Tuesday, March 29, 2016

photo booth fun

Nana sent us an Easter package in the mail.
In it were these props for taking pictures.
The girls and I had fun taking pictures while daddy did dishes.

ice cream and packages

Daddy forgot to call me when he was at work today. :(
He knew I was upset because of that, so he stopped at Parlor City ice cream and got us an ice cream cone.
I wasn't the only one excited!

This silly girl is always climbing on the window sill,
gets stuck and screams! haha
I promise we put pants on her today. She dumped bubbles on herself and then rolled in the dirt. Before her nap I took them off and hadn't put any other pants on her.

Thank you Oma and Poppa for the new clothes!

Carly got a new shirt and skorts.
 Emma got a new onesie.

spring, spring, spring

Target has their kid's sunglasses in the dollar isle!
Carly, of course, wanted the purple ones :)

The joy on her face as she runs around pushing this cart.

Playing with their brand new chalk they got from Easter!

P.S. I know she looks like a boy with this black and green coat!!
We borrowed this size of coat for Carly, so when Emma got to be this size, the only way to convince Jeremy to buy a new coat is if it was gender neutral. 

My best little helper.
 Seconds after this picture, she let go of the rake and
it bonked her on the head making her fall over. Oops.

Tada!!! There WERE five ugly bushes in the front of our house.
I cut and dug them all out! For Family Home Evening last night we planted twenty bulbs of Dahlia flowers.  I am so excited!
Costco had packs of ten bulbs. I went to grab a different kind of flower that I liked, but Carly said 'no mom, purple!'
So we went with Dahlias because they are purple. 

Window confusion

On more than one occasion, 
Emma looks through the sliding glass door and can see someone through our window in the other part of the house.
She thinks they are outside without her and she freaks out! 
haha. It cracks us up.

They love these big windows so
they can watch the squirrels in our back yard.

Carly's smashed nose!!!!
 Emma's confused face. haha

Happy Easter!

I love this man.
Jeremy begged me to let him wear his green suit.
He hasn't worn it to church in a while.

I LOVE Carly's face in this picture.
We were practicing with the selfie stick. 

I love this sweet family of mine. :) 


Daddy and his daughters.

My girls. 

Emma's mouth is FULL of jelly beans.
They got dumped from the Easter eggs and she found Carly's stash.

We had an Easter egg hunt with her friends (The Hoban's) before we ate dinner.
They each had their own color of egg to find. Carly found the pink and Emma found the green. 

Before church, I tried to get some pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses. Carly is wearing her new yellow dress and Emma is wearing Carly's pink dress from two years ago! 

I love this little three year old. This yellow dress was perfect!

Emma would not part with that flashlight
and Carly would not part with that phone.
Oh well, they still sat and let me take pictures.

Our adorable 14 month old.

This captures their personalities perfectly.
Carly is trying to smile and please mom.
Emma is not caring and done taking pictures. 

Emma's smile. Carly's grin.
love love love this.
 I know that I have a Savior who lived and died for us. He was resurrected and we will be too! We will be together with our families. #heisrisen 

Coloring Eggs

 For Family Home Evening last Monday (March 21st) we colored Easter eggs. The girls loved it!

We put them in big shirts so we didn't have to worry about the dye getting on their clothes.

Carly loved putting the eggs in the different colors, and Emma liked smashing the eggs with her hands.

Daddy helping Emma.
He would hold the cup and she would put the egg in the dye.

Carly stirring up her egg. 

There was a little spill. Oops.

I think she only ended up smashing two eggs. haha
And Carly only spilled twice.

Carly and all of our pretty colored eggs!

Emma smashing an egg.

Carly and Emma busy smashing and coloring.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

squirrels, dad's toenails & lucky charms

There was a squirrel on our porch banister! 

Emma loves to see the squirrels too!

Daddy let Carly paint his toenails. She was so excited he said yes!

Eating some lucky charms on St. Patrick's Day.
Both girls just picked out the marshmallows and ate them. Stinkers.

I love the snuggles after this girl gets up from a nap.

And she's off! 

They love their little Fred Flintstone car.
Emma just had a turn and is giving Carly a turn now.

Teaching Carly how to ride this car the right way!
Feet up so someone can push you.

Helping me with my daily read. She is the cutest distraction.

Our weekly picture with the Target dog.
Carly was so excited to be getting her picture and hugging that dog.
Emma was planning her run from mom.