Friday, July 31, 2015

Fun with her friend

We were able to watch Carly's friend, Etta, for a few days this week. Carly and Etta loved it! I just snapped a few pictures because these girls are such goofs!

This day I was mopping and sweeping in the rooms/bathrooms/kitchen. These girls wanted to help.
It was raining outside. Carly grabbed a cup and ran out to play. She loves the rain and for some reason thinks she needs to catch it??! haha.

How I spent my summer mornings this week :) Emma on the blanket or in her jumperoo watching Etta and Carly run around.

Etta needed a tissue. Carly went into her room to get her stool and was just tall enough to get some. haha

Costco, trains, spinach

Emma can sit up now! It is so nice that we can put her sitting up with a bunch of toys around and she can be happy by playing.

I just love watching these two interact. I could sit and watch this all day long.

Carly is such a goof. She layed on the toy bin pulling out toys for her and Emma. 

Spinach! This girl doesn't always like to eat what we fix her. But today she loved the spinach and artichoke dip that we made. Yum!
(Not even joking, right after I took this picture, she spit out everything she had in her mouth. Ugh)

Carly's stink eye. 
Emma is big enough that she can sit in the cart!!! Yay for not having to carry in the car seat anymore just so I can take her out and tote her around the store!
I text this picture to Jeremy letting him know that we made it to Costco. haha. His response 'that's my sucker!' I do whatever it takes to make these babies happy while in the store. Even if it's eating dad's sucker that has been in the car for two weeks!

I love going to Costco without Jeremy. I get things that I wouldn't normally buy with him. (Like the three pack of little kid water bottles!!!) And we don't have a fight whether or not we are going to get a hotdog with pepsi.

As soon as we walked into Costco, Carly knew exactly where we were. She smiled and said 'ice cream???!' haha. That's my girl. I told her if she was good that we could get some. She was AMAZING. Even though it was her nap time. :)

We met some new friends that have trains in their back yard! Carly spent an hour following the train around and around.

Carly walking down the path.
Why does she have to be so big??!! She walked up and down these steps no problem. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

J & K update

I feel like I'm always updating on the girls. I just don't want to forget anything and have it documented somewhere that we can look back on.

Jeremy has been doing great! (Well at least I think he is doing great). He is loving his job. He works from 5:30a.m.-2:00p.m. Monday through Friday. He has always loved getting up early so this is perfect. He loves that he has so much time after work to spend with the girls before they go to bed at 7.

We have loved playing outside with chalk, bubbles, our swing set, going to parks, watching him mow our yard and the neighbor's yard, going on walks, playing card games.

I have been loving being a stay at home mom. It has its perks. Like for instance, some days I don't feel like going anywhere. So we don't. Some days I just need out of the house, so we go somewhere. Some days I just want to watch every move the girls make because these are the days that we don't have to worry about school or sports or being anywhere. These days are precious and won't last forever.
Jeremy and I are trying to eat more healthy, so finding new recipes has been fun. Some are total fails and some are keepers.

I LOVE my house. I am just trying to make plans for projects. I want to do something with our little half bath that is off of the master bedroom. It isn't updated and needs a little help. I think it has the original flooring and mirror. Both I would love to replace. It doesn't have any shelves or anywhere to put things so I can get ready in the morning.

 I also want to do the girls' room. Eventually we are moving them into the same room and so it will be pink for Carly and purple for Emma. Now that we own a house I can paint the walls! I'm thinking an accent wall or stripes?! Just thinking though. It's exciting that I can think about painting.

My days are exhausting. By the time I get up (anywhere between 6:00-7:30), feed everyone, exercise, shower, dress everyone, laundry and dishes, clean up the messes, do dinner, make our bed right before Jer gets home, I just want to chill. Then when Jer gets home he usually wants to do something.

We have been going grocery shopping once a week when he gets home and that's nice. It's nice so I don't have to do it alone with both girls. It's nice so I don't spend nearly as much when I have Jeremy. It takes off some pressure when Carly throws a fit or Emma gets hungry. Because I don't look like a young mom that can't control her kids!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Indianapolis Temple Open House

We were able to stop at the Indianapolis Temple Open House on the way home from Ohio. 

We watched a short video about Temples and then were be able to have a tour of the Temple! They do this after the Temple is completed and before it is dedicated. 

Oh my goodness, this Temple is GORGEOUS. The woodwork was just beautiful. They had some new pictures of Christ that I have never seen before. The baptistry was my favorite part. It was neat to be able to go through with Carly, Emma, and Jeremy. :) 

Oma with four of her grand daughters.
Carly, Olivia, Emma, and Katelyn

Uncle Ammon and Oma with us.

Oma, Ammon, and I. He is my youngest brother and much taller than me.
I think I am officially the smallest Keller. 

I love my cute little family.  I love this picture. I love that it was bright outside and that Carly hates the sun in the her eyes. I love that we were able to go on a tour of the Temple together. I love that the girls match. 

I love my girls.

Weekend in Ohio

We were able to take a long weekend trip to Ohio. It was great to see my parents (and Ammon and Dana) and spend some time with them.

On our way to Ohio!!! We made delicious deli sandwiches so we didn't have to eat fast food on the way. The girls did awesome in the car!! I sat between them in the back seat of the car. This seemed to make them both very happy. 

