Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tired bear

Carly has started using her car to bear crawl. She actually bear crawls all the time now. So funny

Poor girl. Fell asleep on our way home from Target. I thought she was looking at something until we got home and I turned around. :) she was out!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

babysitting swap!

Jeremy and I found a couple to do babysitting swap. I watched their two girls yesterday so they could go out. Then they watched Carly today so Jeremy and I could go out. Worked out great!

Call me crazy, I took these three girls to the park by MYSELF! Yeah, lots of running back and forth carrying one baby at a time to the car and to the strollers. At one point, I was carrying two babies! haha. They were so good! And the weather was beautiful! Fun stuff.

Jeremy and I were able to bring back some old memories and play putt-putt at a park. We did this on our first date. :)

My love :)
Jeremy packed us a picnic that we quickly ate because it was pretty windy and chilly. Then we drove down town. It's super cute. We went to KOHLS. Jeremy forgot how much I love being in Kohls. :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Little Artist

I have read a few mommy blogs that have schedules for their toddlers. I liked one of the blogs that said to have an activity every day for your toddler. 
Yesterday Carly colored in her coloring book with crayons.
Today she finger painted! She did awesome. She knew exactly what to do with the paint and I didn't even show her. She loves smearing things all over her tray so this was perfect. 

The only time she got upset was when she realized that there was paint all over her hands and she couldn't get it off. I quickly took her to the sink and rinsed her off. She was so happy after that.
Don't mind the hair :) I didnt' redo her piggy tails because it was raining and we weren't going anywhere. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

Our little bunny :)
We got the movie FROZEN :)

getting ready to color eggs. 
Carly would rather eat the hard boiled eggs.
Carly had more fun playing peek-a-boo.
sleepy girl. She even still had her straw in her hands :) 
Someone fell asleep on the way home from church.
I am so grateful my Savior lived and died for us. We are so blessed to know this and feel the love He has for all of us. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Car :)

Jeremy and I have purchased our first car together :) It is a 2008 Toyota Camry. We are super excited about this. Excited to have a reliable car and excited to own a car together.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Oh what a trip!!

Carly and I were able to go to Ohio this past weekend. Uncle Leo (Ammon), Aunt Franki, and Aunt Dana were in their school play. Oh my goodness! They did awesome!

Breanna and I drove over with Olivia (our 2 year old niece), Carly, and (our 7 month old niece) Katelyn. We took Anton and Breanna's car and had the three car seats in the back. Oh what a trip! I was pretty much facing the back for six hours on the way there while Breanna drove. And then we switched and I drove the last three hours. 

At one point, Olivia was almost asleep as I was stroking her legs. Katelyn was getting a little fussy so I was trying to hurry and find the formula to make her a bottle! And Carly was starting to wake up and stir because of the fussy babies. aaahhhh. hurry hurry! But we did it! We drove over on Thursday and came back yesterday (Monday). It was a quick trip but gave Oma and Papa time to see grand babies and Breanna and I went and saw the play. 
Daisy Mae and Li'l Abner getting ready for their play!

We were able to go to COSI. I think Papa was most excited about this. He went to the kid area with Breanna and I and the babies. 

Carly on papa's shoulders
Olivia, Carly, and Papa checking out the train.

They had all these different stations for the kids. Trains, helicopter, slides, a barn, water! a house, a market with play food. It was so fun. The girls really liked it and it wore them out!

Olivia pushing Carly. 
Yes, Carly was in love with this bike.
She picked up this skunk in "the barn" because it looks just like her stuffed animal Jack! haha JA JA.
Playing with the play food at "the market".
On the GO!
Carly and Katelyn playing in the water. They loved it!
We tried the rain coat. She is just so darn cute.
Yes, we both got really wet.
My little cowgirl. She wouldn't keep her hat on. 
Our little cowgirl.
In the car on our way home from COSI. She was exhausted!
Before church with Papa. First time wearing the dress Oma and Papa got her for Easter.
She even fell asleep on me in Relief Society! This never happens. Think she might be teething??? Sick?? poor girl.
Peacefully sleeping on our way home to Iowa. Katelyn and Olivia.
After we dropped off Breanna, Katelyn, and Olivia we headed home. Thank goodness for the sun because she had to close her eyes and stop crying to fall asleep.
We drove into the sunset on our way home. It was so pretty. Good thing I am too short to even use the sun visor. haha

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Big car seat

Taking Tilly, new elephant from Uncle Korbin and Aunt Lydia, on a walk!
Finally bought Frozen :) Carly enjoyed the music.
We switched Carly to her new car seat. She loves being able to face forward.
Tired baby.

Yummy dinner

Sunday we were able to make some yummy dinner for our new friends. Everything turned out delicious!
Jeremy made homemade bread!
Three Cheese Chicken Alfredo Bake
Strawberry Chocolate Chip cookies