Saturday, September 26, 2015

My Birthday :)

My birthday is September 17th. I remind Jeremy every 17th of the month how many more months it is until my birthday :) I just love birthdays!!! haha. 

Jeremy stayed home for my birthday! It was so nice. I slept in. Say what??! Best present ever. Because I haven't been sleeping through the night because my baby just loves to see me at three in the morning :) (I love you Emma) so being able to sleep in was SO nice. 
He decorated with pink and purple streamers. This was the first birthday in our new house and so he was able to decorate a ton! 

When I woke up, he asked me what I wanted for breakfast. He and Carly headed to Dunkin Donuts and got a cream filled and maple bar for me :) 

I love my girls. Jeremy also got me new toothbrush tops! We have been needing these for a couple of years and so he finally bought them! I also got some Old Navy jeans :) I wear them almost every day. Oh and Carly picked out some flowers for me that are actually still alive and on our counter! In my card from Carly and Emma it said that I could go and pick out a movie that I have been talking about hint hint: Cinderella.
We bought it at Target just this past week and we watched it! Carly even sat through it and loved it. I have always loved the story of Cinderella and they did such a great job on the new movie. 

My parents sent me pizza for lunch! haha. At 11:00a.m. someone knocks on our door. I answer it and I was so confused! haha It was the pizza delivery guy. While Jeremy was tipping him he read the receipt to me, 'what?! Glen Keller?!'  I ate pizza for three days. :)

We were able to go to dinner, just Jeremy and I. Our friends the Hoban's watched the girls for us. We went to Red Robin. In the month of your birthday you can get a free burger. So we only had to pay for one burger and it was delicious. Oh and I got a Coke with my hamburger. That was a treat. We never pay for drinks, but since it was my birthday :)

Baby Shower

I was able to host a baby shower for my friend, Vicki. I loved being able to plan the game, food, party favor, invites, and decorations. 

We played baby jeopardy. 
Newborn Trivia, Baby Gear, Nursery Rhymes, and Baby 101 (were actually questions about mommy-to-be). 

I loved finding gold, coral, and peach things for the party. The little details were so fun!

These were the only decorations I had, but I spent a lot of time painting them and Vicki got to keep them for the baby's room. :) 
Oh and I made this diaper wreath because it was kind of a diaper shower. 

The invites! Ah! They turned out just how I wanted them to. I bought a pad of Baby Girl scrapbook paper and printed out the words for the invite. Then I traced the diaper outline and cut them each out. It took a while. But they turned out so darn cute.

Game: We played Baby Jeopardy. I found the game online and printed it. I just had to find and put together the questions and answers.
Food: We served a vegetable tray and fruit tray. Chocolate chip cookies. Gold wrapped candy. Peach and coral skittles (I picked out the colors I didn't want) and chicken salad on croissants.
Punch: It was delicious. I had never made punch but who can go wrong with juice, sprite, and pineapple juice??!
Guest: There were so many people that came. I had 25 people here at one time in my house! Our house is so open and perfect for lots of people. (Makes me love my house even more. I was kind of nervous too because this was the first time that most people would have seen our house.)

Party favors: I had the saying "Thank you for touching Vicki's life by attending her shower, Now you can touch her baby". In a little cute bag with hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works. I kept going back to the store to get more because more and more people were coming! :)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Party and sleeping

Jeremy's work had a barbecue/carnival. 
They had food, games, face painting, snow cones, popcorn, cotton candy.
It was a huge hit! Carly loved the bounce house/ obstacle coarse. 

She was in love! She would go through the obstacle coarse and then run back and get in line to do it again.

I just love this girl. She is so much fun. She lets me braid her hair all cute and I love it!

I love how chill our mornings can be.

The other day I helped Carly up on this stool and told her I was going to put Emma down for a nap. While I was nursing Emma, I heard Carly yell for me. I told her to wait just a minute. bahahaha. This is how I found her when I came out from putting Emma down. Carly doesn't fall asleep anywhere but her own bed and sometimes her car seat. I laughed so hard when I saw her like this. I quickly snapped a few pictures and took her to bed.
We were trying to keep her up because we were going to be out late and wanted her to take a later nap.
We love our walks. Nice fresh air and usually a nap for Emma.

Two little girls who are very worn out!

Carly laying on her belly. She is showing me her dirty hand and yelling at me for taking a picture of her. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Park early in the morning

With us having a rough couple of days, I wanted to get out of the house before all of the whining and tantrums started. We beat the heat and the crying! It was actually kind of chilly when we got there.

I sent Jeremy a picture at 7:30. He could not believe how early it was for us to be out already. 
(It did help that Carly has been waking up at 6:00a.m. ready to go!) 

She was so excited being able to sit and watch Carly run all over the park.

