Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lamp shade

This was a record craft project for me. I wrote down that I wanted it done, went and got the supplies, and did it all on the same day!

Mind you I have at least five more craft projects I have started (mostly for this baby) and have not yet finished.

End of October???

I cannot believe October has come to an end! Oh my goodness time is flying. Here are a few pictures from the last little bit.

As you can see it is still dark outside in this picture. She was up at about 6! We took two naps this day.

We took her to the park. She is obsessed with going down the slide all by herself! She even did the big slide without getting a big goose egg on her forehead this time :)
I was trying to mop the floor and all she wanted to do was help! Yes, it did take longer but she loved it! 
Before church on Sunday she tried to play in the leaves with her church dress on :) she was so excited to be outside. 
Sometimes she sleeps like me :) her eyes slightly open!!! 

Carly is obsessed with the movie 'Baby's Day Out'. I found this movie for her when I was sick a few weeks ago. Now she wants to watch it every day. Oops. She does get to watch it once a day. Only while I ago in the shower. Greatest idea ever!  She doesn't bother me. I have a nice and long shower without a screaming baby wanting me :) we both win. 


This year Carly was a kitty cat. Cute and fun costume to make. I found the idea on Pinterest. 

We went to our ward's Trunk or Treat night on Wednesday before Halloween. I had to bribe her to put on her costume amd let me do her whiskers and nose. :) On Friday,  Halloween night, Jeremy and I decided to actually take her trick or treating.  She did great! It was so fun to teach her to knock on the door and wait for the candy. 

Carly would knock, watch the people through their side window to come, when they would get to the door she would run for us. But then go back and get the candy and put it in her pumpkin bucket. :) she would say bye amd thank you as we walked away
 She lasted an entire hour! As you can see, Halloween night was cold! Thank goodness we put a coat on her. 

She has enjoyed eating her candy :)