Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas in Colorado

Jeremy took a week off of work and we drove to Colorado to spend Christmas with Nana, Grandpa, and Talon. 

Highlights of our trip: Shasta, Butterfly pavilion, playing games, A Christmas Story Musical, Las Tortugas, toffee & fudge, the park. 

My three babes sleeping while I (cough cough) am driving. 

One of Carly's Christmas presents was the Endless Alphabet App for the ipad.  Best idea ever! She didn't even watch a show until the last 20 minutes of our 12 hour drive.

Books with Nana

Carly and Shasta played hide and go seek a lot. It was too cute. Carly would hide and Shasta would go find her. Nana would hide Shasta and Carly would find her. 

At the Butterfly Pavilion. Carly loved walking up the stairs and having us point to what
was in the glass.

We held Rosie the Spider!

Carly looking at the star fish. She decided not to touch it as soon as Jeremy picked her up.

Jeremy touched a butterfly. After that Carly told us to touch every butterfly we could see. 

Nana and Emma watching butterflies.

Nana and Carly watching all the pretty butterflies.

Emma even started picking up the ball and throwing it for Shasta.

Emma enjoying some snow.

Carly loves loves loves Shasta. Where ever Shasta was Carly wanted to be with her. She loves throwing the ball in the air so Shasta could catch it.

Emma LOVES stairs. Any time she got the chance, she was crawling as fast as she could to the stairs to go up!

Carly offering Talon some of the chocolate from the spoon.

Nana helping Carly wash off her hands.

We took the girls to the park where Jeremy and I had our wedding reception. We try and visit this park every time we go and get a picture. This year it was freezing, windy, and super icy.

Jim and Heidi surprised us with tickets to go see A Christmas Story The Musical!
It was so good. They had songs about everything that happened. A song about the boy getting his tongue stuck on the pole, a song about his red ryder bb gun, a song when he visits Santa. It was super funny. We liked it a lot.

Me and my handsome date :)

How we watch shoes at Grandpa and Nana's house.

Carly and Emma with Tasia.

AAHhh I haven't seen this girl in three years. (We were college roommates). We finally got to meet up in Colorado and visit for a bit at Cafe Rio. It was so fun. She got to meet Carly and Emma. 

Our matching pajamas! I was so excited for us to wear these Christmas morning!!!

Merry Christmas!
Our presents from Jim & Heidi. Jeremy got ties, t shirts, and a picture of Lion King, and Coco motion. I got some shirts and a balloon making book with balloons (Jeremy hates balloons).  

The girls with their presents from Nana & Grandpa, Tucker & Sawyer, Kellie & Brad. 

Nana & Grandpa got them books, clothes, bear, Leap Frog barn for the fridge, fairy wings, framed Jesus picture.
Tucker & Sawyer got Emma a pink & teal outfit and got Carly some Fancy Nancy books.
Kellie & Brad got them adorable matching black and gold outfits.
Not pictured: clothes from Lin & Cathy for both Carly and Emma.

Talon in shorts and Carly all bundled up on Christmas day playing with Shasta.

Emma loved when Shasta would lick her feet. She giggled.

Emma playing tug-o-war with Shasta.

Jeremy and I went to Las Tortugas and ordered a Huerfanita Torta with jalepeno and chipotle with some horchata to drink. It was SOOO good.

We travel in style. Carly would yell "bright!" and we would put her sunglasses on. 

Emma loved playing with the lunchable container. Thanks Grandpa for the lunchables!
They were a huge hit.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Emma is 11 months old!!

Emma is such a happy baby. She wakes up happy. She is happy when we are out and about shopping. She is happy when we are home playing. She is just happy! We are so blessed.

 Emma has 4 teeth. Two on the top and two on the bottom. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Emma loves to walk with her walker, the rocking chair, the stroller. Anything she can hang on to and push she can walk with. She will walk when we hold onto one or both of her hands. She isn't close to walking by herself. But that's okay. I'm not quite ready for two walking babies to keep up with. 