Carly's heaven. Ladders, and slides, and swings!
Carly is always wanting to push Emma. And Emma LOVES Carly pushing her. 

Emma's tongue. haha. She does that when she is so excited.

We walked around the park and found some geese. Thank goodness for Emma's crying the whole walk! It drove us crazy and made the geese go away. haha
Carly loved the idea of Emma playing with her at the park. We went down slides too!

By the way, it totally worked! Getting to the park and letting them play made for a much better day. The only horrible tantrum we had was when we were leaving the park. It's always a huge fight getting from the playground to the car. Ugh.

Remember the other night...

when I sat in my car in walmart parking lot, opened up a gallon of milk that I just bought,  and enjoyed a donut in silence. 

Actually I did have the radio on. I usually don't have the radio on in the car because Carly is always trying to tell me something and Emma is trying to fall asleep. So yes, I had the radio on and enjoyed this donut by myself.

It has been a rough few days. With trying to potty train Carly and Emma teething, there has been lots of screaming, and crying, and tantrums. I needed a minute to myself. In silence. Without any whiners or babies demanding things from me. 

When I got home, Jeremy was so confused why there were two gallons of milk now open in our fridge. I then had to explain that I opened one to enjoy it with my donut. He just laughed and helped me put groceries away. :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Emma is 8 months on the 8th

Emma is 8 months old today. I always say this, but I can't believe how fast that has gone!

I love her chunky legs. And that smile!!!

Emma loves to babble and does happy screams. She loves to say 'baba' and she can also say 'mama' :) Not that she knows what it means, but it makes me happy!

This adorable girl loves to eat. She has done well with all the baby food we have given her:
green beans, squash, carrots, peas, banana, applesauce, strawberry banana, pear.
She really likes to eat whatever we eat: bread, eggs, pancakes, banana.
Carly loves to snack on Emma's snacks: cheerios, yogurt bites, puffs, veggie straws. 

Emma can drink from our water bottles! She loves sucking from the big straw. She does a really good job. She still chokes sometimes because she gets too much water in her mouth and doesn't swallow, but she is getting better.

Our crawling baby. She just started officially crawling last week! Look how happy she is!

Yeah no big deal, just standing here all by myself??!
 Emma can now pull herself up to stand. She loves doing this.

No filter on this picture. Her eyes are really this blue! And if you look close enough, you can see her two teeth on the bottom poking through! Yikes!
Emma has been teething this past weekend. Poor girl. She has a runny nose, she is very tired, nursing more, wakes up and has a 'hurt cry' likes she's in pain, gnaws on her thumb. 

Don't worry that scratch on her face is from my fingernail :( bad mommy moment. I went to swipe away something she was putting in her mouth, and scratched her face :( 

Her hair is blonde! and we love it. 

Emma loves: Carly, playing with toys, getting tickled (we have so many videos of her squealing because she is being tickled), being outside, eating grass and leaves, paper. Emma loves real people things like remotes, pens, shoes, cords. She loves when daddy comes home from work. 

Emma doesn't enjoy: getting dressed, getting her diaper changed (she is so wiggly!), being put down after being held for a while.
Emma is precious. Just so precious.

Sleep. What's that?! Actually it's really not that bad. She's just not a great napper and she doesn't sleep through the night. But oh well. She's only little once and I get to spend lots of time with my baby. We even try and wear her out during the day by going to parks and walks and shopping.

The first picture I took today, this is the face she made at me. It looks like 'really mom?! We do this every month'. 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Pizza picnic and parks

We are ready for some football! 

Sleepy baby at the park.

Carly was so excited we came to the big park. She climbed all the way up to go down the big slide twice! All by herself.

I love my blue eyed baby.
Just eating some snacks to try and keep her happy.

snack time!

She is into climbing up everything!

I might have shared some milk chocolate chips with her. She is a huge fan too!

Next best thing to eating dinner at the park, eating it in your front yard!

Daddy showed her how to hold the pizza.

Emma enjoying our crust!

swinging sisters

Carly loves this book "My No, No, No, Day!" 

Emma has never smelled so good. Carly shampooed her head for five minutes! She smelled like Baby Magic baby wash the rest of the day. So we let her scrub Emma's head every time now.

The first and last picture I took while we were feeding the ducks. It was kind of a dramatic experience. HAHAHA Thank goodness we got it all on video.

Carly loves pushing Emma. And Emma loves it when Carly pushes her. 

Carly loves to hang like Emma does in her swing. 

Emma wasn't too sure about this. 

Popsicles for these girls on a hot summer day.

And maybe some licorice as well. :) 

Perfect swing set for two perfect girls.

Pure happiness in this face. We found this puffy paint and she asks every day to play with it. Somehow she got some all over her belly, that orange has yet to come off! oops.

These two love watching shows together too. I love these two.