Sunday, May 29, 2016

I seriously have the BEST travelers. 
These two are so chill and don't ask for much when we are in the car for 10+ hours.

The girls and I took off Friday and spent a week in Ohio.
Ammon (my little brother) was graduating high school and my dad was having heart surgery. 

A few things we always do when we visit Ohio:
cousin time with Katelyn and Olivia
Columbus Zoo
Weldon's Ice Cream
Carly gets sick

Just coloring. 

I did have to move Carly's car seat for a bit because she couldn't sleep.
Emma kept pulling at her blanket.

Cousin Katelyn helping Emma put her shoes on.

It's tradition at graduation parties to sign the barn.
 Aunt Dana helped Carly sign her name and then she helped me sign Emma's.

Cousins! Their first time seeing each other. They are so fun together.

Cousin Ana and Emma found a mud puddle during the graduation party.
I told myself to embrace the mess and not care about the girls getting dirty.
It was pooring rain during the whole party. 

We made it through graduation! Woot woot!

They love Aunt Dana!

Pasta bar at a graduation party was a hit! 

Five siblings out of seven were together!
(Franki is on her mission and Korbin is in Idaho).
Anton, Dana, Ammon the graduate, me, and Clayt

With Uncle Leo! 

My mom is on the school board and gets to hand out some of the diplomas.
While handing Ammon his, he kissed her on the cheek! So cute.

Where we spent a lot of our time. By the dogs.

On Monday, we went to Hometown Hotdog! 

Carly loved sitting with Uncle Leo. She kept rubbing his facial hair.

Weldon's Ice Cream!

This is how we do Weldon's.
The three of us shared a banana split milkshake. It was delicious. 

Cousin Time!

Being three is tough.

Can you see her hair??! 

"Mom I touch my bum"

Typical Pitchforth girl photo.
One running away and the other being silly.

They are obsessed with strollers and the dogs.

Haha both their faces. Emma's tongue cracks me up.

Digging in Papa's garden.

They had a youth temple trip while we were there. Clayt and I were able to go and help.
After the temple we took Ammon to Chick-fil-a for the first time.
Oma and Papa watched a movie with the girls and put them to bed late, but they both slept in!

Perks of sleeping in the same room as the girls, I get to see how they sleep!
Emma is always curled up in a ball.
Carly is all sprawled out and moves a ton.

Sick and upset Carly. Poor girl.
She always gets sick when we go to Oma and Papa's house.
Makes for a rough 24 hours and lots of snuggles.

How sick Carly took a nap on the couch. Poor girl.
She woke up so sweaty and super upset.
Good thing I was giving Emma a bath at the time
and she did not want Oma to comfort her.

Zoo day! It was perfect weather! The sun was shining and the wind was blowing.

The four girls.

Carly wanted to see two animals. Elephants and Giraffes.

Emma trying to get a few inches closer. 

I love this picture!
Emma's cute piggy tails and the giraffes in the background.

Uncle Clayt pushed Carly in the stroller and listened to her orders.
She ended up on his shoulders a few times.

Papa and Emma.
As you can Papa did not have heart surgery! Whoa. Crazy miracle.
Monday afternoon he went in for surgery. Totally prepped.
Shaved, marked up, blue all over, tubes put in his arm and neck.
They did one last test to check his heart when he was completely under anesthesia.
And his heart wasn't leaking like they thought it showed in tests 7 weeks earlier.
They called in other doctors to check it out.
They said surgery wasn't needed.
The doctors said his heart is strong.
So onto more testing...but at least it's not his heart!
These parks at rest areas are a life savor!!!!
We stopped four times on our way home. Twice to only play on the slides!

I absolutely love this little arm wrapped around mine. She is the cutest.

Sometimes the girls match. Sometimes we ALL match. 

Sometimes for our walks, they both get out and walk.
I ended up carrying Carly's bike and pulling the empty wagon.
Thank goodness we could see our house by this point.

Reason number 1,233 for having two kids. They push each other!

These two have the cutest hugs.

At 5:30 in the morning this girl wants to sing Wheels on the Bus.
The horn on the bus goes beep beep beep.
(Beeping her nose).

I love this picture.
Emma steeling all my smoothie and Carly riding her bike in the distance.

"Mom, ssshhhhh I'm sleeping." 

Emma climbs up the ladder all by herself now!
And then she slides down on her belly.

"Emma, I hold you".
I think Emma was okay with this.

Movie night with the girls while daddy was out with friends!
We watched Snow White and ate popcorn.

Post nap time. Carly's blank stare and Emma eating away.
Carly loves to snuggle and Emma loves to eat as soon as they get up. 

One of their favorite things to do. 'Drive' our car.
Emma loves finding water bottles to unscrew the lid and dump all the water.
Carly goes from the driver's seat, to buckling her car seat. 

I love this man right here. He is really the best dad and husband.
I love watching him be a dad to our beautiful girls.
He plays with them. He goes on walks with them. He lets them feed him. He is pretty awesome.
I am the lucky one.

This smile! Oh my goodness it just melts my heart. 

I told you. Best dad right here.
After a long day at work,
he still has a bit of energy to carry one girl on his shoulder and chase the other. 

Yes, Emma climbed up on the bench by herself!!!
She is a crazy awesome climber.
My three loves.