Sunday, August 24, 2014

18 months old!

This girl is now 18 months old. She is such a joy to have in our little family. 

Carly loves to watch shows in the morning. Her favorite show right now is Sid the Science Kid on pbs. She loves to chew on the corner of her blankets. She does a few new things lately. She can drink from a regular cup all by herself. She can feed herself yogurt, oatmeal, and cereal with her own bowl and spoon for breakfast. 

Carly loves raspberries. We bought some this week and she ate them all. 

She had her 18 month check up. Of course she had an ear infection because she is cutting two more teeth. She now has twelve teeth and two more coming. She is in the 86th percentile in height and weight. Her doctor says she is a square now. 

Carly is getting more snuggly which we love. She grabs Jack, her stuffed animal, and a blanket and wants to snuggle on the couch. LOVE. 

Carly loves pancakes, pasta, cheese, corn, peas, bananas, apple sauce, anything with ketchup or ranch or barbecue sauce. She won't eat her eggs unless we put ketchup on them. She will sit and point to the fridge and wait until we get the ketchup out. She still loves her sippy cups with milk in them before going to bed. 

Carly loves to play in the dishwasher and find her dishes. She loves to read books and is constantly sitting on our laps to read them. She loves Good Night Moon, The Paper Bag Princess, and her highlight books. She also likes to read her Book of Mormon every night. She likes to look at the pictures. She still loves to go outside. She would rather walk around than to be in her stroller. She loves to dance and sing songs. We sang Wheels on the Bus in nursery (church class she goes to now that she is 18 months!) and she rolled her arms all this week wanting to sing.

Words she can say: puppy, dog, bye, hi, train, PLEASE (she says this all the time when she wants something, it is so hard for Jeremy to say no when she says it peas! peas! peas!). Carly likes to say 'sshhh' when a baby is crying and puts her finger over her lips. She still barks at most animals. She can tweet like a bird, meow like a kitten, says choo-choo when she hears a train, 

She loves to smell flowers. Even if they are fake. We were walking through Hobby Lobby the other day and she stopped to smell the fake flowers. 

She is definitely a girly girl. She loves to help me put on my makeup. She loves to put lotion on and smells her hands. She loves to take off my necklaces and put them on her. She loves to wear her cute little sunglasses. 

Anytime we have some food, she opens up her mouth and says 'ah ah'. We can't help but laugh because it is so cute. Usually she doesn't even see what we have, she just knows we are eating something. 

Some days I feel she decides 'today I want to be a destroyer!' and destroys anything she can get her hands on. While we were at Hobby Lobby I was trying to pick out a stencil to use to paint my curtains. She took a whole stack of stencils, threw them on the floor, and took off running. I asked her to come and help me pick them up. She giggled the whole way while walking toward me. Then she found the paint that was in the isle and put some of those on the floor and ran to the next isle. Oh my goodness. I was so done shopping.

Our big girl with her new big girl pajamas on.

At the splash pad this week.

She is definitely a 'people watcher' like her daddy.

snuggling with daddy :) I just love these two!

She looks so big to me! 

I just love LOVE being this little girl's mom. She brings so much joy to me. I love how much she learns and how she loves life. I love her smiles, her kisses, her giggles, and snuggles. I thank my Heavenly Father for giving her to me to help raise her. 
I love you Carly Ann. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Today marks Carly being 18 months old, 20 weeks of being pregnant, and we found out we are having another girl! 

Wow, I feel like I have tried to hide pictures of myself and not really give hints that I was pregnant. I just didn't want to post it until we knew what the gender was. I feel it has flown because I haven't been constantly thinking about it! I am already half way done. 

I feel just as good if not better than I did when I was pregnant with Carly. From week 6-10 were probably my worst weeks. Just being nauseous and having no energy to do anything. I can deal with that though. I just made sure I was eating and drinking as often as I could. The problem for a while was that I didn't feel like eating anything. Nothing sounded good. But now, at 20 weeks, I feel so good. Some days I forget I am pregnant just because how good I feel. I am definitely blessed. I am still tired and need my naps. I am normally a tired person though, so I have always been a huge fan of naps. 

