Sunday, July 31, 2016

Carly and Emma both wanted carried to the play ground.
They definitely asked the right person.
We love this man.

These two!!!
Matching dresses and walking around in my heels.
They are actually really good at walking too!

We definitely enjoy our new couch.
But for some reason I always get snuggled next to anyways.
I love it.

You know your air conditioning is broken when...
you find this giant piece of ice on it!
The hottest weekend of the year and our air conditioning was out! Everything was wrong with it. Oh how we love owning a house. We now know to Change filter every three months, Wash the outside unit twice a year with the hose, and freon is expensive.

I have been working on getting Carly's room
cute and cozy for her.
I finally bought black out lining for her curtains.
Her walls are a soft lavender and brand new Princess Sofia bedding. She is in love.

How did we get so lucky?!Carly is the best big sister.
 She is always helping use with Emma and knows exactly how to make her happy. Emma's velcro on her shoe was off, Carly was helping her put it back on.

Our little puppy eating her popcorn out of her bowl. bahaha.

I love these two cuties.

She carried around this bag full of goldfish
 and was eating it for an hour!

She wouldn't smile and look at me. But her hair was so cute and she was eating her cute Elsa graham crackers.

They both made it to the top at the same time!
This is when I learned that having two kids is about them being patient with me!Which one do I help first? Well Carly you're older so you are going to have to wait! AHH.

We switched her to a big girl car seat this week.
I was a little worried about her not sleeping as well in the car.

I don't think I'm going to have to worry.

I spy with my little eyes, two girls hiding in the clothes. hahaha

You know you're a dad to girls when...
the only blanket around is pink Minnie Mouse.

Emma was a huge fan of the popcorn at Target.
(We got it a few times this past week, it was free with my red card).

Emma didn't want to walk to the playground.
She wanted me to carry her. But I told her no.
Carly grabbed Emma's hand and walked with her.
She is adorable.

Pushing Daddy on the tire swing.

Sometimes we go and get Wendy's and send daddy picture while he is at work.



Carly fed Emma dinner the past few nights. They both ate a ton!!!

Matching ice cream leggings.
Emma now knows the word ice cream.
Partly because we eat it after dinner every night.
And partly because of these leggings.
We always ask her what's on her pants and she points to them
and yells 'ice ceeeem!

Not the sight you love to see every day.
18 month old about to fall off the couch but the 3 year old counting for her.

Our morning shows with this super comfortable sectional, milk sippy cups, and blankets.

The girls love rollie pollies!
 They pick them up and let them roll and crawl all over.

We got a sectional!!! 

Carly loves laying on the chase part of the sectional.
Jeremy loves the recliner.

Enjoying our first morning with the sectional, watching shows.
We had to send a picture to dad at work.

Emma loves to swing. She is getting more and more brave.
Sometimes she will swing on the regular swing.

This horse shoe pit was turned into a sand box.
I think we need to try and control the sand coming out of the box. It makes such a mess in the yard! But the girls love it.

It's tradition.
When we vacuum out the car, all three of us 'drive'
it out of the garage. 

They insisted on playing dress up in their 'twirly dresses'.
And then they came to my bathroom mooing at me! bahaha

Emma is out!
We wore her out.
Emma falls asleep 85% of the time in her car seat.

They sure do love a park/splash pad.

Playing in our sand box some more.

Carly is the out there!
She took off on her balance bike while I
scooted along with Emma.
I carried their bike and car to the playground hoping they would for a while on the path.
They still ended up just wanting to swing on the tire swing.

Carly was asking me something in this picture, but I LOVE Emma's smile.

False alarm.
I went to help Carly down and grabbed her pants.
I started yelling at her for peeing her pants.
"Mom the slide is wet!" 

Target was handing out free popcorn to red card holders.
Emma loved the popcorn and Carly enjoyed the cherry Icee.

She loves to climb this wall! She is getting better and more brave.
She can almost come back down by herself.

Monday, July 18, 2016

This girl always find dirt. And it always end up everywhere!

Happy Emma in the morning. She is most happy when greeted first by Carly.
I love the bond that they have as sisters already.
It is so fun to watch.

This was NOT the best store outing experience I've ever had. 

Both girls were tired, hungry, and hot.

These two love to find sticks and run up our neighbors yard while I swing on his swing.
One of their favorite things to do outside.

Splash pad fun!
Emma sad 85% of the time with me eating grapes.
Something about older kids dumping her water bucket out
for the 100th time doesn't make her happy.

She was quite content eating popsicles though.

Totally their relationship right now.
Carly: "Emma open your mouth"
Emma opens her mouth and laughs hysterically.

Carly looks so huge to me in this picture!
She has grown so much in the last few months and it makes me happy and sad all at the same time.

She insisted on carrying our sand toys. home.
She didn't make it far but she sure was determined!

Matchy sisters for church.

Horsey rides at its finest. hahahaha

This is her guilty face.
She was so upset I took a picture with her standing there.
While I was back in my room getting ready for the day Carly yells "mom! come here!"
I come out to a whole packet of oatmeal dumped on the kitchen floor.
I went and got the vacuum out and Carly insisted on she doing it.
Carly is awesome!

My two biggest helpers at the store.
They love standing in the cart and loading the conveyer belt with our groceries.

Fire in back yard. CHECK!
One of the things on our summer to do list was to roast marshmallows in our fire pit. 

I would say it was a success!

She took one bite and then saw that there was a whole bag of marshmallows she wanted to eat instead.