Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Recovery from my c section has been really good. I say 'good' because this was my first c section and I have nothing to compare it to. I say 'good' because I haven't taken pain killers in 9 days! I told this to my sister and she asked what I am doing different. When she was here, I would count down to the minute that I could take another pain med. I was in so much pain. Now I am feeling so much better.

I would say that a life saver for my recovery is the postpartum support band my mom and mother-in-law bought for me from Babies R Us.  I was told to try one because it kind of holds everything in. Yes, it does hold the flab on my belly in and so it's not pulling on my incision. The day I started wearing it, was the day I stopped taking pain meds. I ordered a bigger size from amazon because the one I am wearing is a little snug. The snug one is WAY better. It gives much more support and keeps my belly from moving a bunch. 

I still do feel some burning and pull on my incision, but it is bearable. My incision only has one little scab left on it. It's on my left side, which was the most painful side anyways. 

I would say the worst part right now is getting in and out of bed. Getting in and out of bed just uses so much of your stomach muscles! Who knew?! I have slowly started to take over the household chores again. (Jeremy is a super dad and I gave him a to do list and he is being awesome about doing things).  We have also had tons of help from the ward about bringing dinners. Our ward has some amazing cooks! :) 

Today I went to the store for the first time with just me and the GIRLS. I text Jeremy when I got home and said that I made it! There were tears shed on the way home, but they weren't mine! I would say it was a successful trip. I might even try it again. :) 

Going out by myself with the girls is just scary because I'm not really supposed to lift anything weighing more than Emma. HA! We went to Joanns to pick up some supplies for my next craft projects. :) Carly was more than happy to just walk around and help push the cart. She did stay close by because she is completely obsessed with Emma. 

If only we could all look so peaceful while sleeping.

I love sleeping pictures of Jeremy and one of our babies. :)

Carly insisting on changing Emma's diaper during belly time.

Carly loves when Emma has belly time. She usually lays right next to her and talks to her. 

I had her arms down in her SwaddleMe wrap. As soon as I took it off, she put her arms right up by her face and fell asleep. :) 

Friday, January 23, 2015

2 weeks with 2 kids!

I cannot believe Jeremy and I have two kids!!

People keep asking us how it is with two kids now. We haven't really experienced a whole lot with having two kids. We have gone to the store a few times with all of us. Jeremy does everything though. I can't pick up Carly. I can't pick up the car seat. It is nice to get out. I am told by several people that walking helps me heal faster. Even though I am in quite a bit of pain when we go out (getting in and out of the car hurts a lot) I love getting out with Jeremy and our girls.

Well, today is my first day with no help. I had Jeremy for a few days at home. Then I had my mom. Then we had Jeremy's mom.

Hardest part of my life right now:  Not being able to pick up Carly. The other day I was trying to take her to her room for a nap. She was already exhausted. She kept wanting up for me to carry her. We sat on the stairs for a few minutes just so I could hold her. This was SO hard for me.

 I am told to keep as much routine as I can even with a new baby. The mornings getting Carly milk and watching shows together, nap time when I take her up to bed and give her a kiss, and bed time routine of Jeremy and I being there and then Jer leaving so I can sing to her. She knows her routines and loves them.

Now that we have Emma, I bribe Carly with holding her. She loves Emma being in her bed with her. One of the first nights of us being home, we were putting Carly to bed. Carly patted her pillow so we could lay Emma down. Then she said bye to us. Like we were going to leave Emma there?!!! haha. We laughed and told Carly that Emma has her own bed.

Poor Carly. We took Emma in for her doctors appointment on Monday. Sure enough. Carly had a double ear infection. :( This explains why she hasn't been sleeping very well and coughing at night. The next day she was a ton better. She still throws her little tantrums sometimes but they are much better.

Best Big Sister

Carly is seriously the best big sister. Jeremy and I were talking. We think she actually knew what we were talking about when we said that she was getting a little sister and that I had a baby in my belly. 

From the moment she got to go and get Emma from the nursery at the hospital, Carly has been obsessed with Emma. We thought that it would stop once we brought her home. Every morning when Carly would wake up she would say two words to us, 'show' and 'milk'. She only wanted to drink her milk and watch her shows. 

Now that we have Emma, every morning Carly pops awake and says, 'baby?' She says it like she is asking a question. It is adorable. 

She wants to hold her. She wants to change her diaper. She wants to get her dressed. Carly wants to put bows and hats on her head. She loves giving her a bottle. If Emma is crying, Carly is concerned and hushes her. 