Some things that have saved me this pregnancy is my pregnancy pillow. The only reason why I spent that much on something from Kohls was because I took back some KitchenAid attachments that I never used and got some money back to buy the pillow. But! I sure do sleep so well and miss it when I go on vacation. 

Another thing that has saved me is chocolate milk. For some reason every night when I get Carly her warm milk before putting her down, I want a giant glass of chocolate milk. We sit and drink our milk together before I put her to bed. We get those big Nesquik containers from Costco and I love it. 

Carly is such a good napper for me. This has also saved me. I continue to stay up for Jeremy every night, which I love, and without a nap every day I don't know how I could do that. 

Ice Breaker Cinnamon flavored mints have saved me. For some reason that after taste of things gets to me. I can't stand after eating something and the after taste. I bought some of these and it hasn't bothered me since. Carly ate my last one today. Turns out she loves them!

A patient husband has also saved me. Some days I have all the energy in the world and can do the dishes, pick up the living room, put the laundry away before he comes home, and give Carly a bath. Other days, I don't do any of that. I sit on the recliner and watch my show until he gets home. He doesn't ask questions or make any rude comments as to why the dirty dishes from lunch aren't put in the dish washer. He just gives me a kiss and we talk about our days. How I love my husband. 

Right now I still wear regular size shirts, some maternity pants, and dresses. I bought two pair of cute leggings from Target online and love them. They are so light weight and are comfortable. I would never wear them if I wasn't pregnant. I think being pregnant gives you an excuse to wear whatever is comfortable and cute. 
Some days I can't wear pants that are tight on my lower belly. Today I found out why! The baby is sitting right there! I thought she was super low just by where I can feel her kick. I don't ever remember Carly being that low. The ultrasound doctor had a hard time at first seeing her head because she was super low. She eventually moved and we were able to see everything just fine. Now I know why my lower stomach has been so sensitive. 

I have already gained 14 pounds. At 20 weeks with Carly I had only gained 6! Oh well, I'm not worried. I'm still at the point that some people just stare at my belly and others will ask. I have told some people from church, mostly those that have asked. It's just not something that I tell people very well. Jeremy LOVES telling people and making me turn bright red in the face. Just mid conversation he would say, "Hey did you know Krystal's pregnant?" haha. I love him. 

20 week picture:
I started yawning just as I snapped the picture. This is what I do most days. Yawn.

Pink Ice Cream

Carly enjoyed some pink ice cream today because we are having a GIRL! 

Yupp, if you haven't heard yet, We are pregnant again!!!
 We had our 20 week ultrasound today. It was like Christmas morning for me! I could not get to sleep last night and all I could think about was finding out the gender today. We are super excited. Carly will have a baby sister. Jeremy is even more thrilled because we already have all of the clothes and I don't need to spend money on buying new ones.

I am due January 7th. I can't believe I am already half way done! 

Meet baby girl #2
She loved having her hands up by her face during the ultrasound. 

I love the two little feet.
We are definitely feeling blessed these days. One healthy beautiful daughter and another on the way!

Friday, August 15, 2014

bath time

Tonight Carly got a bath because she got her yellow hard candy all over her legs and arms on the way home. Oh well, it kept her happy.

I buy her all these bath toys and this is the one thing she loves to play with.
An old plastic gum container.
She spent the whole time dumping water on herself. haha. Silly girl.

She is also obsessed with the faucet. She used to reach for it when she was a baby and now she can actually touch it, which makes her happy.

Video from Bath time tonight:

Chipotle and play place

Our mall now has a Chipotle and right across the street is a new Hobby Lobby too! I know, a dangerous spot for me to be. Well we were out shopping for some new pajamas for Carly because she is too tall for her 18 month ones. I did find two pair at Sears for her. They are so cute.