We went to the best zoo ever! The Columbus Zoo.
We were able to spend some time with Anton, Breanna, Olivia, and Katelyn. (They just moved to Ohio a few months ago and so Carly misses seeing her cousins.)
Olivia was wearing this harness and Carly loved being able to hold it and walk around. They giggled the whole time. 

I love this picture of the four girls. Carly trying to pull Olivia, Olivia and Katelyn pulling on Emma's hat. haha

Daddy and Carly :) We were only able to see a few exhibits because we were pretty tired from traveling the whole day before. It was great to see the new Africa exhibit. 

Carly was a huge fan of Aunt Dana's kittens. 

Carly hopped off and ran before I could get a picture. Jeremy took Carly on a four wheeler ride. She was hesitant at first but loved it!

Carly 'helping' Uncle Ammon put together the new shed. She loved picking apart the styrofoam.
We spent some time on that trampoline, in the swimming pool, and in the sand as well!

She loved hanging from the jungle gym. 

Kelsie knocked over her bowl of food, Carly put it all back in her dish. :)

We were able to go swimming with cousins in their pool. Emma loved sitting on the step and splashing. Carly loved trying out the life jacket. She was a little nervous about the water. But is getting more and more brave.

In Oma and Poppa's pool she eventually got brave enough to jump off the deck to Jeremy!

I love matching the girls. I found these cute shirts 'Awesome like mom' 

I love taking pictures of the girls with Oma and Poppa. Just to see how big or small they were when we last saw them.

I love my dad and mom. I never knew how much they sacrificed and did for me until I became a mom. 

Daddy and his girls.

This girls loves playing outside. 

On our way home. One minute she was talking and the next I look and see this...

Love my sleeping babies in the car. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bubbles, Parks and Sunshine

I had an embarrassing mommy moment. Carly on a daily basis will 'nurse' her stuffed animal Jack. We had the missionaries over for dinner Friday. They were sharing a spiritual message with us. Carly grabbed Jack, sat on her rocker, and began to 'nurse' Jack right in front of them. BAHAHA. All of us busted out laughing. I was crying I was laughing so hard. One elder asked what I teach my child. I thought 'well what does she see me do every hour with Emma??!'  Oh dear.

Bad mommy moment. We walk all the way to the park. Only to find that it was hot enough for kids to be playing at the splash pad. All Carly could say was 'water' and point to the splash pad. I did not bring her swim suit only thinking it was too cold to play in water.
Note to self: it is never to cold for toddlers to play in water.
Carly walked all the way home from the park! haha. Easiest way to get her home. Usually she screams at me because she doesn't want to leave. She was the one that grabbed the stroller and started pushing it home. haha.

This girl and her bubbles. 

We taught her how to run with the bubbles. She loves it!

Best $2 we have spent in a while for Carly. This red bucket that she fills up with water and dumps it. It is constant entertainment for her.  

We took her to the pool last week. We found out that she is totally fine with splash pads. She loves being able to walk around and fill things up with water.

I love after a long day when both girls smell like outside, sunscreen, and bug spray. I tell Jeremy it makes me feel like a 'good mom' when they smell like 'outside'. Some days I get so caught up in my 'to do' list and forget that the girls need to play and be outside!

I love love love being a mom to these girls. How I do things most days, holding one or both of them. They are both mommy's girls when they get up from their naps. :)   :) 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy 6 months Emma!

This little girl is such a bundle of joy. We have loved watching her grow and experience new things.

Emma loves: 
-chewing on anything she can get into her mouth
-sleeping at night
-army crawling 
-her swing on the swing set
-to smile
-eating rice cereal (we have been feeding her off and on for about a month now. She loves it. We have been better about it this past week because she is 6 months!)
-getting into anything Carly is playing with
-walks in the double stroller
-being outside
-being tickled, she is super ticklish!
-bath time with her big sister. Emma lays down and kicks water all over Carly. It is so fun.
-sleeping in the car (We went to Field of Dreams and she slept all the way there and all the way home even with a movie playing in the van). 
-paper, anything that will crinkle and make that noise. She goes after whatever paper she can find and puts it in her mouth.

Emma doesn't care for: 
-church (we trade off who takes her out in the hall, Jeremy has been great about taking care of her during church)
-being left alone
-long naps (she still naps about 30 minutes and then is up, I will take it! At least she sleeps really well at night).
-other people (we have handed her off to other people to hold her, she isn't a fan. She just starts screaming. She loves Carly, Jeremy, and I).

New experiences for Emma:
-falling down the stairs :( I went to change my shirt one last time before heading out the door to church. bad mommy moment. She was fine. Just a little bruise on her head. :( We always have the baby gate up now so that won't happen again.
-army crawling. It is so fun to see her move around on the floor and get to things that she wants. It makes for a happy baby when she can get to things!
-4th of July! This was her first fourth of July. We spent it with the Keller's. They came to visit. 
-Emma sleeps in her own room in her own crib. 

-Emma has blue eyes, blonde hair, and a dark patch of hair on the back of her head that is slowly going away. 
-She still has a little bit of pink on her right eye, but it looks so much better! It quit having so much dry skin and flaking all the time.
-She wears 3-6 months and 6 months clothes. I am slowly putting those away and getting out the 6-9 months clothes. 
-She is in size 3 diapers. 

My favorite picture I took today. They are both smiling and looking at me! Oh how I love watching these two interact. It melts my heart when they laugh and talk to each other.