She can pull herself up to standing position. She is getting much taller because she is now able to reach on top of the table! Carly was painting yesterday and Emma went to grab the tray Carly was using! aahhh!!! 

She can stand on her own for a few seconds. She usually does this when she holds onto us and we let go. She just sits on her bum and sometimes will let us do it again and she'll stand for a few more seconds. 

Emma is very social. She now waves and says hi to people. It's really cute. But if I were to hand her off to anyone, she becomes unsocial very quickly. There is a lady at church that loves to hold Emma. Emma does fine as long as she doesn't see her face. haha. Then she starts screaming when she figures out it isn't dad or mom. 

Emma loves to snuggle. The first thing Jeremy does when he gets home is lay down on the floor and Emma will come and rest her head on his chest. Cutest thing ever. 

Anytime there is a pillow or blanket or big stuffed animal she will crawl over and lay her head down on it. 

 New things she does that I love: When she wants to be picked up she will crawl towards me a bit, get up on one knee and reach up with her little hands.

When she is done nursing before going to bed, she will rest her head on my shoulder and go to sleep :) I love this. Sometimes I just sit there for as long as I can. She will raise her head to look at me with a half sleepy smile and lay her head back down. Precious moment.

She can shake her head. We found out this is her way of dancing too. Anytime she hears music she will shake her head. haha.

She can clap. The other day we listened to some Christmas music and we started clapping. She clapped right along with us. :)

She loves peek a boo. She will pull a blanket over her head and pull it down while smiling. Carly will say peek a boo! and then she'll do it again.

When Carly is sent to her room for time out. Emma will crawl to her door and bang on it. haha. We laugh but Carly yells 'No Emma!'

Emma loves to put things in her mouth. Every night I empty my pockets with things that I have taken out of her mouth throughout the day.

She loves to brush her hair. I brush her hair and she has a huge smile on her face then I give her the brush and she'll do it.

She loves to eat bananas, toast, peanut butter and jelly, rice cereal with apple cider, pasta, pears, mandarin oranges, peeled apples. 

I don't know if she really loves books or if she just likes taking them off the shelf. Either way, when we are in Carly's room that is her favorite thing to do. 

When she's in the kitchen she loves to pull the laminated pictures off the fridge, open the drawer where her spoons are and dump the container of them, and open the cupboard where the cereal containers are and pull them all out. Yesterday she crawled all the way in the cupboard. haha. 

She does this crazy trust exercise with Jeremy and I. When we sit behind her on the floor. She will fall straight back on us from sitting position. And we push her up to sit again. And she'll just fall straight back. haha. 

Her favorite toys: Anything Carly is playing with, cars, ball, stroller, play food. 

Carly wanted a picture too :) Cheese!

When Emma gets excited this is the face she does.

We are so blessed to have Emma in our family. She is so happy. She is so sweet. She is so perfect. We love you Emma Jean!

Monday, December 7, 2015


Because it's December already, there are a few things that we did to get ready for the Holiday Season.

We put up our Christmas tree!

The girls wore their red dresses to church for the first time.

We got them advent chocolate calendars. This is Emma's first year and so she is a huge fan of getting chocolate every night!

We went to the Go Daddy Christmas party!
 We got a babysitter and got dressed up. 

The Iowa vs. Michigan St. game was on.
They made sure to have a huge screen to show the game during the party. 

The Swon Brothers were our entertainment for the night.
We were kind of bummed. They came on at 8:30 right in the middle of the game! Oh well. We stood in a spot for a while so Jeremy could watch the game and I could watch them perform. haha. It was fun. Jeremy and I totally watched their season that they were on The Voice!

Then last night we watched
The First Presidency Christmas Devotional.
It's not Christmastime until I watch that. It's always my favorite devotional with music and testimonies of our Savior's birth.

Ahhh! I love the Christmas Season. I love the Christmas songs on the radio. I love all of the Christmas lights. I love shopping. I love buying things for the girls (we have been done shopping for the girls for a two months now :( I started way too early shopping for them). I love the smell of Christmas (speaking of, I need to pull out my new Bath & Body Works candle).