also went trick-or-treating for the first time. She was a fan of seeing people, but the minute I put her costume on she started crying. I think she knew she looked ridiculously cute as an elephant :)

Favorites: Carly loves to grab daddy's ear when he puts his head near her. Carly loves to grab any piece of mommy's hair she sees. She loves when she has both mom and dad playing with her on the floor. She loves when mom has her and she looks for dad.

Carly loves the fact that she can feed herself now. We give her baby puff cereal. She LOVES putting it into her mouth. It doesn't always make it to her mouth. One day we were walking out to the mailbox and she opened up her hand and a piece of cereal fell out of her hand. haha.

Carly also loves to move from her sitting position to her belly. She does this usually when she sees something that she wants. She can also move when she is in the sitting position. It has been quite different now that she can move around a bit.

Eating: Carly eats baby food about 3-4 times a day. I think I broke her habit of not wanting to eat. Last week, there were about four days that she did not want to eat. I let her play with her bowl and spoon. She hasn't eaten this well, ever! She eats so well now.

Sleeping: Carly goes to bed at about 8p.m. and then wakes up to nurse at 7a.m. She goes back to sleep until 9:30 sometimes even 10:30! Jeremy and I love this. She also has been taking two really good naps for me during the day. I try and put her down at 12 and 3 and then keep her up until her bedtime at 8p.m.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Carly being a good 'patient'

When cousin Olivia came for a visit a couple of weeks ago, Carly was her 'patient'. Olivia was working on Carly like she sees Anton work on people.

This is what happens when Carly is on her belly and Olivia is around...

Mommy gave up...

Carly has not been eating the best for us these past few days. I'm not sure what it was. I think it's because she is cutting two teeth on top at the same time. They are pretty much bloody all day long. Poor girl.

These are pictures that I took after I gave up trying to feed her. I let her play with her bowl and spoon.
Carly kept looking at me while making a mess. "Are you sure mommy?" haha

Carly shoveling puff cereal into her mouth.

sticky and messy girl

Reaching to make more mess!

Feeding herself

I think this actually worked. I did this last night with Carly. Today she was a completely different eater! She ate and ate and ate. I kept having to refill her bowl today to feed her more. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013


This is a video of Carly's new trick! Carly and I practice while Jeremy is at work.

This is a video of Carly giggling at Daddy's HEY! Sometimes Carly gets in these giggle fits. The silliest things make her giggle. This is Daddy throwing his arms up and say HEY to her. She giggled and giggled until she was done.

This is a video of Carly babbling. Jeremy does this to her during CHURCH and she just keeps on babbling. Sometimes I have to turn away from Jeremy just so Carly will be quiet.

It's orange and black time...

Carly rockin' her Halloween headband with an orange sweatshirt and sweatpants outfit. Jeremy and I love this outfit on her. so cute! Carly LOVES shoelaces. She loves to play with them and put them right into her mouth. yum!

 Carly now has a black bow to match her zebra pants 
and Halloween shirt :)

Carly got excited when she saw her binky. She doesn't take it. She only puts it in her mouth to chew on it.

Carly moving to get closer to her binky. 

Giving Daddy a look :)

She already has two on the bottom and two more cut through this past week on top!

Carly has this thing about biting my knee. No matter what I have on, she gnaws on my knee. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

made my day

Yesterday my fifteen year old brother sent three pictures to my phone that made my day.

I put the captions that he wrote in the text messages under the pictures. He is the coolest kid ever!
"hold on two more pictues coming up"

"one more picture"

"ok so i sent pictures of their (our sisters) room because the 11 of october of 2013 dad and mom made a list of the things of our chores for the day the long list under the big Ammon is my list then the other part which is on the top left of the paper is the girls' (girls: clean your room) and the picture i first sent is their room at the end of the night. i got everything but one thing on my list done and mom hounded me"

I laughed at the fact that my sisters' rooms are still a mess.
I laughed at the fact that he sent these pictures to us.
I laughed even harder when he sent his to do list.
I laughed again when Jeremy called me on his way home from work just to talk about the text messages! :) 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

trip to see cousins!

Today was a very eventful day for little Carly. We drove all the way to Anton and Breanna's house, went to the zoo, and went trick-or-treating.

The only way Carly made it through the zoo. Sucking on her strap .

Cousins watching the monkeys. Carly is more interested in Olivia than the monkeys :)

Leopard pacing in front of the girls.

Carly and mommy :) 

funny Olivia

Anton and Carly (little elephant)
 This is the face Carly gave ALL night. She didn't really know what to think about this whole trick-or-treating thing. All she knows is that she got some yummy goldfish she can eat.

Carly not wanting to smile for me. She has had a LONG day.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pumpkin Carving!

Now that it is OCTOBER we carved a pumpkin! Boy does time fly! I can't believe we are carving pumpkins! 
Carly and her pumpkin 

She is balancing on the pumpkin by HERSELF!

Daddy and his girl

Carly and Mommy

I like how Carly is just chilling in this picture with her carrot stick while Daddy is starting to cut the pumpkin.

Holding it behind her head. Carly has started doing this with things. Usually she lets go of it while it's behind her. 

After she was done being in her high chair, she was so excited to chill in her jumper. 

Daddy's job is to clean out the pumpkin :)

Mommy's job is to carve it. 
Our finished pumpkin! We did an elephant for Carly. 

Carly and her pumpkin when it's finished. 

Carly has started to suck on her high chair. No matter if her mouth is full of food, she leans over and sucks on it. I wash it every week because of this.