Sunday, March 29, 2015

mom of 2

Being a mom of two is not what I expected. Yes, there are times when I'm nursing Emma and Carly wants me right at that moment. Which turns into her throwing a fit. Yes, there are times when they both need a diaper change. Those things I was ready for.

But there are some things that I didn't plan for. The amount of love that I have for both my girls. The amount of energy I am somehow given to get up in the middle of the night with Emma and the energy I am given to get up with Carly when she is up at seven in the morning. I never knew what exhausted truly meant.

There are some days when I get up in the morning and I know the things I need to get done that day and I think that there is no way that I can get everything done with also caring for two girls. Some days I feel all I do is nurse Emma and make sure Carly has her sippy cup of milk filled, diaper changes and all of us get naps.

There are days that I purposely don't get out the chocolate or ice cream because I don't feel like sharing with Carly. So I wait until she is in bed to eat it.

There are days that I couldn't imagine my life without Emma and Carly. Honestly, what would I do with myself. My heart, mind, and body are dedicated to my girls right now. My body because I nurse Emma. My mind because I am constantly thinking about them and how I can be a better mom. My heart because it is so full of love for them. Carly fell and scraped her hand the other day. I almost started crying because of how hurt she was. Another day Carly, on accident, hurt Emma. Like completely stepped on her arm. Emma let out this sad cry. Me, being a protective mom got mad at Carly for not being more careful. I know she didn't mean to, and she tries to be so gentle with Emma. But when my babies hurt, it literally hurts my heart.

I do love that I have two girls. I can already see their connection that they have as siblings and even better being two sisters. I hope they keep smiling at each other. I hope Carly is still obsessed with Emma when they are seven and five years old. Mind you, Emma is almost 3 months old. Carly is still completely obsessed with Emma. Jeremy and I thought that it would wear off. But Carly is still all about Emma. She gets so excited when we go somewhere, she says 'baby?' and wants to know if Emma is coming too. She gets so excited when Emma wakes up, she says 'eyes!' She gets so excited to help change Emma's diaper. She gets her own wipe so she can help. When Emma is on the floor, Carly will lay on her stomach and talk to Emma. It is the most precious thing! I love my two babies. :)

what a week!

This is what happens when I take a nap on my bed. It ended up being a 2.5 hour nap instead of a thirty minute nap that I usually enjoy on the couch snuggled with Emma. Jeremy took Emma for me so I could take a nap. Oh well. I guess I needed sleep. But now I can't get to sleep. So here I am eating ice cream and writing on my blog. Finally!

This past week has been filled with boxes, packing tape, quick easy dinners, sunshine, cleaning, shampooing our carpets only to find that they were masking a dog smell (yeah gross. I strongly dislike the smell of dog, especially in a house, especially in MY house...we are getting it taken care of. UGH) 

I have felt all kinds of emotions this past week while packing up the apartment to move to this big house! I have been so overwhelmed. I have found that when I'm overwhelmed and my to do list is a million things I shut down. Like all I want to do is just sit on the couch and watch my show and nurse Emma. But! I did get all the packing done and it was all ready to go when movers came Saturday. I have also felt excited. I have been complaining to Jeremy for the past year and a half about where we lived, in the apartment. And now we own a house! holy moly. So exciting. 

I will say I will not miss apartment living. Not at all. I won't miss sharing a wall with the people beside us. I won't miss kids playing in the grass right outside my front window. I won't miss after a year and a half walking into the house, it still not smell like it's my house. I won't miss the clean checks. I won't miss maintenance knocking on our door at eight in the morning in response to our maintenance request to fix something. I won't miss hearing when our neighbors flush their toilets or take a shower. I won't miss not being able to have our windows open because everyone smokes. Nope. I won't miss any of that.

As we were sitting down to dinner last night, that was prepared and delivered by my visiting teachers, THANKYOU!! Jeremy and I were talking and he asked if I felt rich. haha. I said YES. He said that he feels rich too. haha. Only because we own a house. Not because we are actually rich but because owning is a house is what rich people do..right?! haha. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Past week

We decided to go and hang out in our empty house :) 
My mom was able to come for a few days and help clean our house. We deep cleaned the bathrooms, kitchen,  and all three bedrooms! 

Cleaning this new big house is exhausting! 

Our sweet Emma. Carly wore this dress so I wanted to make sure to get a picture.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A day for me...

Being a stay at home mom is tough!  I am on call for 24/7. Especially since we have Emma.  Oh Emma how I love you but these past few nights have been so hard! Please learn how to sleep 4 hours straight again. I know you can do it.

Every once and a while I take a 'me' day. Well, as much as I can with still being at home with two girls and fulfilling their needs.

Today I woke up and decided I needed to focus more on me or I am going to flip! I have so much stress right now. Ugh.

Took a shower. Check.
Did my makeup.  Check.
Got dressed. Check.
Put on some jewelry. Check.
Painted my nails. Check.
Update my blog. Check.
Watching my show. Check.
Snuggle with this cutie.

It's a good day.