Precious Emma Jean
Helping us change Emma.
Emma loves the swing and Carly loves the bouncer. 
Carly is so silly. Always trying to make us laugh.
Carly has never actually been successful with this whole cart riding. For some reason she is all the sudden a pro! It makes her quite happy. 

Our bright eyed Emma Jean.

She smiles all the time. 
Love her gum smile. 
When daddy is at work, we send him pictures of us. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Emma Jean Pitchforth

Long story short, baby was breech, we had a c section.

Her name is Emma Jean Pitchforth. My grandma's name is Erma Jean. But we liked Emma instead. So we have Emma Jean :)

Thursday morning we come to the hospital to try and turn baby. We were here by 7 and doctor was going to be here by 8 to do the external version. I changed into a hospital gown. The nurses came in and checked my vitals and hooked up monitors to see baby's heart beat and contractions. Sure enough. Baby was still breech. Not long after, the doctor came in and put a bunch of goop on my belly and tried pushing the head down to my right side and bringing her bum up to the left. Oh my goodness. I was warned that this would kill. My sister-in-law attempted to have her second turned because she was breech. She said she couldn't really explain how it hurt, it just hurt. Well, I totally agree. I can't explain how it hurt but it HURT. The doctor was pushing so hard on my belly. It hurt because once he had baby's head on my right side, instead of up and down, her bum was pushing into my pelvis. Oh my goodness. It was so much pressure and it took my breath away. It also hurt because he only put goup on my belly once and so he ran out because he was pushing so much. His hand against my bare belly hurt really bad. But I didn't want to say anything because he could get a better grip of her head if he didn't have goup. He tried three different times. At one point he asked if I needed a break, I said no just go! I'm already in pain just keep trying. After about the third time of him trying to turn her. He stopped and looked at me and said, well I think she is like that position for a reason so we're going to just stop.

By this point, all of these thoughts were going through my mind. 1. OUCH that killed 2. I am getting a c section 4. I did NOT want a c section. 3. I want her out today.

My doctor left and told me to wait for a phone call from his office to set up a scheduled c section. Baby and I were then monitored for about 4 hours. They wanted to make sure she was okay after going through the version. Some things could happen after trying to turn her. 1. her heart rate changes and doesn't go back to normal 2. I could start having contractions that don't stop. 3. I would need to have an emergency c section because of either one of these.

They wanted to make sure I didn't go into labor because sometimes women do after trying to turn them. I did start having contractions. They gave me something they give women who go into preterm labor to stop the contractions. They also were worried about baby for a bit because her heart rate didn't go up 15 points for 15 seconds at all. She was just kind of mellow and not doing much activity.

The doctor on call (Dr. Bourgeous) came in at noon to talk to us. By this point the baby had done some more movement and my contractions had stopped. This was good news. The doctor said that I could keep my scheduled appointment to have a c section on Monday morning with Dr. Pickering OR I could wait until he is out of the office at 5p.m. that day and he would do the procedure then. I said 'today!' Then he told the head nurse to have everyone rounded up by then and let the anesthesiologist know.

We waited until 3:30p.m. for anything to happen. At 3:30p.m. the nurse came in and hooked up my iv fluids. I needed a whole bag and a half in my body before the surgery. My nurse sat there and told me the flow of things and what all would happen. I was standing while she was telling us all of this because I was so tired of sitting in the hospital bed.

At about 4:45p.m. the anesthesiologist came in and introduced himself and told me what I needed to do while I got the spinal. Super nice doctor. Jeremy got dressed in scrubs. A little bit later my nurse came in and said that they are all ready for us in the operating room. I put on a robe and footies and we walked all the way down the hall to the operating room. Jeremy waited in the recovery room while I continued into the operating room.

When I walked in the lights were super bright, there was music playing (the song by Sara Bareilles "Brave") there were like 5 nurses/doctors in there. One nurse helped me up on the operating table. She held my shoulders while the anesthesiologist did his job of making me feel numb. He had to poke me twice. He asked if I was a runner because my back's muscles were harder to work with. :) That was a nice compliment. The operating room was really cold. They put nice warm towels on me. Right after he did the spinal, it started into effect immediately. They helped me onto my side and then I rolled onto my back. They stretched my arms out and secured them down so my hands wouldn't be in the way. They also put oxygen over my nose. They kept poking me and prepping my lower half for the c section. It wasn't painful at all, I could just feel pressure and hands touching me. It was a good 15 minutes of prepping and then I was ready. The nurse went through paperwork and called out everyone's names and said what their jobs were. There was someone in there from nicu, nurses to help, anesthesiologist, and the doctor Dr. Bourgeous. They asked me my name and date of birth and made sure I didn't want my tubes tied. Then they went and got Jeremy. He sat on a stool on the left hand side of my head. He talked to me and was all cute. He made me cry and had to wipe my tears. He said things like we are going to meet our daughter soon and that I would be able to see her finally.

