Thursday, October 23, 2014

29 weeks with baby #2!

# of weeks pregnant: I am 29 weeks along. Last week started the 3rd trimester!! This pregnancy has flown.

Sleeping: I have been sleeping really well through the night. I only get up once to go to the bathroom. Last week Carly was waking up at 3:30a.m. for some reason. Three nights in a row! Yeah, no fun. We decided it is best for us all if we just shut the doors and let her cry it out because she was getting used to getting up at that time and she kept doing it. She wasn't sick or anything, just wanted to be up. I sure do love my pregnancy pillow and sleep number bed!

Worst part of being pregnant: throwing up and diarrhea. Yes. At the same time. I will spare you the details. Let's just say that it was a rough night Monday night.Thank goodness Tuesday was a good day for Carly and she was totally fine with just watching shows all day. 

Remember how my doctor last week told me that I had gained a little too much weight?! Yeah, well there's that six pounds back for you doctor. 

Best part of being pregnant: This is always my answer but I just love feeling her move. It just lets me know that she is okay and that she is getting stronger. Sometimes Jeremy can see her kick my belly from across the room! 

Wearing: I did pull out some of Jeremy's sweatpants because my new big pants I bought weren't washed yet. Oh yeah, the same day my doctor told me I had gained too much weight I bought a new pair of big pants for me to wear to be comfortable. I tried them on for Jeremy and he said 'well you're only going to get bigger so those won't work'. Gee thanks babe! That is the last thing you should say to a woman carrying your child! haha. I do laugh about it now. 

Upcoming appointments: I am down to every other week appointments. I had an appointment last week and I will have another next week! 

Week 29 belly picture: 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Bloomsbury Farm

Today we finally made it to Bloomsbury Farm. I have been wanting to go. It is a farm with all kinds of cute things for kids. We enjoyed the straw jump, jumping pillow, corn box, animals, pedal carts, tire maze, swings, and the slide. Carly loved it. At first we were a little worried she wouldn't enjoy it as much, but then she just roamed around and we just followed. She loved it. 

Carthage, Illinois

A few weeks ago, we were able to have Preston Schwab, Jeremy's friend, come for a few days. We took him to Nauvoo. We were able to go and see Carthage and Old Nauvoo.  
The Nauvoo Temple :) I just love this temple.

Before we went on the wagon ride through Old Nauvoo. 

Definitely doing this wagon ride again. It was neat to see all of the old houses and structures and what the city kind of looked like when the saints were there. Carly loved the ride. She mostly liked the sleeping baby she watched and watching the horses. 

Preston and Carly chasing after each other. 

Don't mind Preston's sweatshirt, he definitely had an Ohio State blanket on his bed while he was here :)

Our little family standing in front of the statue of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. 

We put her in the jail. She wasn't too fond of it. 

  The sister missionary that was serving at Carthage Jail told us that we were being obedient for coming to Carthage.  We were counseled in this past General Conference to make sure we have a testimony of our Prophet Joseph Smith. I have always loved going to Nauvoo. I feel every time I go, my testimony is strengthened just a little bit more because of what Joseph and the saints sacrificed.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Time Out for Women

I was able to go to Time Out for Women. It was Friday night and Saturday in Madison, Wisconsin. This is a conference where women gather and have speakers and musical artist performs. It is put on by The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints, but women of other faiths come as well. The conferences are all over the country and Madison was the closest one to me. I was invited to go with my sister-in-law Breanna. We went with two women from her ward. If you get a group of four or more there is a discount. We stayed in Madison Friday night and came home Saturday after the conference was over.

There was a photo competition on social media #TOFWmadison :) 

The conference was held on an ice rink. We pulled up a cover to show the ice. :) I was definitely just fine with the ice so I wasn't so hot. 
After the weekend of listening to the speakers I feel like I need to be a better mom. The talks were super uplifting and so good to hear. We were able to hear from singer/song writer Hilary Weeks. I have listened to her music since I was little so I was pretty excited to hear her live. Her songs are uplifting and I can learn from each of them. One of the songs talked about letting the dishes be dirty in the sink and be with the ones we love. I bawled through this whole song. The song is called "If I Only Had Today" If you listen to it. Be prepared to cry. I just love how much it talks about listening to the heartbeat and memorizing the details of the faces we love. It was a good reminder of what is really important in life. :)  I have days that all I feel like I should do is clean. But really I should be focusing on my sweet husband and my beautiful daughter. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

27 weeks

Wow! 27 weeks along. 