Past week

daddy and his girls

The display in our hyvee with potatoes! I sent this to all of my siblings that live in Idaho at the moment.
I love Idaho. I spent 12 years growing up there (north Idaho) and then went to attend college at BYU-Idaho.
The scratch on her little nose is from her sweet big sister. Carly didn't mean to. She just gets a little close sometimes with those sharp nails.

Jeremy found this icicle outside! Holy cow! Now THAT is an icicle. 
Carly's finished product. She constantly is asking to paint now. :) 
First time playing outside!!! March 9, 2015 All she wanted was her bubbles.
One happy little girl.
Emma wasn't so sure about this sunshine in her eyes. I for one, enjoyed every bit of it!

This is usually how I find Jeremy after he gets home from work. Snuggling with some kind of pink/purple blanket taking a nap on the couch. 
Carly busy cleaning her play food in the kitchen sink. She loved this idea. 
Emma played so hard with her toys that she fell asleep! She is so precious.
This is how I made dinner last night. Holding my two girls.
I just took this picture of Emma sleeping in her bassinet. She is such a precious baby.  

Bye bye hair!

last picture with my long h
one of the weirdest rides with my hair sitting beside me! still can't believe I went and did this. i am going to donate it.

i am a huge fan of this new haircut! no more finding my hair in emma's hands. no more shutting it in the door of the car. no more 20 minutes to blow dry it! 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy 2 months Emma!

I can't believe I have had this precious little girl in our family for 2 months already. Time is flying! I think I am holding her longer, and not getting upset when she wakes up at night, taking my time getting her dressed and picking out her clothes. Since Emma is my second, I realize just how fast time flies!

Sleeping: Emma sleeps off and on all day. Some days it seems as though she is up all day. Some days it seems as though she can't get enough sleep. She gets up twice a night. Usually sleeping 3-4 hours, wakes up for an hour, and then sleeps 3-4 more hours. I can handle this! I have found a show that I enjoy watching and so when she is wide awake at two in the morning we go downstairs and watch our show until she is fast asleep. I also love this time in the middle of the night because it's the only time that it's just me and Emma. We usually are up every morning by 7:30 with Carly.

Eating: Emma is not the eater like Carly was. I felt Carly would suck every ounce of milk out of me. With Emma, she just eats about 10 minutes and then is satisfied. This is very different to adjust to. When Carly would cry, I would just feed her. If Emma cries she either wants to be held, swaddled, walked around, pacifier, or is so tired she can't quite get comfortable.

Health: She is a healthy baby except at the moment she has this mucusy cough. It is horrible. She has thrown up a lot lately just trying to get this stuff out of her throat. She wakes up just so upset and screaming because she is coughing. :( saddest thing ever. Usually she is really happy, and seeing her so upset is really sad. She has been sleeping in her cars seat so she is upright and doesn't choke when trying to cough up this mucus.

Favorite: She loves to be held. Emma loves her pacifier. Emma loves sleeping in her car seat. She loves noise! I am not kidding. We could be watching basketball and as soon as we shut off the tv she wakes up. Carly has thrown screaming fits and Emma sleeps right through it. Emma loves church. Well, she sleeps right through it!

Clothes: She is in 0-3 month clothes. I have gotten out her 3 month outfits and sleepers so she doesn't pass up wearing them. I am seriously going to get rid of a bunch of clothes because I always pick my three favorite outfits and that's what she ends up wearing all week. We do lots of laundry due to her throwing up all over.

Hair: She has dark hair on the back of her head by her neck. Her eyelashes are coming in nice and long. I love them. The hair on top of her head is a dark blonde color. .

Eyes: Emma has beautiful blue eyes.

Changes: Emma has started to coo when we talk to her. She has this cute little squeal too.

Baby things I absolutely love: Emma's hand lint, Emma's coos, Emma's gum smiles, how she is so innocent, and how I can't spoil her!

I love being Emma Jean's mommy. It is so fun to learn what she likes and dislikes. She is just so precious.

here is what Carly looked like at 2 months

Monday, March 2, 2015

emma's blessing

Emma was blessed at church yesterday. The Keller's were able to travel from Ohio to be here for Emma's special day :)
Emma in her blessing dress.
I tried it on a few days before because I made it and wanted to make sure it was going to fit! It turned out just how I had imagined. 

Family makes every special occasion better!

daddy, mommy, carly, and emma

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Oma and Pappa with Emma.

Both girls were tired of taking pictures. Emma's yawn! :)

All four girls. Oldest to youngest. (We are missing Brielle, who would be between Katelyn and Emma).

There were many pictures taken of them, but their expressions in this one are priceless! 

With Uncle Leo and Aunt Dana.  Katelyn showing some love.

Oma and Pappa with the Iowa girls.

my sweet emma

I had to laugh because carly didn't want her picture taken until they offered her candy. haha. works every time.

daddy and his girls :) 

We went to our house after church and had sloppy joes, carrots, chips, pop, and puppy chow. It was a perfect day for baby Emma. Even though she spit up all over her blessing dress :(