The anesthesiologist was super nice and was right by my head the whole time keeping an eye on me. At one point he was nervous about how pale I looked. He was also just talking me through things. Reminding me to breath. It was so hard to stay focused. During labor I was super cold, shaky, and my body was just uncontrollable it felt like. It didn't help that I had a curtain in front of my face, and my gown and blankets were right up against my neck. The anesthesiologist kept fixing all of that for me to make me more comfortable.

It took about five minutes to actually get to her and then I saw a bunch of doctors over by the warming table. When they were taking her out of me she was pooping. The doctor was laughing. They sucked her out. Then I heard a cry. THAT WAS OUR BABY. Jeremy told me to look and see our baby. They started weighing and measuring her. After she was out, Jeremy stood up beside me and looked over the curtain because the doctor said it was okay for him to look. My belly was split open and he could see everything. Jeremy went over and started taking pictures of her. He kept asking to hold her too. He got to hold her while I got all put back together and stitched up. Jeremy then took the baby and went to the recovery room. It seemed like forever.

But about 30 minutes to put me back together and stitch me up and get everything off. This 30 minutes seemed like forever! Jeremy was in the recovery room with the baby and I just remember closing my eyes and breathing in my nose and out my mouth to try and relax. I was on the operating table and they lifted me up and onto my hospital bed. They wheeled me into the recovery room where Jeremy and the baby were. In the recovery room I nursed her and then the doctor took her to give her a shot and then gave her back to me. Jeremy left while I was nursing her to go and get Carly. They wheeled us both down to our room.

Jeremy called and said they were close. I had the nurse take the baby down to the nursery. Jeremy and Carly walked in. Carly wanted nothing to do with me. She saw my iv and heard all of the beeping from the machines I was hooked up to. She didn't want to give me a kiss or anything. So Jeremy said okay Carly lets go get someone! They walked down the nursery and got the baby and wheeled her back. Carly walked in the room, threw her Jack down on the floor, and looked at me and said, 'baby!' Her eyes were huge and she had the biggest smile on her face. Jeremy then helped Carly onto the bed and gave the camera to the nurse and Carly held the baby for the first time.

Then we relaxed for a little bit with Carly being there. The nurse came in and gave Emma her first bath. Carly got to watch this. Jeremy held her and she loved watching. She then went back to the Hoban's to sleep. I really needed Jeremy with me. I wasn't feeling so well. I was on google hangout with my parents and I threw up in my mouth. After Jeremy got back and the nurse was in the room I told them what had happened and she gave me a bucket. I then threw up three more times. OUCH.

I had to keep the iv on until I went to the bathroom and peed. They wanted to measure my pee. I also was hooked up to compressions on my legs. They didn't want my legs to have blood clots. I kept my gauze and tape on my incision overnight. They marked the leakage because with these staples it seeps a lot but heals really well. They wanted to keep an on the leakage.

My first night was pretty rough. I wasn't bleeding a whole lot. But it would puddle up and then when I stood up I made a blood path all thew the way to the bathroom. Then when I finally got to the bathroom, which took awhile because of the dizziness and pain I had, I slowly pulled the trash can to me as I was being cleaned up by the nurses. I then proceeded to throw up in the trash can a few more times. I felt so bad for the nurses. I looked up and asked 'is this normal'? I wasn't told that I might throw up because of the surgery and drugs I had.

Did I mention that I hadn't eaten since 10 the night before? I had to fast (nothing in the mouth) meaning no food or water, before the external version. Then when we finally decided that we were having the c section that day, it was too late for me to get something to eat. I couldn't even have water. I sent Jeremy to go and get food at least three times throughout the day. And they serve freshly baked cookies every day and came into my room offering me some. Jeremy ate them. :(

They start me off by eating ice chips and ice. Then I go to liquids like apple juice or strawberry italian ice. Then I can try a piece of toast. Then I can try regular food. I made it to the strawberry italian ice. This is all what I threw up. I felt horrible. My belly was aching. My incision was just pulled like crazy. I was upset because I had two nurses that had to see me like this. I was thinking, oh my goodness. This is not happening. I just want to get back in bed and OUCH getting back in bed?! That is painful in itself.

