Saturday, November 28, 2015

visitors for Thanksgiving!

For Thanksgiving this year Jeremy's sister, Jamie, and her husband and baby came. Anthon is two months older than Emma.

We took tons of videos of them playing together. It was so fun watching them interact and play.

Anthon, Emma, and Carly

All of us finally got a picture the morning before they headed home.

This is a great candid. haha. Anthon just tackled Emma to the floor and now Carly is trying to steal Anthon's beach ball. 

Another tackle. Poor Emma.

It was fun having them. Carly had to much fun playing with Anthon and we had fun getting to know him. They were here 6 days! 

Christmas a little early for some...

My mom sent this huge garbage bag and Carly and Emma were playing with the bag until there was a hole in it. Then they went crazy because they could see something soft in it. I just tore it open! This was the first thing Emma did, laid right on it.

Jeremy got a new tv for Christmas!

And a sound bar!!!

we got snow!!!

She was so careful walking. It was too cute. She wouldn't run to dad.

Helping dad shovel. 

Before going to the store...

I wanted to take come pictures of my girls before I took them out shopping. I feel like I don't snap pictures when they always match and I want to remember what outfits I have matching.

She looks so big!!!

I love that they are holding hands in this.

I love their relationship. They are so fun!

Another matching outfit. Thank you Old Navy! I'm obsessed with their clothes.

Leaves, leaves, leaves!

We had three huge piles like this just from our back yard.

She loves the rake!

How we got yard work done. Both girls were in strollers eating snacks :) 

She loves getting in the trash can to jump on the leaves.

Our pile of leaves we made while daddy was at work! It's a total process to pick up leaves. Leaf blower, rake a little, and mow. But our yard looked so nice!

Oh Christmas Tree

I wanted to focus on decorating our front porch rather than putting up Christmas lights right away. 
I looked up on Pinterest how I could make my own garland trees! 

I reconstructed four different tomato cages to make these two trees. 
Adding my garland.
I had to go get more supplies! 
AAAHHHH. I love how they turned out. They are adorable. 

Crafting and fall

If there is such a thing as a 'green thumb' for crafting. I got it! I went on this crazy couple of days just crafting away. 

our wreath for our front door
hair bows for the girls. Don't worry, Carly doesn't like wearing them. She only asks for purple bows!
Our Pumpkin Patch :)
This turned out way better than I thought. Have you ever tried to do a baby's hand print?! It's hard. They are so wiggly and you don't want paint everywhere. 
A must have for fall/football season. 
She loves playing in leaves!
I love this puzzled look. We just love her. 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Happy 10 months Emma!

This cutie is 10 months old! I feel like I just posted her monthly picture from 9 months.
 Wow!  10 months!!
Emma can stand with support. 
She can walk with a walker by herself.
She crawls like crazy!
When the stairs are open she beelines it and crawls so fast! 

Emma has four teeth! She knows how to use them too! 
She can bite down on animal crackers to take a bite out of it. 

Yes, those are tears in her eyes. She was crying until I pulled out the camera. She smiled right away!! haha.

You can see her four teeth! ^^^

She loves to eat: raspberries, strawberries, bananas, yogurt, string cheese, animal crackers, cheese its, rice, banana and peanut butter shakes, carrots. 

Carly was helping me make Emma happy by tickling her with her foot. haha. Emma loved it.

Emma and her giraffe. I do have the 10 month sticker, but her leg is covering it! :) 
Sleep is becoming our friend! Yayy!!! We let her cry it out for three nights and finally it worked! She sleeps through the night. 

Carly and Emma matching. :) I love them matching.
These dresses are from Kellie's wedding. I love love love these dresses. I am squeezing in as many times as I can. 

I love her laughing face. It makes my heart happy.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Ohio Trip

I was able to take the girls on a trip to Ohio! 

There were many reasons why I wanted to take this trip but, I still have two siblings in high school. I made it to two volleyball games for Dana and one football game for Ammon! I was grateful I was able to see them both play. 

Zoo. Weldons Ice Cream. Trampoline. Rocks. 
Oma took us to the Columbus Zoo! We got to see two of the baby cubs.

Carly loves the monkeys.

The giraffe was super close because he was eating!

They had the zoo decorated for Halloween.
Thanks Oma for taking us! 

For Family Home Evening we went to Weldon's Ice cream! It is so fun sitting on the bench and picking out what you want!

Emma had a very long day, yawn!!!

Poppa and Carly.

Aunt Dana, Carly eating her delicious strawberry ice cream, Oma, and Emma.

As soon as I sat down with mine, Carly said 'trade?!'
Instead of stealing something from Emma, I have taught her to trade. Haha. I ate her strawberry ice cream while she enjoyed my hot fudge sundae! hahaha.

Emma enjoyed Carly's cone. :)

Pure happiness. Jumping on this trampoline.

I love this picture.
Emma is sticking rocks in her mouth with one hand, and trying to grab the cat with the other. While Carly is holding onto Emma's jacket so she can't get to the cat! haha. Silly girls. and dumb cat for coming around and getting her tail pulled more than once.

We made it to Pigeon Roost Farm! It was so fun. It was perfect for Carly, activities and tons of slides. She is a huge fan of slides and kept going down. Thanks Oma and Poppa for taking us!

Carly played in the corn!

And went down so many slides!
The Fairfield County Fair was the weekend we were there! We went and watched the band show (Millersport perform, Aunt Dana and Uncle Ammon) and then we walked around and saw some animals.
Oma and Poppa with four of their grand daughters. Carly, Katelyn, Emma, and Olivia.

Is Carly going to be a band geek just like the rest of us Keller's??!!
The hat looks pretty cute.

 Poor Aunt Dana. Carly loves being upside down and she kept asking 'again?!'

Carly driving!

Poppa was carrying Carly on his shoulders at the county fair, and she took his head and turned it so he could see the pony ride! haha He couldn't resist.

Carly watching the combine with Oma and Poppa. #farmlife 

We got to spend some much needed cousin time! (By the way, we only have girls on the Keller's side haha)