Friday, May 29, 2015

4 month check up

This cute baby finally had her 4 month check up. 

She weighs 15 pounds 10 ounces. 67th percentile
Emma is 24 inches tall. 15th percentile
Her head circumference is 42 cm. 76th percentile
I would say she is a growing happy baby!

We had to eye checked out because at birth they said it was a birth mark. Birth marks don't usually scab and dry out like this. We got some stuff to put on it to hopefully help it. That's the only concern we have with Emma. She is a healthy and growing baby!! :) We are truly blessed. 

I told the doctor that we have given her rice cereal a few times. One morning I told Jeremy, I need sleep! So I really want her to sleep through the night with a little more than just milk in her. But! I told the doctor and she actually said that at 4 months old she should be good to sleep through the night if I'm ok with her crying it out. Well, I am totally ok with this. She has slept 5-6 hours every night since! and then wakes up to nurse and goes right back to sleep about 5-6 hours!!! We are getting lots of sleep now. We are just working on naps now. Getting the girls to nap at the same time is a hit and miss. 

We moved her to the crib over the weekend and I haven't slept this good since before I got pregnant! I woke up Saturday morning thinking Jeremy was late for work. haha. He doesn't work Saturdays. I slept so good I forgot what day it was. :) such a good feeling.

Memorial Day

How to keep my two year old busy so I can get ready for church. She sat long enough so I could braid her hair!! She watches the bible videos that our church puts out. Some of them have babies in them so she is all about those!
Such happy girls ready for our Memorial Day barbecue.

Carly was helping me put laundry on hangers so we could put it all away. This is Emma's outfit Carly wanted to wear. haha. She loves pockets and is trying to put her hands in them.

I just love this girl.
We love our neighbor's swing :)  We go out there a lot and enjoy the sunshine.

Sometimes we have matching headbands. :) By the way, this is not what I wanted either one of us to wear for the barbecue. Emma had a major blow out on both of us.
Sometimes she still just wants to be my baby. binky and all

New slide!

This girl gets so excited when we make brownies. She gets to lick the spoon.

The two best helpers in the kitchen.

Our beautiful flowers in our backyard.
We have a lilac bush!!! I love lilacs.
After waiting and waiting for this swing set to come in the mail, it finally came! It only took a few hours to put it up. Carly is in love. Our cute neighbor came to help put it up.
Feeding her frozen veggies while she waits for dinner to be ready.

And my other helper in the kitchen.
This was my outfit when I was a baby. Emma isn't a fan of it I guess. Oh well, at least I got a picture before she had a blow out in it 10 minutes later.

Our Iowa baby in some Hawkeye gear. (sorry dad. #BuckeyeToHawkeye)
She picked out her outfit today. Stripes on stripes.
We have such beautiful flowers in our yard. We have three different colors of these!

I was either brave or stupid for painting my nails while both girls were sleeping.

I love that we have a back porch she can play on.

How we eat every meal. Emma in her bumbo.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

May Fun

Emma fell asleep on me like this. I love this time I have with her.

Carly and this beautiful flower.

Carly enjoying some milk and watching daddy spread some fertilizer in our yard.

I think I take more pictures of her sleeping than awake. But I just want to remember these sweet moments I have with Emma.

Our smiley Emma.

Our giggly Emma.

I just love this girl.

hahaha. I had to take a picture. Carly trying to nurse her baby doll.

Carly talking to Emma as we push her around. Emma is much bigger since the last time we tried this. haha.

Mother's Day

This was the best mother's day yet!
This was the first year Jeremy did a craft for me! bahahaha. Yes those are Emma's and Carly's bum prints.
He came up with this all by himself. He just had a little help with the rhyming. 
I got a C ring for Carly and an E for Emma. love love them!
picking out my flowers!

I got flowers!! Better yet, hanging baskets for our beautiful house.

I got breakfast in bed. Jeremy grilled out pork chops for dinner. AND I got to google hangout my little sister who is serving a mission!!! I am so proud of her.

Friday, May 8, 2015

happy 4 months emma!

Emma is 4 months old today! Holy cow. Time needs to slow down! 
I took some time this morning to take some pictures of our sweet Emma. She was super happy and smiley.
Carly wore this outfit :) I love that they can wear the same clothes. 

Sleeping: These past few nights have been great! She gets up at about 2a.m. and then 6a.m.. We have been going to bed early, like 9-9:30 and so we have been getting lots of sleep.

She isn't a fan of naps though. She isn't taking long naps right now. She sleeps better in her car seat when we are out and about doing errands. Her longest naps are about 30 minutes to an hour when she is swaddled and in her bassinet.

Eating: Emma is still nursing. She eats about every two hours during the day. She does take a bottle every now and then when I decide to pump. There were a few days when she refused to nurse. Thank goodness I can pump and she doesn't mind a bottle. That's what we had to do!

Nothing beats a gummy smile.

New things:
*If we hold something in front of her she can grab it with both hands.
*She can hang onto a toy long enough to play with it for a few minutes.
*Giggles! She loves to giggle and does it all the time.
*Sitting up in her bumbo. She loves to just sit up and see what is going on.
* She found her voice. She can lay on the floor and just squeal and do happy scream.

She loves grabbing onto things. She grabbed a hold of this blanket and put it in her mouth.

*Her big sister Carly. She smiles so big when Carly talks to her. It is so sweet.
*Being swaddled when she goes to sleep
*pacifier when going to sleep
*Her new turtle toy we bought her that has a rattle and the crunch paper in the feet.
*walks! She loves being outside and going on walks with Carly in their double stroller.
*talked to. She loves for someone to just sit and talk to her. This is when we get the most giggles and smiles out of her.
*stare at daddy. When Jeremy is falling asleep and I am still up with Emma sitting beside him in bed, she just loves to stare at him. It is so cute.
*bath time! Carly and Emma take baths together and it is so fun. Carly helps wash Emma and gives her toys to play with.
*Carly's shiny bracelet. Emma loves holding onto this bracelet and chewing on it. Carly freaked out the first time she saw Emma with this, but now she actually gives it to her because she knows she likes it.
*gnawing. She loves to gnaw on our fingers and arms. It gets super slobbery but she loves it.

I told Carly just to look at me. This is the face she gave me. She did not want to put Emma down.

Emma and her giraffe.

Her new turtle toy that she loves!

:) Carly sharing her bracelet with Emma.

Emma just loving that she can sit up in this bumbo and chew on this bracelet.

I love watching these two interact even at such young ages. I am so grateful for the sister/sibling bond they already have.

Carly wanted her picture taken too :) 

Her favorite place in the whole house. Watching for squirrels, birds, and bunnies out our big window.