Monday, February 24, 2014

Sparkle and Shine 1st Birthday Party!!

I have planned for this day for the past few months. I wanted this day to be perfect for our little Sparkle.  Thank you to those who made this day special for Carly.

Carly's high chair

mac-n-cheese in crock pot, strawberry koolaid

fruit, vegetables, veggie straws
Carly's foamboard :)



Carly loves putting clothes around her neck like that. 

Her friends are enjoying her presents too!

Lexi, Carly, and Evelyn are all a couple months apart. 

All the girls who helped celebrate Carly's birthday :) 

daddy, mommy, and Carly :)

Cake :)

digging in!

Daddy had to help break up the hard icing.


Her friends enjoyed her cake too!

her silly face :)

Carly has this thing about sharing her food. :)

kisses for the birthday girl!

Carly's silly face. scrunched nose and you can see all her teeth!

Carly wanting to share again.

We tried to get a picture of the cousins, Katelyn (almost 6 months) Olivia, (almost 2) and Carly.

Carly kept trying to touch Katelyn.

Olivia thought Carly needed her crown the Kaiser's brought for her.

Olivia liked her book Carly gave everyone as a party favor.

Katelyn liked the paper bag and tissue paper bow the party favor came in. :)

birthday girl after her party. Playing with all her new toys! 

Olivia and Uncle Jeremy after the party. 
Thank you Anton for taking pictures! :)
I got most of my ideas for the party from Pinterest. 
1. Party theme Sparkle and Shine Party
2. Birthday cake Breanna Keller (my sister-in-law) 
4. Party favor bag brown sack with bow
5. ONE banner high chair
6. balloons and streamers ceiling idea
7. Name foamboard (I made this with dollar store black foamboard and chalk pens from Michaels.) 
8. Carly's dress I found at Old Navy a while back when I knew I wanted to do a pink and gold party. Her capri/lace leggings are from Children's Place. Her headband I made.
9. Gold polka dot fabric behind high chair was from Joann's. 
10. cheddar-spirals (I have made this once before and it was a big hit. I have learned, little girls LOVE mac-n-cheese). 
11. garland
12. Happy Birthday banner Birthday banne

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Carly :)

I can't believe my baby girl is a year old today! It is a bitter sweet day for me. I wish I could keep her little forever but I love watching her grow and learn who she is. She is such a joy in my life. I can't explain the amount of love that I have for her. It is more than I could even imagine before she came into this world. I love you my sweet girl :) 
Not sure what to think of all of this. Balloons and crocheted crown (from a friend). 

We filled her crib with balloons when she woke up this morning. Talk about a happy baby! She was soooo happy to have balloons in her crib.

Such a happy birthday girl to be eating cantaloupe while daddy makes pancakes :)

Can't get enough of this smile! Man we love her!
We let her open up her big present today. Fisher Price Little People car set. 
Helping daddy put it together

We are having a party Saturday with some friends and family. Today we had pancakes for breakfast and mac-n-cheese for lunch, her favorites. We were also able to go on a walk! It was nice out.  
After we got her EARS PIERCED!!! Yes, we did it! I absolutely love them. 
Thank you Grandma Shirley for the birthday card :) 
Trying to get a picture of my blue eyed girl and her NEW EARRINGS :)
Thank you Linn and Cathy for her new clothes! They are perfect.