Size: baby girl is the size of a head of cauliflower

wearing: I am wearing maternity pants. Some of my leggings that I wore at the beginning are now too tight for my belly. Oh well. Walmart had t shirts for $1!!! I bought seven of them in all different colors. I wasn't quite ready or big enough to wear my maternity shirts so I got shirts that work great and are comfortable and modest. I wear them every day with a scarf :) I can only wear scarves when I'm out and about, once I get home I have to take them off because I get too hot and I feel like it's choking me. haha.

sleeping: I am sleeping really well. I only wake up about once a night to go to the bathroom. I wake up more because my sweet husband has been sick and snoring. :) 

eating: I love to eat. I am grateful that I am at this point and love to eat pretty much anything. My only problem is that I burp a lot after I eat. Yeah gross. I really like mints after I eat. Some days I can't get enough chocolate and some days I love salty things. 

best part of being pregnant: I love feeling her move! aaahhh. This is my favorite part. I wake up because she kicks me. I have to go to the bathroom at a snap of a finger because she kicks me. I watch my belly more than a movie because she kicks. I love it. 

worst part of being pregnant: I tried on some dresses from Target today that were on clearance. I thought they would be super cute. Yeah, being pregnant has added weight in places I forgot I gain weight. So needless to say, I didn't get any of the dresses. 

changes: I need to buy a new bra. Like yesterday. 

exercising: Jeremy and I got a membership to the YMCA. We love it. We have gone about 3 times a week because they have child care. We have been working out about 45 minutes.  I ride a bike and then we walk the track together. A couple of days we have gone, my belly would get super super hard. I could breath just fine but my belly was aching and hard. As soon as I would sit down and start stretching it would stop. I think it's just braxton hicks??! But I feel fine and love being able to exercise. 

27 week picture: 

Well hello October!

Is anyone else wondering where September went? Holy cow. I cannot believe it is October! I never realized how much I love October. I love the colors. I love how cool it is outside. I love how we can keep our windows open and feel the cool breeze come in. I love how I can wear scarves. 

Here are some pictures that have been taken and I finally am able to sit down and upload them onto our blog. 
This silly girl always carries things up the stairs while trying to crawl. haha. 
My new fabric wreath. :) This is not going on the outside of my door this time. I made a burlap wreath and found a TON of bugs in it when I finally cut it up and threw it away. 
I finally started the blessing dress for baby #2. Actually, come to think of it, I am almost done with it! I just have a few seams to fix up. I am super excited about how it has turned out. Just how I imagined when I was picking out the fabric at Joann Fabric.
Carly is officially in a big girl bed! The first night she did awesome. Okay, we had to sit at the door and wait for her feet to hit the floor and open the door and ask her to get back into her bed. Sometimes she would have gotten out of bed to get books. (She doesn't have toys in her room, just books). She is sitting on her bed flipping through books in the DARK. haha. The second night she fell off and hit her head. ouch. I woke up right before she fell and I heard it. Jeremy got up with me and said it would be a good idea to stay up with her because she was pretty upset about the whole thing. After he said this to me at two in the morning, he went right back to bed. I know I know, he has to get up early to get to work, but really??! Yeah dear stay up with her and I'm going back to bed. I am actually glad that I stayed up with her because she had a big goose egg on her head the next day. She has done really well staying in her bed. Just at first it was a pain and I wanted to give up because I was spending all my time sitting by her door waiting for her to get out of bed. 
Sometimes we go on walks and Carly gets a piggy back ride. She loves doing her 'cheese' smile. 
Supporting our Ohio State! and of course her 'cheese' smile again.
I realized this on Saturday when we wore our Ohio State shirts that both Carly and I were born in Ohio! Pretty cool.
She loves laying on the floor to color. I think it's adorable. 

She loves her daddy. Especially when he is on the floor and she can just crawl all over him. 
We carved a pumpkin for Family Home Evening on Monday. Since it's October we decided to go ahead and carve it. 
Carly wasn't so sure about the inside of the pumpkin. haha. She would take it and squeeze it between her fingers.
busy carving this pumpkin!

We did a puppy's face! Carly barks at it every time we go outside. 
Carly and her puppy pumpkin. Her 'cheese' smile cracks us up. 
I took this after a long day of shopping :) She was SO good for me. 


Since Jeremy doesn't work on Mondays, we went to the temple last Monday, October 29th. We took turns watching Carly. While I was in the temple, Jeremy walked around with Carly and took pictures. I think my favorite picture is the one of her trying to open up the temple doors. How CUTE!!

The one with her hands up on the temple sign is because Jeremy said 'touchdown!' haha. 

I love that we have temples to go and do ordinances and remind me of the blessings and covenants I am promised.  :)