Monday, May 26, 2014

Sunshine. We sure do love you.

Oh my goodness. My favorite picture of these two!
It is so nice outside these days! We have enjoyed lot of walks and trips to the park with Daddy.
She didn't want to ride in the stroller, she would rather walk and push it.
On our way home from a graduation party on Saturday, we decided to stop at the park. I wanted to show Jeremy how much Carly loves just walking around and climbing the stairs.
Jeremy sure does love this slide with Carly. After four times of going down it he couldn't do anymore. :) He doesn't do well with going in circles. 
Her squat. haha. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

15 months!

Carly is 15 months now! woot woot!

I think this baby is just getting more fun by the day. She continues to bless our lives with her silliness, smiles, and cheerful personality.

Carly loves to wave, blow kisses, walk, climb the stairs, open and close things, be outside, and 
go on walks.

Carly has eight teeth still. I think she is going to get a bunch at a time because she has been pretty grumpy lately and waking up through the night. She hasn't been the best eater either. 

Our sweet girl still loves her fruit (bananas, apples, avocados, pears, blueberries). She really likes any kind of pasta. She loves ketchup. I made eggs one night for us and she wouldn't eat them. I put ketchup on them and she ate them! 

She knows how to say cheese, Jack (her stuffed animal), bath, ball, baby, shoe, juice, dada, and mama. She constantly barks when she hears any kind of animal. A bird, horse on t.v. or a dog. She loves dogs!

It amazes me what she understands. When I say 'upstairs' she starts crawling upstairs with me. When we say belly button, she lifts up her shirt and shows off her belly button (Jeremy taught her this). I ask her if she is hungry and she will walk to kitchen. When I say 'up' she will reach up so I can pick her up. 

Carly is getting more and more snuggly :) She will bring us Jack and her blanket to snuggle with us on the couch. Cutest thing ever. Even though it will only be for a second, we love it. 

She loves when both Jeremy and I are home. I swear, when Jeremy leaves for work she is this whiny baby until she goes to bed. In the morning she is completely fine when both of us are home. Silly girl.

Carly loves the fridge for some reason. Any time the fridge is left open while we are getting things out, she is there pulling down whatever she can find. Today she did it, and all she kept saying was 'cheese?' I found her a cheese stick and she was one happy girl. 

We were able to enjoy the sunshine today :) 

Her leg cracks me up, this is how she would get back up on the side walk. 

I tried showing her the grass, all she wanted to play in was this nasty stuff. 

She wasn't too happy that I wanted her on the blanket.

Pulling up the dirt. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was wonderful. I had pancakes for breakfast. It was my first Sunday in Primary. It was beautiful outside and so we went on a walk! 
Carly wasn't so sure about the grass on her bare feet. haha. She wouldn't take very many steps. 
As you can tell, she was ready to be done with taking pictures.
I just wanted a picture with this sweet girl :)
On Saturday, May 10th, we were able to go to the Temple. We met Anton and Breanna there and did babysitting swap. Thank goodness it was nice out so we could go play!
Our Carly dear being a big girl and walking around.
Carly and Olivia loved the swings. :)

my loves

I sent Jeremy to the store for an ingredient for our lunch. I forgot Salsa Verde. 
We had White Chicken Chili and it was delicious. 
Jeremy thought it would be fun to take Carly. I thought it was so sweet the way he was helping her walk. She walks so well now! We just hold her hand when we are outside. 

Friday, May 9, 2014


This girl loves her walks. It has been so nice lately :)

Carly's favorite toy to play with is my makeup. No matter if I am on the couch putting it on, in the bathroom, or sitting on the floor, she comes right up to me and wants to play. She loves taking the lids off of the foundation and putting it back on. She also loves to take the lid off the blush brush. I put chap stick on her lips and she smacks her lips together. too cute.

This silly girl loves to put hats on her head. She doesn't leave it on, she just plays. 

She was helping me clean out my purse :) Another favorite thing to do.  LOVE her blue blue eyes :)

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Carly has started walking this past week. She would just take a few steps here and there and fall to her bum. On Wednesday, Carly took FIVE STEPS to me. I was SO excited. I text Jeremy and told him. Now she walks more and more. She does a good job of standing still too. :)