Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Carly's 3 year old pictures

Carly is 3!!! 
Carly loves: Emma, daddy, mommy, reading books, watching shows (she asks for shows every morning), helping in the kitchen (anytime we are in the kitchen she will go and get her stool and ask 'I help?', holding Emma's hand, wearing dresses, watching videos of herself, playing her ABC game on the ipad, 'folding' laundry, her stuffed animal Jack, playing outside, playing downstairs, going on walks.

Carly loves to eat: 
milk, mac & cheese, bananas, yogurt, string cheese, cheese its, toast, pb&jelly if it looks like Mickey Mouse, 

Every day for breakfast she drinks a sippy cup full of warm milk. Then she will ask for half my shake in her little shake cup. A little later she will eat a yogurt, she loves the greek yogurts. 

For lunch she always asks for mac & cheese. 

 Carly is the best sleeper! She sleeps 12 hours at night and still takes a two hour nap every day. She sleeps in her own room, in her own big girl bed with Jack, Winnie the Pooh pillow, and Minnie Mouse blanket.

 Our little Minnie Mouse loves to tease. She is such a goof like her dad. :) The other day Jeremy was sitting on the floor, Carly was walking by him and smacked him in the head on the way. haha

 Carly is such a sweetheart. When she would get 'potty treats' she would share half of it with Emma. She always asked 'Emma have some too?'

She is so obedient. She doesn't get off her bed unless we say she can in the morning and after her nap. She usually yells 'daddy!' 'mommy!' or knocks on her wall. haha.

90% of the time Jack is on her bed 'sleeping'. I went in there right after she got out of bed, Jack was on her bed, wrapped in her blanket, sleeping on her pillow.

 Carly can count to ten! I think playing hide and seek all those times are paying off. We would count to ten with her and then go find whoever is hiding.

Just last week she has figured out how to peddle by herself on her little trike!

She loves playing dress up, playing with the toy kitchen, riding her toy horse, playing with Emma, knocking down blocks, carrying around Jack, 'talking' on the phone.

Lately her favorite words to say are: help? Emma!!! No Thank you. (She had her three year check up at the doctor's yesterday and she kept telling the nurse 'no thank you' when the nurse asked if she could check her ears and her heart.)

Carly loves to say the word 'great'. When we tell her something that she likes she says 'great!' haha it is so cute.

Carly doesn't like to be called anything but her name. We call her sweetheart, or pumpkin she corrects us and says 'no! Carly!'

This girl is so full of joy and happiness. She is such a fun person to be around. It is so fun to have a conversation with her. I love that I get to be her mom. I love that she knocks on her wall or yells 'mom' to get off her bed in the morning. I love that she has her dad's goofiness and dishes it right back to him. I love that I get to watch her grow and experience new things. I love you Carly!

Happy 3rd Birthday Carly!

The first thing this birthday girl did was take a bath. She woke up and came into the bathroom and asked for a bath. 

Then she wanted a 'pretty dress'. 

She ate some cereal on the couch! Because it was her birthday.

And she got the good yogurt because it was her birthday.

HyVee has these adorable little carts. She loved pushing it. 

For lunch she wanted hot dogs and to sit in Emma's high chair.

When daddy got home from work she opened up her presents from us.  She got some dresses (totally scored on the leopard dress- she wanted it on right away) sandles, helmet, princess chair, Frozen art set, Doc Mcstuffins kit, Fancy Nancy book, princess frisbee, shorts & shirts for summer, dress up necklaces, Laugh & Play puppy, and the hopping ball from Grandma Jim & Nana. 

She wanted cupcakes with purple icing.

Her friend Etta and her family came for some Minnie Mouse waffles and cupcakes. Etta gave her a scrapbook of pictures of them. She loved it.

Emma sharing a cupcake with Daddy.

Family picture with our THREE year old!! 

Happy Birthday Carly!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jeremy and I went out to lunch the day before while our friends watched the girls for us. 
We went to Applebees. 
On Valentine's Day we made heart pancakes for breakfast.

The girls wore matching heart skirts :)

I love these two.

For dinner we had heart shaped noodles. Yum!

highlights of our February

Sometimes we get donuts and enjoy them while we watch our morning shows :) 

We had a rough night, and daddy wasn't home.
Carly convinced me french fries would make things better :) She was right!

A walk with these babies in February??!! wait what?! 

Morning shows with these two.
Carly sprawled out on the floor, and Emma going from the chair to the next.

Riding bikes! Emma would not sit still to get a picture! She was off and pushing herself.
Carly loves the Target dog. She always asks to get a picture. This time, Emma joined. She screamed the whole time. Screaming with excitement. I am so glad I got her screaming face and Carly's sweet smile hugging the dog.

When it snows and it's too cold to go out, we bring the snow in. 

park at the mall

Anytime we pull into the mall parking lot, Carly knows exactly where we are. She asks "mom, park?" 

They melt my heart. :)

Carly waiting to catch Emma at the bottom of the slide.

She didn't quite catch her. haha. At least they were both laughing :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

mickey mouse sandwich

Carly doesn't eat much. She snacks here and there. She will eat pizza, mac & cheese, yogurts, strawberries, cheese sticks, and milk. 
She will eat two whole sandwiches if they are in the shape of Mickey Mouse!!! 

another snow day!

We got a few more inches of snow! We got bundled up and went out to shovel our driveway and play.
She loves walking along the bricks that are on the other side of our house. 

'eat snow???' 
Swinging on our neighbor's swing. I promise Emma is liking the swing. It was just awkward holding her with one hand.

Emma throwing a fit because she keeps falling. 

on Thursdays

Carly goes to preschool! Well, it's her friend's mom and I that are doing an at-home preschool for them. The first Thursday we had it here. And then this past Thursday we went to her friend's house. She was so excited!

I love their matching red plaid leggings. I love that Emma is obsessed with this rocking chair I had when I was little. I love that Carly found the water bottle full of juice and is sitting in the baby bouncer. I love these girls.

teaching her His way

Carly's favorite words right now 'I help!' We end up putting everything on the floor so she can help put in the ingredients and help stir whatever we are making.

We needed some brownies made. Jeremy taught Carly his way of making/eating the brownie batter. Her face was so cute.

We dance after Dinner

Pretty much every night after dinner we have a little time before the girls need to go to bed. Carly will ask to put on a 'pretty dress' and go and turn on the music so we can dance.

Carly was spinning and totally face planted it! Poor girl.