Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New camera fun

I don't think I ever mentioned, but for Christmas we got a new camera. Like a NICE new camera. I am in absolute love with it and I don't really know how to use it. I do have fun taking pictures of Carly.  :)

The first time I wanted to get her picture I had to bribe her to sit still so I could get a good picture for my parents' Christmas presents. I had her sit in a chair in front of the Christmas tree and I took pictures as she smiled at me. Now every time I want to get her picture with the nice camera, she asks for a chair and pulls it in front of the tree. hahahahaha.

Carly doesn't normally smile like this. It's only because her mouth is full of chocolate. This is what smile I get. haha 

This is the one I ended up using for my parents' present. I was in love with her face (only because I know her mouth is FULL of chocolate) I was bribing her and it worked. 

I almost did this one or the next picture because this was my kitchen when I was little. She loves talking on the phone.

These were taken after a nap one day. She was all sweaty and super goofy and making faces at me.

maternity pictures

I debated whether or not I should post these pictures. I don't want people to steal them and copy them. And I really want to put one of these maternity/family pictures on our Christmas/New Year's/baby announcements. But I am in love with them so I want to share.
(All credit goes to Travis Hoban for taking and editing the pictures.) 

I love how her hand is around my neck.

This was a hard picture to get. She did not want to grab and hold onto my leg.

I absolutely love her smile in this one. 

Carly was about done taking pictures...10 minutes ago. We totally bribed her with mini marshmallows. 

Travis and Vicki are pros in doing the natural lighting/silhouette picture.

My favorite. I just love this man.

I love the wrinkles beside his smiling eyes. :) 

I was 37 weeks pregnant when we took these. Here are the pictures we took when I was pregnant with Carly at 36 weeks. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014


It was always a family tradition to read Luke 2 for Christmas. The birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. My family came acrossed this combination of The Nativity and Amy Grant song 'Breath of Heaven'. It is a favorite if mine and it's not Christmas until we watch it.

Reading The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning

Checking out what she was given for Christmas! 
We knew she really liked something when she stuck her tongue out. haha

Present from Grandma Heidi and Grandpa Jim

She got puzzles from Grandma Heidi and Grandpa Jim. We thought she would want to open the next present so we took the puzzles away and went to give her a new present to open. She cried. So we gave her back the puzzles to play with.

Happy playing with her puzzles.

The last chocolate from her advent calendar.

Whatever she got, she wanted to make sure we were watching her open it.

It was her new Little People book! Noah's Ark. She loves the flaps.

Trying out her new food. :) 

Tacos and ice cream!

We think we got everything in this picture. 
Mommy and Daddy got her 100 piece play food, 30 piece play dishes, dresses, Frozen drawing magnetic pad with book, Little People Noah's Ark flap book, Christmas peanuts coloring book with stickers, mini Christmas books, hot wheels cars, ornament.
Santa brought her the Princess tent.
Grandma Heidi and Grandpa Jim got her the winding cat, Make Way For Ducklings book, puzzles, and new pajamas that she wore Christmas morning.
Oma and Papa got her the road blanket, Minnie Mouse waffle maker, purple dress, Melissa and Doug letter and numbers blocks, Minnie Mouse, coloring books, purse, cars that wind up.
Anton and Breanna got her the wooden blocks and lots of books.

Christmas in Nauvoo!

We were able to meet in Nauvoo. My little sister went through the temple for the first time and went through the Nauvoo temple so we could be there. With baby coming soon, I am homeward bound!

The Keller Family weekend started Saturday when Clayt and Franki got here from Idaho. We went down to Nauvoo Monday. Mom and Dad rented a condo for all of us. It was so much fun for all of us to be together. Monday afternoon we toured Nauvoo a little, had papa murphy's pizza for dinner, had little girls (Carly, Olivia, and Katelyn) open their presents, and went back to Nauvoo for the Rendezvous singing and dancing of the missionary couples. When we got back we put the girls down to bed and then opened our presents. Mom and dad got us all presents and the siblings are on a rotation for gifts. It is nice to only worry about one sibling.
Franki in front of the Nauvoo Temple

Uncle Leo and Carly. She loved being on his shoulders.

Waiting for the pizza to get done. 

The little girls all sat together on the floor in their high chairs. There was sharing and stealing of food. But they loved it.

Papa playing with Carly and the box.

Present time! She insisted on sitting in a high chair on the floor.

A tradition. Matching purple dresses.

My mom found my road blanket I had when I was little. Now it's Carly's so she can enjoy her trucks and cars.

Minnie Mouse waffle maker!

Playing with their new cars from Oma and Papa

I was beyond excited to give this present to my parents. It is of their four granddaughters spelling out LOVE. They each have a letter on their shirt. I did the shirts and their matching bows. I saw Brielle at Thanksgiving and gave her the shirt and bow and they all took pictures and sent them to me. I almost didn't give them the frames because I love how they turned out. I gave one to my dad so he can put it in his office and one for my mom to have at home. 

Jeremy was pretty excited about his present from my parents. Ninja Turtle footie pajamas. 

Mom found a matching onesie for baby girl. :)

We were dying laughing at his reaction. Mom said she knew he would love them, but not LOVE them. He was freaking out. hahaha.

He was showing me how the elbows and knees are even a rough fabric.

Tuesday morning Carly woke up at 5a.m. Poor girl.  She was so excited that we let her be up though. We went out into the kitchen to get her some milk. She threw both arms up in the air and yelled 'milk!!!' haha. Jeremy and I died laughing (quietly) because we had four people out on couches in the living room sleeping. We found some toys for her to play with and let her watch Frozen while Jeremy went back to sleep.

Tuesday we had cinnamon rolls, muffins, and cereal for breakfast. After getting ready for Christmas dinner we headed back to Nauvoo to do some pictures in front of the temple and go on the wagon ride. It was pretty chilly down by the river. But it was so fun. I love the wagon ride. It takes you through Old Nauvoo and by the river. It's about a 50 minute ride. Carly sat on Ammon's lap. She didn't last but 5 minutes and she was asleep. :)

We are only missing Brielle! :) (Korbin and Lydia's little girl)

Some of the nieces weren't happy to be getting a picture with Aunt Franki.

Anton, Breanna, Olivia, and Katelyn

Giving loves to Aunt Franki

The girls (just missing Lydia)

and the boys, who couldn't take a serious picture.

The beginning of the wagon ride.

The Nauvoo Temple

and she's out! you can see her little purple hat

It was cute. Ammon kept checking on her to make sure she was okay. He had a blanket to block the wind from her face.

That is one proud Uncle. She never falls asleep on us.