We decided to stop and eat some Chipotle! We got the burrito bowl. Delicious. Carly enjoyed picked out whatever she wanted from the bowl and eating it. I finally did use the lid as a little plate for her. She loved the beans and cheese most. 

As soon as she saw the play place in the mall she started clapping her hands together. Cutest thing. She gets so excited. I can't believe how big she is getting. I love how she can just walk and climb everywhere. She always peeks at me to make sure I am still sitting where she left me. It's cute. 

The Iowa State Fair

Since we live in Iowa, we thought we should go to the state fair. It was a little bit of a drive for us, but we definitely liked it. We were so glad we went during the week because the admission fee was half price!

Carly pointing at the Clydesdale horses. They are such beautiful horses. 

She is a pretty happy girl.

She is glued! One of the arenas had a dog show. Definitely one of Carly's favorite things in life, dogs/puppies. She is up on daddy's shoulders so she can see.

Walking around and coming to us when she wants some pulled pork or strawberry ice cream.

She was also a fan of the pork sandwich.

I love her cute profile and her in this yellow dress.

Giant American Gothic Statue. 
Jeremy putting Carly in the water to cool her off. She was pretty hot and sweaty. 

Climbing up and over the elephant.

This video is Carly dancing at the fair. There was a band playing and she loved it! Then she got shy when people stopped to watch her.

yellow dress

I put Carly in this cute yellow dress and the first thing she does is play in the dirt! haha Oh well. She had so much fun and it came off when I brushed her off.

Here is a video of her trying to hop while walking? I'm not sure what she is doing, but she kept doing it back and forth on the sidewalk. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

the last of our trip!

These pictures are all from our trip to Idaho. The pictures are all out of order but oh well. 
Carly is so excited to be home and be with daddy finally!
We all love naps.
Poppa bought some purple Ninja Turtle sunglasses for Carly. She kept stealing Grandma's and so this is what he came home with for her. 

Carly now knows how to jump on the bed at hotells. She would jump and say 'jump, jump, jump" 

Of course, it isn't a trip without her teething! Poor girl. We got her a popsicle to help with the pain. I think she enjoyed it.

I forgot how much I LOVE the mountains. B-E-A-Utiful

Last picture we took with Aunt Franki. She started college!!  She isn't suppose to be this old. She is still 14 in my mind.

While staying in Provo at a friend's house, we were able to have Aunt Jamie and Uncle Matthew come and visit for a bit.

Sunday morning Carly played piano with Aunt Julann. She loves the piano. Especially since Julann is really good and would hold Carly's finger to help her play. Carly kept looking up at me to make sure I was watching. 

Best Aunt Ever!! She is holding our brand new niece Brielle and kicking up her feet for Carly to ride. haha.

It was so weird for me to have Carly on BYU-Idaho campus. :) This is where Jeremy and I met. Where we both graduated from. Where we started our lives together. 

Enjoying the pretty flowers and the crackers that she sampled from the bookstore.

Just before leaving Aunt Cindy's house, Uncle Lamar grabbed Carly and took her on a four wheeler ride. At first she cried, but then she didn't want to get off she loved it so much.

The girls and their dirt box. 
This girl played with her cousins in the dirt for hours! She was covered!  It was fun to watch them.

Dirt covered face. At one point I look she started choking! She spit out a whole handful of mud. oops.
We got to go see my cousin's new house. Carly was so excited that Zoey had a baby stroller :)

We had such a nice trip seeing lots of family. Being there for baby Brielle's baby blessing and getting Aunt Franki settled into her new apartment for college. I also was able to visit with one of my close friends that just got home from her mission! Welcome home Bonnie!! It was sure good to see you.

It was the longest Carly has been away from home and her daddy. She sure did miss her toys and early morning cartoons with Jeremy.