I was given something to help with the nausea. This helped. In all of this pain and craziness, I was given the baby to nurse every couple of hours. At night I did send her to the nursery so I could try and get some sleep. It wasn't that bad the first night nursing. Jeremy stayed on the couch and woke up when I yelled for him.  The nurse I had at night was so so so nice and adorable (Lisa). She got a few pieces of toast for me to try and eat. I had a bite and then Jer would eat the rest.

Friday we had visitors. This was nice to see new faces. The pastor from a catholic church came and gave Emma a blessing. It was cute. I figured she needed all the blessings she could get. Jeremy went and got Carly from the Hoban's. We just hung out in the hospital room and watched shows. Anton, Breanna, Olivia, and Katelyn came to visit. That was a bit much. I had my nurse checking on me at the same time they came. She made me get out of bed. I was to walk to the bathroom. oh my goodness. I was super nervous. The girls were running around and screaming and playing hide in the curtain and opening and closing drawers everywhere. I had a major head ache and my head was spinning. anyways... They left and we had other visitors. It was nice.

Friday night was good. I ate more. I nursed really well. Jeremy stayed with me again. That was nice to have time with just the three of us. Saturday morning Jeremy went to get Carly but she was too grumpy to come to the hospital, so they went home and took naps. I had lots of time with Emma. Jeremy stayed at home with Carly. She was pretty tired and needed to sleep in her own bed. Saturday night I was brought paperwork to fill out. None of the nurses had given it to me yet. I signed her birth certificate.

Sunday was going home day! I was super excited to get home. Jeremy and Carly came to visit before church and have breakfast with us. Then they headed off to church while Emma and I had lots of chill time and packing up. I was up and walking around. I even walked all the way down to the nurses station and back. That was a long way. I got Emma dressed in her going home outfit. I packed up the stuff we were given from the hospital, a brand new sleep sack! Super nice and we love it. She sleeps really well in it. The pump attachments (I had to pump once because I kind of was a little sore).

There you have it. That is a long birth story. Just a lot of little details.

Things that come to my mind to add........

One complaint of being at the end of the hall in room 13 is that I was right by the doors to the next hallway. They would open and close all day and all night. It was hard enough trying to get some sleep and get comfortable. I could hear those doors. After three days of being there I got used to it. The first night was rough. I would jump every time they opened and closed.

My feet and ankles are swollen. I have never had swollen feet. It's a weird feeling. My feet jiggle when I walk. I have kept them elevated all day. They look so much better.

I just remember eating a lot after getting over the whole nausea. I had lots of chefs salads, apple sauce, apple and cranberry juice. My favorite was beef broth with potatoes and beef gravy. I would take a spoonful of mash potatoes and dip it in the beef broth.

My mom and sister are here to take care of us. Jeremy started work today. He had a whole week off for when I had Emma. Franki plays with Carly and Mom does the cooking and cleaning. I take care of Emma and Franki snuggles with her and takes full advantage that Emma sleeps all day.

I love Jeremy even more. If that's possible. I mean we have two beautiful babies together. I just love him more. It's hard to explain. It just opens up my heart for more love to give I guess.

Jeremy keeps telling me how happy I am. I told him I talked to the nurse about it. How sad I was after I had Carly. I cried a lot. It was just a lot of new things and I felt like I was failing at nursing and that she wasn't getting enough. This time I know a lot more and I feel like my body knows what to do with these crazy hormones I have. I just feel super blessed this past week. :)

I just had a conversation with Jer about the pain and sacrifice women go through to have a baby. I said, 'I think this is why I love my girls so much. I have to go through so much to have them.' :)

I have been taking pain meds still. Right now it is just ibuprofen. The incision looks really good. Just super sore. Anything I do it burns. My left side more than my right. When I sit down, stand up, brush my teeth, get into the car, get into bed, sneeze, cough, it all pulls my belly. But, I have a beautiful baby girl. I am completely in love with her. I didn't know I could have so much love for such a little body.

We are both completely obsessed with our little Emma. (Jeremy is obsessed too, he was just at work when we took this picture today).

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I went in for an ultrasound today. With being 40 weeks I was pretty positive everything was going to look just fine and they were going to tell me my induction date. WRONG! The first thing the ultrasound technician said was 'well baby is head up'. I was like 'what?!!!' And then I started to get really sad. I told her that the last three doctors have checked and said that she was head down. The technician asked if I have felt her flip at all. I said that she moves a ton anyways so I didn't notice anything different. The technician finished measuring baby and fluids. Everything else looks great. So that's good. She did say I was measuring at small at 38 weeks and that baby is measuring 7 pounds 7 ounces.

