Thursday, October 8, 2015

Emma is 9 months!

Our sweet Emma is 9 months old today. 

In the morning when Emma wakes up, this is how I find her. Standing and waiting for me to get her.

For breakfast lately we have been making this for Emma. Baby oatmeal with cinnamon applesauce warmed up. She loves it and eats the whole bowl.

She eats best when Carly isn't in the room or when she is standing right next to me. Emma LOVES watching Carly or following her where ever she goes.

Emma loves: Carly, daddy, mommy, eating, being outside, chewing on a brush, leaves, walks in the wagon, paper, baths, being held, playing with Carly and the toy kitchen.

Emma does NOT like: being left when we go into another room, her car seat, getting toys taken away from her, getting dressed (she is super wiggly).

Emma can now eat almost anything we give her. It is so nice that she doesn't choke! (Except a piece of Dorito I gave her yesterday :( She gums food really well so she can swallow it. She has recently tried and loves rice, spaghetti, fettuccine alfredo, salmon, green bean casserole.

New things with Emma: she has three teeth! You can see two of them in the picture below.

She can also walk with her walker! She goes slow and doesn't have any balance, but she can do it!

The only baby food that we buy for her are her vegetables. Just because raw vegetables that we eat are too hard for her and we want to make sure she is getting her veggies.

Her favorite snacks: yogurt, string cheese, cheerios, blueberries, bananas, grapes, watermelon, veggies straws,

I always think that I put these Halloween window decorations up high enough. She reaches so high!!

Emma has been doing so well with her sippy cup! She just drinks water out of it. She loves when Carly leaves her empty sippy cup on the ground, she will crawl over and suck on it.

Sleeping for Emma has been getting better. She sleeps from 7p.m. to 1:00a.m. and then wakes up again at 6a.m. Sometimes she will go back to sleep at 6:00a.m. but sometimes she is up for the day! But will take a nap about 8:00, 10:30, 1:00, and then again at 4:30. Her naps are only about 30 minutes. But when she wakes up she is happy and ready to play!

The only way I get a shower, putting her in this jumperoo. It has been a lifesaver! 

I love my three teeth, smiley, grass eating, slobbery, nine month old baby!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Nauvoo Temple

While Nana and Grandpa Jim were here to visit we went to Nauvoo for a day. 

We were able to go to the Nauvoo Temple and the wagon ride around Old Nauvoo.

While Nana and Grandpa Jim were in the Temple, we walked around the Temple grounds and took pictures.
I love seeing my girls together especially on the steps of the Temple.

Carly giggling. 

Emma touching the Temple with Daddy.

Carly wanted to touch the Temple too.

I was just trying to get a picture with my girls.
Of course, Carly just hit her head on the railing. :(

I love family pictures.
I especially love family pictures on the steps of the Temple.

Monday, October 5, 2015

nana and jim

Jeremy's parents were able to come and visit for a few days. 

We went to our favorite parks, 
ate out at two new restaurants 
(Mahoneys for their broasted chicken, and Zoey's for their pizza), 
went to Nauvoo, and watched General Conference.

First park we took them to. Carly loves hanging like this in her swing.

Nana, Carly, and Emma on our neighbor's swing.

The second park we took them to. I almost had a picture of all four of them looking. Carly wanted to go play.

I switched Carly around so she could watched Nana and Grandpa Jim go on their walk. 

Our little ray of sunshine.

Daddy playing with Emma through the window.

Jeremy beat Jim in horse shoes :)
Carly can't quite say 'Grandpa Jim' she always just calls him 'Jim'. haha 
On a walk. Both Carly and Emma ended up walking or being held :)
They were done with the stroller.

Daddy did a good job making the babies smile. 

Grandpa Jim and Nana with Emma and Carly.



Emma loves to stand so she can reach things. This is getting her into trouble already!
Carly never played with this mirror or tried to rip off the flowers. Emma loves playing with this. :)

Every kid that comes to the house LOVES the temple that sits on our shelf. 
Turns our Emma love sit too! This is her newest obsession is playing with the temple. AHHH


Pumpkin and cheerios

We bought a little pumpkin for Carly to paint. She LOVES painting it. Like every day she will ask, I paint pumpkin please??! 

I promise I had this spot vacuumed two seconds ago. 
Carly loves playing with bowls, measuring cups, spoons and cheerios. She can play for hours with this and asks Emma to play with her. Emma will sit and eat the cheerios and watch Carly play.

red wagon

We totally scored at a garage sale with this red wagon! 

Our new ride for walks these days.

Carly loves pulling Emma.

And Emma loves watching Carly. 

Carly runs to the front to be by Jeremy, I help I help!

cool cart and cool weather

Emma and Carly were so happy to sit by each other and 'drive' in the store with this cool cart!

The things I do for the primary kids :) We had our primary program September 20th and had our practice the day before. We all came in our pajamas and ate cold cereal. I love serving in the primary.
I almost didn't add this picture because I am in picture overload right now. But I couldn't help it! She is so darn cute.
We are having some cooler weather! We are loving it and all of the walks we get to enjoy with a light jacket.

park with daddy

Silly girl climbing all the way to the top to go down the big slide.

This makes my heart happy. Kisses and smiles :) :) :)

cousins visit!

We were able to have some visitors!! Our favorite kind of visitors. Cousins!! Since they have moved to Ohio, we don't get to see them every month :( 

It is so fun to see these girls play and giggle and scream! 

Carly, Olivia, Katelyn, and Emma