Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Happy 17 months Emma!!!

I cannot believe how fast time is going. Holy moly. Where did it go? 
And most of all, where is my baby?

She's not even a baby anymore.
She is fully a toddler now.
She walks, talks, feeds herself, and runs away from me.

I didn't get a chance today to get out my nice camera and take pictures of her yet, but all of these pictures were taken today! 

Oh and she makes HUGE messes.
She doesn't even play with toys right now.
 She finds whatever she can and dumps it all over the place!
Ugh. She found the ABC cards in the cabinet, dumped them. She found the raisins in the diaper bag, dumped those. She found the pasta noodles in the kitchen cupboard, dumped those! 

She has the craziest bedhead hair!

9 times out of 10 she falls asleep in the car.
We were running errands this morning and didn't get her morning nap.

 Emma is growing up so much lately! It is exciting to see more of her personality. She is sweet, loving, funny, smiley, and loves her d

She can say dad, mom, Carly, milk, change, poop, cracker, please, more, shoes.

This poor girl has been teething for a month now. Like cutting teeth every week. Her left back molar is so swollen and is going to cut through any day now! I lost count how many teeth she has. I think 12?! Four of those are her molars.

She loves to play outside. She loves to try on everyone's shoes. She loves to help. She loves to be carried when I am cooking dinner. (Jeremy tries to take her for me so I can do things with both hands, but she clings to me and won't let go while screaming. Silly girl.)

She loves to color. She loves to ride our little yellow car. She loves to follow Carly around. She loves to climb up on the couches. She loves chocolate.

We had to stop at the mall for Bath & Body Works sale,
and we always empty out my wallet with any change that I have and toss it in this fountain.
We have done this since Carly was little, she always remembers when we are walking into the mall. 'Mom, water?! Throw pennies?!' 

As soon as we got home from the store, Carly wanted to play outside. I grabbed some peanut butter and jelly, chips, water, and carrots and we ate outside! 
The girls loved it and then they went right in and went down for naps. 

I love this blue eyed blondie.
She is just so fun to be around!
I am blessed to be her mommy.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

These two make everything better. 

A little cotton ball painting turned into armpit painting! Oh Emma.
This called for bath number three for her today. Don't ask. 

We have two baby swings now!!!
Such a life savor. 

They love the target dog.
Emma hopped right on the dog laughing.

Stylin matchin sisters.

Emma in a daze.

Carly LOVED returning her books at the library.
She peeked through the flap and watched her books go on the conveyer belt.

They couldn't wait to read their books. They wanted to read them outside.

Who knew?! Draw a few roads for her cars on the drive way and she is in heaven!
For like a half hour! 

Daddy was getting ready to leave. This is how they pucker up for daddy.

Kiss kiss for daddy.

I am so excited about my dahlias!!! I am hoping they bloom soon.