Friday, January 31, 2014

Playing at the mall

Carly and I were at the mall a couple of days ago. I decided to let her play in the kids area. She loved it! She had a smile on the whole time. 
Carly wanted to climb the stairs.

She crawls around like crazy. I followed her because there were bigger kids running around. 
I put her up on the apple, she lasted a whole minute so I could get a few pictures.

Kisses from Carly...

Carly now knows what the word 'kiss' means. Anytime we say kiss? she leans up, mouth open, and gives us a kiss on the lips or cheek. 

She also loves to play with this straw! silly girl.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Carly playing with wrapping paper and saying hi to daddy. haha.

Carly enjoying daddy's birthday balloons. 

Carly has this new thing of shaking her head. 

Waving and pizza..

Carly's new favorite toy...straw

Bare foot

Silly girl. It is below zero outside and she decides to take her boots and socks off on our way home. What can I say??! She loves being bare foot. 


Before our date!

i love this boy.
For our date this week, Jeremy and I were able to go and see Catching Fire!! it. 
We both read the books and had been waiting to get a babysitter so we could go see it. 

We also stopped at Chick-fil-a. yum. I just love the Chick-fil-a sauce.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

happy birthday my love

Happy Birthday My Love! Jeremy Pitchforth. I love you so much and cannot wait to spend more and more birthdays with you!

We have been celebrating Jeremy's birthday all weekend! It started with a trip to my brother's house to have cake, ice cream, and presents. My sister-in-law Breanna made the cute bear cake!

FINALLY bought him this razor replacement. He has needed this for about three years! 
Anton, Breanna, Olivia, and Katelyn got him tools!! yayy!
Celebrating ON his 26th birthday with pad thai and orange crush pop! It was delicious. 

I was able to decorate for Jeremy's birthday with streamers and balloons. I was able to do that Sunday night (I took a three hour nap and was no where near tired) after Jeremy fell asleep at 9:30p.m. I snuck downstairs and decorated. Only for him to come down 'for a glass of water' and spoiled the whole thing! Oh well. He still loved the decorations and I had just finished. 

I'm not sure which one loved the streamers more, Carly or Jeremy :) Here is a video of Jeremy running through the streamers with Carly. Yes, we did this all day and she loved it every time. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy 11 months Carly!

Carly is 11 months old today!

We had to put her in the high chair so she didn't crawl away while taking pictures. 
Our giggly little 11 month old who LOVES her daddy.
Changes in Appearance: Carly's hair is longer. She has slimmed down a bit from all of the crawling she does. She now has 6 teeth! She has her two front on top and on bottom. She just cut two more on the left top. Poor girl. Her eyes are still BLUE. :) Makes me a happy mommy.

Love this smile with no teeth. 
Activities and experiences: Carly got to go and play with her cousins Olivia and Katelyn yesterday. We are still working on the "playing" part. haha. Carly loves to touch Katelyn and sometimes it is her face. Olivia likes to sit on Carly while she is trying to crawl. :)

Carly has done so much better at church. Today she was so good for the first two hours and then last hour, during Relief Society, she decided we were done. We were in the hall the rest of church. That's okay. She is getting better at sitting during church. Three hours is just a long time for a little one. We were very proud of her today. 

Favorites: Carly loves any kind of electronic: phone, remote, laptop. She is so silly about it all.

 She also loves it when Jeremy and I pay attention to her. In the morning, if we are both playing with her on the floor she is the happiest baby. She goes from one parent to the other and keeps doing this. It is so funny to watch. Carly loves crossing her feet like she is in the picture above. She does this all the time. Carly loves to turn the pages of books. We aren't quite reading all of the book right now. I get to read about three pages and then she is done and just wants to keep turning pages. 

Carly loves to crawl into the kitchen and eat the food that she threw on the floor from the earlier meal when she was in her high chair. Jeremy asked if she does it when she gets hungry knowing she left herself a little snack haha. Who knows! But I am trying to sweep after every meal. 

Carly loves to shake her head back and forth to me. She just started it the other day. It is so cute. She will smile at me and move it side to side with a huge smile on her face. Then I do it to her and she will do it back. so cute.