I then talked to my doctor. He said that I have two options at this point. 1. they can try and turn her 2. I will have a c section. I told him I really don't want a c section if I can help it. I am scheduled for them to try and turn her tomorrow morning at 8a.m. He also told me things that could happen when trying to flip her. If it doesn't work we will schedule a c section. It might break my water while they flip her. It might start contractions and put me into labor. It also might cause her heart rate to change or the umbilical chord could get wrapped around her. They will do an ultrasound before and after to make sure everything is safe. They will have a monitor on her heart. If she is turned safely then we will schedule an induction for next Wednesday (41 weeks).

After talking with the doctor and scheduling my appointment for tomorrow morning Jeremy called me from work. I was pretty upset at this point. I wanted him with me. And I didn't think this was going to happen. The doctor's all said that she was ready and head down. Well, things change fast! And she has flipped. Jeremy reminded me that things happen for a reason and that everything will be okay. After talking with people and letting them know that she hasn't come today (her due date) I am reminded that at the end, I will have my beautiful baby girl and everything will be okay. People have c sections all the time! No worries.

The picture on the left is the ultrasound at 24 weeks. The picture on the right is from today at 40 weeks. I would say that she has gained a little weight! She has chubby cheeks!:) aaahhh. So excited to meet this little girl.

Fun in the snow!

I forgot I had all of these cute pictures on my camera to share!
Iowa finally got some snow! I am so glad we went out and played yesterday in it because today is -9 degrees! yikes!

Jeremy ready to take Carly down the hill. Her first sledding experience. 

They made it. And she is asking 'again?!' 
Pushing her back up the hill. 

I love how she can hardly move. And for her gloves, they are mine because her's always fall off and it's a pain.

Again, she cannot move! haha but she is loving it. 

Pure joy!

We were walking away and she couldn't get up to walk with us.

Going down all by herself. 

And she gets stuck! haha. She was wanting help to get up.

Snow angels

Love her cute little red nose

Today is her due date

Today is baby girl #2's due date! oh my goodness.

Well I have been up since 3. I think I kind of woke myself up when I got a drink of water. I wake up to use the bathroom a few times a night and sometimes I am just SO thirsty. I usually can go right back to sleep. Today I laid in bed for 35 minutes tossing and turning. My sides get really sore if I lay on them for too long. I was also really hungry. I didn't eat right before going to bed.

I had a doctor's appointment last Friday. I was dilated to a 2-3. This was a surprise because last time I wasn't dilated at all and I hadn't had any timeable contractions. I have them every couple of hours. The doctor scheduled an ultrasound (which I will have later today at 9!) to check the baby and fluids and then we will go from there. I felt like the doctor is leaving it up to me, but a lot probably depends on the ultrasound today. Jeremy looked at the doctor and said 'oh she's done being pregnant'. haha

This pregnancy I have definitely felt the baby more. Up in my ribs more. (If I drop something I don't even try and get it. It kills to try and bend down.) She is also down in my pelvic area more. Instead of a cute little kick, it's more like a rumble in my belly. She is constantly moving. Of course, until someone goes to feel her move she stops. I know, Carly was my calm baby inside and outside the womb. I am in for a treat with this one. :)

I am pretty excited about the whole labor/delivery part of things. One, because I have already been through it. Two, because I cannot wait until I meet this little girl. I am a bit nervous because reading up on labor and delivery just to refresh my memory, there are so many possibilities that could happen. I remember when I was reading before I had Carly, I kind of skimmed over the whole forceps and vacuum part. Not even thinking that we would have to use any of that during delivery. I did end up having forceps with Carly.

I was writing in my journal last night about how I have carried this baby for nine months and now I finally (any day now) get to meet her. Nine months is a VERY long time to carry a baby. It has gone by really fast because I wasn't just worried about me all the time. My time was focused on Carly.

I am excited to see what she looks like. I am excited to see how big and long she is. I am excited to see how Carly will do with her. I am SO excited for when Carly gets to meet her. Carly is already obsessed with babies. I just hope she is still okay with us bringing home one. :) Lately she has been 'changing' her stuffed animal Jack. She lays him on the floor and wipes him with a wipe and puts a diaper under him. haha. It's so stinkin cute.

Hopefully my next post will be about the delivery! We will see.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!

I guess I wasn't quite ready for the new year. I am just SO looking forward to this baby coming and then I will be ready for 2015! 

We did get some sparkling cider to celebrate New Year's Eve and then we were asleep by 10p.m! Jeremy had to work the next day and we were exhausted. 

With a new year starting, we will have new goals to work towards. We will be making these lists for Family Home Evening Monday night. I guess I need to start thinking about some ideas!