Tuesday, April 28, 2015

backpacks & beautiful weather

I love everything about this picture. How Carly is carrying this backpack around that was once mine, how Carly is glued to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, and how Emma is just watching her big sister. :)

Yeah know, we are a typical family now. :) Jeremy is busy mowing the yard and I spray paint a project on the patio.
We made it to the park! We went on a walk yesterday and Carly didn't know we were going to the park. She was quite excited. She didn't want to leave.
This girl and purses. She loves this one because it is huge and she can fit whatever she wants in it.
I just love this smiley face.
This girl is cutting some teeth! She love to gnaw on our fingers and is a drool monster. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Girls are asleep so I....

eat yogurt covered raisins and update my blog! 

Last week for Family Home Evening we decided to finally get Carly a fish. We went to the store and picked out a goldfish and bowl and food. She is telling me 'fish' in the picture.
She is one happy girl! Drinking her milk before bed and watching her fish. 
Too bad the silly fish didn't last long! dang thing. Bad mom moment! I woke up the next morning early (with Emma) and decided to go and check on Carly's pet. It was surely dead. Just floating around in the fish bowl. I text Jeremy right then yelling at him because he had to see it before leaving for work and didn't take care of it??!!!! punk. I was debating what to do with the thing. Seconds later, Carly woke up and I could hear her in her room. I had seconds to decide. I took care of it and hid all the evidence that we even had a fish. I went and got Carly out of bed and she hasn't even asked about the fish at all! Jeremy told me that we needed the fish to take it back to the store. Uh too late! I was in panic mom mode and needed to do something. Jeremy also asked why I didn't just let Carly believe he was still alive?!?!! gross gross gross. I don't like dead fish. Their little eyes staring. Oh my goodness. So we haven't gotten another fish yet.

This is totally NOT me sitting with Emma and a glass of milk with a spoon in my glass. JK! This is how Jeremy always eats his brownies. I said I would never convert. The one and only time I used a spoon.
This girl is so darn cute! I just love our Emma.
Jeremy was holding Emma on his stomach and then Carly hopped on right behind Emma and held tight. haha. 

I quickly snapped this picture before church yesterday. Our girls matched :) I love when I can find outfits in their sizes to match. I bought the skirt and dress when I was pregnant with Emma :) They are both a little big for the girls but they won't stay this size forever so I had better get as much use out of them that I can! :)

Of course Carly with her sippy cup of milk while holding Jack, and Emma with her pacifier.
Carly and I were so ready for the rain that we had to go out in to go to church yesterday!!
I was pulling Carly's shorts up after changing her and she kept saying 'jack'. She turns around and shows me that he got caught in her shorts! She thought it was the funniest thing.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Emma is 3 months and Easter pictures...

Today is picture day! Two reasons: Emma is 3 months old today! And we didn't get pictures in their cute matching dresses yet. 

Our sweet Emma. Please stop growing!

Sisters. Carly's not so sure about lying next to Emma anymore. Emma now can grab her hair.
Carly's dress was given to her from Grandma Heidi. She bought it when Carly was first born hoping it would fit her later. It is perfect! It goes with Emma's dress!

They are just so beautiful. Perfection.

kisses for Emma!

Carly smiley, Emma crying. oh well.

Don't worry, Carly knows how to help! She loves to give Emma her pacifier. She asks first.

Three month sticker and her giraffe.

This girl is so smiley.

First time doing this was this morning. I put both her hands on her new toy (from Easter) and she put it right in her mouth.

I love my blue eyed baby. 

Emma loves: sleeping, eating, Carly, swaddled, napping with mom, sleeping in her bassinet, belly time, being propped to see mom when she does things, music, noise, bath time, to smile, being held, car seat, her bouncer.

Emma doesn't really care for: her head being touched, laying down, left alone (she would rather be in the room with all the noise and people) getting out of baths, her nails cut, being hungry.

Sleeping: Emma only gets up twice a night! Sometimes even once. We are best friends on those days. Like the other night I was so so so sick. She only woke up once. :) She knew mommy needed her sleep. Like I said, she loves her sleep.

Words to describe Emma: precious, happy, alert, curious, angel baby, skinny (she is no chunk like what Carly was), wiggly, smiley.

our little burrito. She loves to be swaddled and her pacifier to go to sleep.
(Carly didn't like either of those!)

Easter dress! this was actually Carly's first Easter dress. So glad they are about the same size for the right seasons.

I had to put a sad one. Just look at that sad face! 


Easter Sunday

We had the privilege on Easter Sunday to watch and listen to our church leaders for General Conference. Twice a year we are able to have a broadcast from Salt Lake City to hear our church leaders give us counsel. I love how it fell ON Easter Sunday. 

I know that I have a Savior who lived and died for me. I know that He knows me and loves me. 

We are so excited that they announced three new temples to be built. One being in Bangkok, Thailand!!!!!! Jeremy served his mission there for two years. He just can't get over how people won't have to save for three years to travel to go to the temple. They will have their own!!! He cried. I cried. We are just so excited.

Bangkok Thailand Temple
"The Bangkok Thailand Temple will be the first in this Asian nation. The Church was formally organized in Thailand in 1966. There are now approximately 18,000 Church members in 38 congregations in Thailand. The Bangkok Thailand Temple will serve Latter-day Saints in Thailand, as well as all of Southeast Asia. Currently, the nearest temple to Thailand is Hong Kong, more than 1,000 miles from Bangkok."

Both grandma's have already called dibs on watching the girls so we can go to the dedication of the temple. It will be a few years before it is finished, we had better start saving!!! 

For Easter Sunday we were able to have Anton, Breanna, Olivia, and Katelyn come to our house! First holiday in our house. First Easter egg hunt in our front yard! So fun!

I got the idea to have three colors, one for each girl, for the egg hunt. Carly had pink. Katelyn had yellow, and Olivia had blue. They each found their color of plastic eggs that matched their basket. None of the eggs had candy in them. They were all filled with money, necklace, bubbles, raisins, gold fish, fruit snacks, hair clips. It was so fun to watch them do the egg hunt. I was even more excited to see their reactions to their surprises in their eggs. The little bubbles were a big hit! 

Left to right: Katelyn, Carly, Olivia

She loved it!

Jeremy making sure she only got her pink eggs.