Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcome 2014!!!

Wow! Jeremy and I have had quite the year. 

We welcomed Carly into our lives in February. 

Moved in September,

and started a new job! 

We have enjoyed traveling with our little Carly so she can meet family and friends. We have been blessed beyond belief this year. We hope to continue to have faith in our Heavenly Father as to what we need to be doing in this upcoming new year. Happy New Year!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy Travels...Oregon

We were able to fly to Oregon for a few days. Jamie (Jeremy's sister) was sealed in the Portland, Oregon Temple. 

Carly and Tucker meeting for the first time.

Grandpa Jim with his two grand babies for the FIRST time together. 

Daddy and Carly after the sealing. Carly wasn't sure about this flower.

My loves.

Cold+tired= no emotion for Carly

Carly and mommy :)

We did some site seeing while we were there. We drove over that bridge. So pretty!

Carly's first time to the beach. She wasn't sure about it. 

Eating fresh clam chowder and the ocean behind us. 

At the beach :) 

Carly loves her Aunt Kellie

Finally she is happy for pictures!

Hanging with Uncle Talon and Aunt Kellie

Carly is such a trooper! Tired baby and ears popping :( poor girl

One happy baby to be home and eating string cheese.

Carly is a snow lover. It was snowing when we came out of the store today and she was kicking and squealing all the way to the car. :) precious.

Merry Christmas!!

Jeremy and I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!! We were definitely blessed with love and family this holiday season.

Carly on her new ride! She didn't open this up until we got home from Ohio.
                                 I know blurry, but I LOVE this face when she gets excited. 
We just love this girl.

Christmas pajamas!

Typical Keller boy activity=play station late at night

Carly and cousin Olivia decided to have some extra 'cousin time' at 12:30 at night!! silly girls.

Carly's new Christmas bear,  her Laugh and Stride puppy, and her very first baby doll.

Carly was definitely spoiled for her FIRST Christmas :)  Thank you for making her Christmas special!!

Jeremy and I were spoiled as well. Our presents to each other this year were our new phones! Samsung Galaxy S4. LOVE. We got lots of clothes, new shoes, cheese slicer, Jeremy got a drill and I got my sewing machine!!! Let the projects (for both of us) begin!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Matching cousins :)

Olivia, Katelyn, Carly matched for our Keller Family Christmas.  :) It was quite fun making them!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

10 Months old!

Carly is 10 months old now. 
This baby has more style than me! I got the ideas from this blog babble.com

Crazy changes happening with her. Even in the past week!

We now have a crawler. The first day she would go about two feet and then drop to her belly. Now she follows us from room to room. She was a happy baby before, but now she is SO happy because she can get anywhere. 
Trying to stand up on the couch.
Carly can say dada and mama. She LOVES to say dada though. That's what I usually hear during the day when she is playing...'dadadada...dadadada'

Changes in appearance: Carly's hair is getting longer and longer by the day. She is getting skinnier and skinnier by the day because of how active she is. She still has those big blue eyes! :)

Not very happy. 
Doesn't want her picture taken anymore. She just wants to crawl away.
When Jeremy gets home from work for dinner, Carly follows him from the living room into the kitchen and pulls on his pant leg until he picks her up. :) This was fine until she reached down and popped a HUGE strawberry in her mouth and clenched down her teeth so he couldn't get it out! Scared us both. 

Activities and Experiences:  Carly has been to two different Christmas celebrations. One for our Relief Society and one for our ward Christmas Party. She loved the Christmas Party because she could eat anything on my plate. She did keep a green bean in her mouth for a while. A lady asked if she could have Carly for a bit, I just warned her that she still had a green bean in her mouth. Sure enough! When we got home that night and I gave her a bath, all the sudden I see a green bean floating around! haha. She had it in her mouth that whole time! Silly girl.
We have started baby proofing. First thing was a ribbon on the tv stand.
Favorites: Carly loves to click her tongue. She will crawl around and that is all I hear. 'click click click'. Carly also loves cords. Any time she sees a cord she crawls to it and plays with it, our lamp cord, the laptop cord, our printer cord. Carly loves to turn on and off the ps3. She can get up on her knees just at the right height to hit the button. 

Happy happy 10 month old.

Sleeping: Carly goes to bed at 7:30p.m. and is now waking up at 7a.m. She will play for a little bit and then go back to sleep for a few more hours. Then she'll take a nap at 2:30ish. Then be up until bedtime at 7:30p.m. I am still SO glad she is sleeping through the night. :) 
Believe it or not, Carly has gotten so much smaller now that she can crawl.
We pick her up and say "where did all your chub go?"

Eating: Carly loves to eat avocado, blueberries, bread, eggs, cheese, Gerber puffs, baby 3rd foods, frozen peas, frozen corn, bagels, veggie straws, cooked sweet potatoes, 

Just this past week Carly has decided she is done nursing. She has done this before when she was teething. But her refusal didn't last this long. At least this time she is refusing to nurse, it's not her only source of food. I now pump as much as I can (which isn't much anymore) and she drinks that from a bottle. YES A BOTTLE. This baby hasn't taken a bottle since she was a month old so that is a huge relief! I tried formula last night with her, haha, she wasn't a fan. 
She looked at me like, 'what was that mom!' 
Daddy trying to keep her occupied with a belt while we get some pictures taken. She LOVES belts.
Still 4 teeth. One is coming on her top left though.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Jeremy and I made sushi for a date. We have never made it. I got a recipe from pinterest.  It was delicious.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

J & K update :)

I am terrible at updating Jeremy and I. Here it goes!

Jeremy is loving his job. He enjoys the fast pace. He enjoys the different people he gets to talk to every day. He likes his supervisor. Which is a huge plus. Right now, he isn't too thrilled with the schedule he is on though. Stay up late (due to working late) and sleeping in. But it's what we get to do!

This past weekend we were able to go to his Christmas work party. It was fun! We got lots of different pictures taken, we played video games while sitting in a car, there was a live band, lots of delicious food! We enjoyed our free Pepsi and waters. Oh and did I say the food was good?!! Delicious.

Jeremy is an amazing dad. Any chance he gets, he is on the floor playing with Carly. He makes her giggle like crazy. He teases her and she loves it. He changes any messy diapers and cleans up toys all. the. time.

I have new obsessions since being a mom. I have made a bazillion bows/headbands for Carly. I have learned to crochet. I am addicted to Pinterest for the recipes I find. I love baking. Cake pops were a fail. But other than that recipes have turned out great. I love finding new ways to fix my hair, inspired by Pinterest. I have loved planning for Carly's First Christmas! M
any things to narrow it down to. I am obsessed with making 'to do' lists and putting them up around the house.

I enjoy the 10 minute dinners I get with Jeremy every night. Since Jeremy's work is so close, and the road is fixed again, he drives home for dinner every night and then back to work. This just started up again this week. LOVE that 10 minutes I get to see him.