Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rexburg, Idaho

Carly and I are here in Idaho. We came to help Grandma Karen drive back. She is here dropping off my sister for college and the newest member to our family, Brielle Keller is being blessed on Sunday.

Aunt Franki and Carly sleeping on the way.

Carly loving Aunt Cindy's little rocker.

Carly always loves a good splash pad! So glad she got to check out Rexburg's.

Carly was a little tired. I was trying to get a picture of us in front of Riviera Apartments, where Jeremy and I met.

It is so weird being here in Rexburg without Jeremy. It is fun to be here with Carly though.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

17 months!

Today my baby is 17 months old. 

The count down begins! She goes into nursery in one month! We are so excited about this. I don't mind taking her to class with me, but she is so squirmy and loves to be able to play. This will be perfect.

words: She has started to say 'dad' at every picture she sees of us. She can say shoes, teeth, baby,
Dada, mama, cheese, bath, duck, juice, ball, Jesus, Jack, blanket.

eat: She hasn't been the biggest eater this past week. She ate a lot of Cincinnati Chili (spaghetti with chili on it) when we were at Anton and Breanna's.

I also got a watermelon last week that we are still working on. She LOVES watermelon. I cut it up and put it in a bowl for her. She takes the pieces in one hand and sticks them to her fork to put them into her mouth. Cutest thing.

Carly loves trading me forks. When I am done eating she reaches for my fork and I give it to her, then she hands me her little pink fork. Silly girl.

sleep: She hasn't been sleeping through the night this past week. I'm not sure what is going on. Poor girl. She wakes up just crying :(  We have been getting at least one nap a day. I feel our schedule has been completely thrown off since we went to Denver. She hasn't quite recovered or something. She hasn't slept the same since being home.

play: Carly loves to play with bubbles! She usually just wants to spill them and splash the mess around while I just keep blowing bubbles for her to see.

favorites: Carly loves to turn on our music in our room and dance. Her dancing is now spinning in circles. It is quite hilarious when she spins so much she is dizzy :)

She loves blankets. Some nights she wants all five of her blankets that we have out in her room in order to go to bed.

She loves being outside. We have gone to the park pretty much every day. Even if it's for a half our, it is so nice to let her play and run.

Carly still loves her milk before naps and bed. She likes to hold the lid to the sippy cup as we heat up her milk. And then she likes to close the microwave after we get the sippy cup out.

She is obsessed with closing doors. Anytime we are in a room she will close the door. If we close it she throws a fit, but if she closes it then it's fine.

New experiences: She got embarrassed! The other day we were at the park. She wanted to get closer to this baby that was in a bumbo she so took a step up where the baby was and kind of tripped. The mom caught her by the hand. Carly looked at her and ran away. I followed her and then she just started bawling :( saddest thing. She was fine after I picked her up.

My favorite things she does: She says please! She gives us kisses ALL THE TIME. Probably the cutest thing a kid can do is give their parents kisses. Usually it's when I'm not expecting it and those are the best. Any time we are brushing our teeth, she reaches for her toothbrush and says 'teeth'.

Sometimes she just needs to rest.

I love how she just takes off running in the grass at the park.

I love being her mommy. 

Swim day with cousins!

Carly and I were able to visit cousins on Thursday. They invited us to go with them to a swim party. Here are a few pictures we were able to get. 
Silly girls with their googles.
Carly is not a fan. Olivia thinks she's cute!
We had so much fun swimming and seeing our cousins Olivia and Katelyn. thanks for inviting us! 

Monday, July 14, 2014


I read a blog today that reminded me to be grateful for the simple things in life.

Simple things for today: Carly and bubbles.

I wanted the bubbles to run out really fast so I could finish the laundry, clean the dishes, and pick up my messy living room that never stays clean durning the day. But I remembered what the blog said, stop and appreciate the simple things.

I decided to play with the bubbles for as long as it lasted with Carly. She actually lasted a whole hour! Works for me!
hahaha. I laugh every time I look at this picture. She is just so silly.

Me and my girl :)  Yes, we meant to match today. Even Jeremy wore yellow :)

The face we get when we say "Carly Smile!"

The container was empty, she just kept putting it up to her mouth.

Definitely worth the 97 cents I spent on the bubble set.

I love being this girls mommy :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

weekend in Denver

We were able to spend the weekend in Denver. We visited the Pitchforth's. We were able to see some fireworks. Visit the Denver Zoo. Light some of our own fireworks. And play lots of games.

Carly's first time watching fireworks.  The flash on the camera was bright for her. 

One of Carly's favorite parts of Colorado, Shasta,  the border collie.

This was Carly's second time being at the Denver Zoo. She wasn't so sure about getting her picture taken by herself.

Carly liked to be held by Aunt Kellie.

Elephant ears! We took this picture last year we were here.

Check out last year's trip to the Denver Zoo.

Carly kept crawling in between Jeremy's legs. silly girl.

We played lots of games. Cribbage, 31, Mexican Trains, Egyptian Ratscrew. 


Carly liked the fountains! She didn't like when Justin lit some loud fireworks :)

Sparklers with Grandma Heidi.

Daddy picked some flowers to put the petals all over Carly.

Carly and Aunt Kellie matching. 

Trying to get this sweet picture of Carly smelling Linn and Cathy's flowers.

I love this man... and his smile.

Linn and Cathy with Carly :) thank you for everything you have done for us. We truly appreciate it. 
Iowa welcoming us home with a beautiful sunset. :)

I read some mommy blogs while preparing for this trip. Mainly because I was traveling with a toddler. I totally agree with one of the blogs I came across. The mom said she loves to travel. Just not with a toddler. I would have to agree! Not that Carly was horrible. It was much easier for Jeremy and I to hop in a car for twelve hours and travel and think nothing of it. 

While traveling, I just like to be left alone so I can sleep and enjoy being in a car. This time I changed my mindset and it really helped. I wasn't in the car just to sleep. I was there to keep my toddler occupied! Either with playing peek-a-boo, magnets, eating, drinking, suckers, pointing out trucks (she now says the work 'truck!') toys, books, and songs. 

Fourth of July

The week of the 4th we celebrated all week! Carly wore red, white, and blue every day. Yes, we had enough outfits to do this. Thank you Grandma Karen and Grandma Heidi and thank you Linn and Cathy! 

Jeremy and I took her on a walk. It rained the night before. Carly enjoyed playing in the puddles.


Check out Carly from last year's 4th of July!