Carly loves to crawl everywhere! She is constantly on the GO. Moving from one toy or newspaper or remote to the next thing she finds. She love finding the plastic from the newspaper, any little piece of thread that might be on the floor, and any type of shoe. 
We attempted to take pictures on the floor. FAIL. She is always on the go and does not like to sit still. I tried giving her my phone to keep her still. Didn't work. 

Sleeping: Carly takes a bath about 6:30-7p.m. and then goes to bed after we have our nightly routine of story, scripture, and prayer. We try and fold her arms while we pray. She is not a fan of that. 

Carly has been waking up anytime between 7 and 8:30a.m. I get up with her and we eat breakfast and then she will play for a few hours and take a morning nap at about 11. She goes down again for a nap at about 2:30p.m. Then sleeps until 4:30ish and is up until she goes to bed again at 7. She has been such a good napper lately which makes it so nice! 
This past week was a little rough at night because she is teething and she would wake up crying. :( I wouldn't get her out because if I do it one night she will continue to want to get up every night. She did this a few nights, but now she sleeps through the night without waking up.

Eating: Carly eats the gerber oatmeal for breakfast and usually eats quite a bit. She eats whatever Jeremy and I eat for lunch and dinner. We still give her baby food here and there because she doesn't quite chew everything yet. Most of her food ends up on the floor. She loves bread, string cheese, veggie straws, avocado, yogurt, bananas, frozen peas, rice, chicken, french fries, the outside of a corn dog. We got her some 'fruitables' box juices because she loves drinking from a straw.  She loves them. I still pump so she can take one bottle before she goes to bed at night.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


It is so nice to go out and about and not be alone. I love taking my little buddy with me. This time we stopped at Chick fil a for a bite to eat. She loves the chicken nuggets and fries. And while she enjoyed some water from her sippy cup I got a Dr. Pepper :)

Carly loved that I gave her the box to the fries and she acted like there was still food in there. She would put her hand in the box and then put her hand in her mouth. Silly girl.

This girl loves her daddy. She will wait on the bottom step until he comes down the stairs 
to give her kisses. LOVE.

We bought Carly her own big water bottle. She does great with it and loves that she has one too!

Carly loves when we lay on the floor and she can crawl all over us. Occasionally she will lay her head down on me for just a second. I captured this second.

Carly is in love with string cheese. I give her pieces at a time and she eats it right up. 

It looked like a tornado went through out living room. We call her CARLY. She loves to get into everything and put it all over the place. I took a picture before cleaning it up.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rough couple of days...

Carly has been teething this past week. This consists of her boycotting naps and not eating as well some days. She also wakes up a lot throughout the night. Her nose is running like crazy and she wakes up with crusties all over her face. :( poor girl. Carly gnaws on her thumb a lot and sneeks in a few smiles here and there.

I now have proof Jeremy used and likes my kitchen aid! :) We made chocolate chip cookies tonight. 

Carly starting to climb the stairs.
She just started this a few days ago because I was sitting on the stairs and she wanted me.
She started climbing to the second stair today.

Our little blueberry lover. 
She loves being bare foot and chewing on plastic baggies as well no matter if they have something in them or not.
Jeremy noticed she is looking more and more like a toddler.  It is just crazy how big she is getting. Carly loves this sippy cup. It is a straw and it doesn't spill.  
Carly smashing daddy's face haha. She is extremely tired lately.
So to get any kind of smile from her lately is priceless!
I love seeing her teeth. Her two new ones came in on top, on the left side. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

this past week...

We have stayed in because of the cold. Getting a few things done around the house is nice. :)

No more teething on this crib! I found this idea on pinterest. So far so good. Carly has gotten the idea of biting her crib. There are lots of bite marks all over. Hopefully this fleece will keep her from doing that. 
I love my kitchen aid the more I use it! Made cookies the other night for Jeremy when he got home from work because it was freezing out! 
We started to baby proof our house. The gate is at the top of the stairs for now. She doesn't really bother it, unless it's down, she crawls super fast right to the stairs.

We finally made it to the Nauvoo Temple!! It is beautiful!
Poor sweaty girl. On our way to the Temple and we couldn't figure out why she wouldn't sleep! She was a sweaty mess.
LOVE her blue eyes and rosy cheeks and her little chompers sticking out. 
Sweaty sweaty sweaty
After the Temple we took a few pictures outside (Anton and Breanna did with their nice camera).  But I took one of Carly and I. LOVE her blue eyes and teeth.
My handsome man :)