Tuesday, January 26, 2016

sleeping in??

The other day, while I was nursing Emma at five in the morning I got so angry at my parents! 

I laugh at this now while I write it down. But I got so angry because they never let me sleep in! 
I am a tired person. I always have been. Don't even think that they were 'just getting me ready for motherhood'. Because NOTHING can prepare you for motherhood. Not even reading books, talking to other moms, talking to your own mother. It's just not same for everyone. 

With that being said, I wouldn't trade the sleepless nights and waking up early for anything. 
I love love love these two girls.

After church on Sunday I snapped a few pictures. I was going to pick just one to put on here, but I wanted to show just how many pictures I actually take then I choose one. Now that Emma is WALKING it takes so much time to keep her from running away. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

to the handsome birthday boy

I wanted to write something to Jeremy for his birthday, I decided my blog would be a good place. 

Jeremy, there are no words to describe what you mean to me. 
You have taught me so much in just the last 6 years of knowing you. 

To name a few:
1. it's okay to be goofy
2. it's okay to be awkward
3. it's even better when you're both
4. crocs are the most comfortable shoes
5. cheap/free dates are the best
6. closing your eyes during prayer is optional
7. being kind always pays off
8. watching the 'prophet' on Sunday is fine
9. taking an hour of your day to focus on someone else is so simple
10. inviting people over for dinner is fun and doesn't have to be stressful
11. avocado toast is the bomb
12. nestle quik chocolate powder is way better than chocolate syrup
13. it's okay to fix spaghetti once a week for dinner
14. we can serve something other than pizza for Friday's dinner
15. Settlers of Catan is actually a fun game
16. keeping in touch with your siblings is better than facebook
17. calling someone to wish them a happy birthday means a whole lot
18. getting the cheapest flowers is the way to go
19. going with the flow is better than stressing out over little things
20. making goals for yourself isn't just a new years thing
21. loving you is the easy part

Jeremy and I at the Go Daddy Christmas party

Watching the Iowa vs. Michigan St. game at the Christmas party.

I love this picture. Matching pajamas. Smiling, happy babies. My sexy husband in his onesie pajamas!

I love you more even though:
you are so dang cheap
I throw your dirty socks down the laundry shoot more than once a week
you teach our daughter to fart on command
making me awkward is always on your to do list
you refuse to hang up your dang coat every.single.day.
you only will drive a cheap car
you don't fill up dirty dishes with hot water so they can soak
you snore
won't let me have more than one light on in the house
always switch the nice smelling soap as soon as our guest leave
always close the curtains as soon as you think the sun has gone down
waiting until you're out of deodorant to tell me you need more

Christmas lights!

First selfie with his selfie stick.

family picture with the selfie stick

Nauvoo Temple

unhappy babies and the Nauvoo Temple

Family picture on Jeremy's birthday.

Thank you for being my best friend, my shoulder to cry on, and the one I can always talk to. Thank you for being an honest, worthy priesthood holder and for always being a great example to me.
Thanks for doing this whole parenting thing with me and learning as we go. I want no other person beside me going through life, than you! I love you Jeremy Ryan Pitchforth.

Happy 28th Birthday Jeremy!

Happy Birthday Jeremy!! I hope you had a great day. We loved spoiling you and trying to make you feel special.

Jeremy slept in on his birthday, which was nice so we could get up and make him some french toast. We served it to him in bed. Carly thought it was so fun we were eating on our bed!

Birthday boy ate his breakfast and then went to work. When he got home we did presents. Dropped off the girls at our friend's house and Jeremy and I went to Red Robin for dinner. It did not disappoint.  We love a good hamburger, fries, and strawberry lemonade. :)

I cheated this year and bought cheese cake for Jeremy's birthday. 

He asked for his suits to be dry cleaned for his birthday. That's all he wanted. He's holding the receipt.

He got a little basketball kit from his parents. Carly is a huge fan. The basketballs are a perfect fit for Emma's mouth! ugh.

Carly picked out this foam sword for Jeremy. Good thing he can't always understand her because she totally told him what she bought him!
He couldn't understand that she was trying to say 'sword'. 
Emma 'running' from Carly who has the sword.

yogurt, climbing, messes

Just a few pictures I have taken in the past week: 

I swear this girl gets into anything she can get her hands on. She loves kind of paper or nicely placed items to spread all over the floor.

Carly loves the good yogurt. She knows we buy the greek yogurts for Jeremy and I. When Jeremy isn't home she pulls it out the fridge and brings it to me to eat. Silly girl. She knows I will cave and just give it to her.

I swear I read Carly one book and this is what I look up to. Emma pulled out clothes from a box that are too small, pulled out all the socks and tights from their containers, pulled out books, and climbed on these three chairs. AAHH. It took me a lot longer to put it away. 

Carly was feeling left out that I took a picture of Emma on the chairs. :) CHEESE.

dress up, french fries, best helper

Well here it is, another Sunday night and I can't get to sleep. Dang Sunday naps! 
Oh well, I can update my blog!

Carly is the best helper!! She loves helping me measure out the ingredients, stir, and eat when making chocolate chip cookies.

By the way, she is a huge fan of that purple giraffe dress from Oma and Poppa. She asks for it every day. "Pretty purple Emma giraffe?" Emma's animal is the giraffe. Whenever Carly sees a giraffe she calls it Emma's giraffe. 

Two of her favorite Christmas presents. Dress up clothes from Oma and Poppa. And this adorable stroller from Aunt Dana. I would say they both scored!! 

Every day for lunch Carly asks for french fries. One day last week when we were on our way home from the store, I asked what she wanted for lunch. Of course she shouted "french fries". We stopped at Wendy's and got their 4 for $4 deal. I was happy and so were the girls. 

I love having two little princesses in the house. I could not believe it. Emma kept this crown on for an hour! She didn't take it off!

Note to self: do not give baby named Emma a straw. She will hit you with it and make you bleed. Big ouch.

I love these two. I love seeing how much they love each other. I love seeing them experience new things. I love seeing them in the morning when we first wake up.
(This is how Carly's hair looks when we don't fix it. Now you know I'm crazy about fixing it every day.)

Enjoying a snack at their table.

I was cleaning the kitchen and Carly asked for a wipe. She went over to the table and started cleaning it! She is such a huge help!

 At the same time Carly was wiping down the table, Emma was busy screaming her head off because she kicked the chair out from under herself. bahaha. Don't worry I snapped a picture before helping her. Silly girl.

Family Home Evening: Bowling

For Family Home Evening a few weeks ago, we went bowling! 

It was so fun. Carly got her own little ball and shoes. By the way, little kid bowling shoes are the cutest! She loved carrying her own ball and putting it on the metal slide to push it down.

The two cutest bowlers I've ever seen!

Just a side note, because I don't want to ever forget this. I BEAT JEREMY IN BOWLING. He was getting so angry by the 4th frame that I was ahead. I beat him by one point 115 to 116!!! He said it doesn't count because I didn't take a picture of the screen.
But the score was mommy: 116 and daddy: 115!!! 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

visitors (Keller's) for another Christmas

We celebrated this happy girls birthday while the Keller's were here.

Everyone for cake and ice cream.

Emma with Uncle Clayton

Carly really does like Clayt, she was just having a rough minute of not wanting her picture taken!

Poppa eating with Carly at her new table.

Aunt Dana doing Carly's hair.

Poppa, Oma, Uncle Ammon holding Emma, Aunt Dana holding Carly, and Clayt.

Hugs for Uncle Clayt (with Carly's first french braid Aunt Dana did).