Wednesday, August 31, 2016

visitors from Ohio!

We sold our old 99 toyota camry to my brother and sister in law. So they made a quick trip out to pick it up! 

Three of the girls slept in Carly's room.
Carly seriously thought this was the best thing ever!!

Of course they were up late talking and needed a snack at 9:30p.m.
Peanut butter and honey sandwiches it was.

Minnie Mouse waffles for breakfast with these cuties.

Of course we took them to our favorite park! 

Emma LOVES Uncles Leo (he came along to drive the old camry home because Anton needed to work).

Uncle Leo having fun too!!
Emma being a crazy climber!

They loved when Uncle Leo would bury their feet in the sand.

Splash pad!

 After the park, we took naps, and when daddy came home from work we went to the Old McDonald's Farm at Bever Park. It is so cute. The girls loved the animals.
I love love love watching these four have so much fun together.
They are so cute together and love holding hands.




Every time we wanted to do something,
they would beg to go play outside.
So while Breanna was packing up Uncle Leo
and I watched them outside.
They were did really well playing as long as they left the rollie pollies alone and we set a timer for sharing the cars.

Uncle Leo wanted to have some fun too!

Uncle Leo stuck around for another day
 and drove the car back by himself.
Emma and Jeremy were okay with this. 

The only way these girls wake up happy from a nap...
milk and sunshine!

Emma had a check up and wasn't loving it so big sis took good care of her. 

They played on this thing for at least an hour! 

Carly helping Emma walk down the stairs like a big girl.

Carly throwing a fit because her food was too hot,
so Emma grabbed the bowl and started blowing on it! 

We bought a van!

I am beyond excited about this.
No more worrying about those swinging doors or not having enough room to even open a door!
I love love love having a van.

I love how I can open both doors with a push of a button! Both girls just climb into their car seats. It's SOOO nice.

Don't let Jeremy's face fool you. He asked me to drive home from Costco. He loves the van.

Grape Pie

We have some pretty amazing neighbors!
We have a grape vine that kind of separates our yards. 
Our kind neighbor told us last year that we could have the grapes. 
But the birds got to them before we did!
So this year, our other neighbor was over and she tasted a grape and said how amazing it was.
So I went in and grabbed two big bowls and we picked them right then.
It took us about a half hour to pick them.
I knew I wouldn't go back out to get the green ones later.
So we picked them all.

We still had a huge bowl full of ripe grapes after taking off the vines and the green ones out.
I have never tasted grapes so good.
They seriously taste like Concord Grape Juice! 

Our neighbor, who actually owns the grapevine, said his wife always made grape pie! So I was determined to make one.
We were having him over for dinner on Saturday night. I spent all day, I mean ALL day, on Saturday making this pie.
But it turned out SOOOOO good and seeing his face eat it was priceless. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Ohio Trip!

Long story short, we drove there Friday and came home Wednesday. Lots of activities planned between and few hours of sleep but it was a BLAST! 

Friday: Clayt meet us here and we drove to Ohio.

We were able to have Clayt in the car with us going to Ohio and coming home! The girls loved it. I snapped a picture of them dancing. Don't worry, he didn't sit in the back the whole time, but this was a time he gave my shoulders a break from being between their car seats. 

Family Pictures
Keller Christmas (This is my parents' year for all of us to be home for Christmas. We decided to have a 'Christmas in August', with Franki just coming home from her mission and Ammon leaving before Christmas, we wanted all of us to make one big trip this year and do presents!) 

Family pictures! Pappa cleaned up and set up his tractor so we could get some family pictures on it. haha. The girls loved it. I promise. It was just super bright.

I love this family of mine. I had been planning and debating on what to wear for family pictures, but I think it turned out perfect.

This is my little sister, Franki. She just returned from her mission from the California Anaheim Mission. I love her. I am so proud of her. To say I missed her would be an understatement. 

Emma LOVES Unlce Leo.

There is something so sweet watching Jeremy play with the girls. Something almost just as sweet is watching my siblings just ADORE my girls. It melts my heart and I hope they learn a lot from them. I have some pretty amazing siblings. 

Carly LOVES Aunt Franki!
I have so many pictures on my camera of her laying her head down on Franki's shoulder. so cute.

My little sisters Dana and Franki. Franki is headed to BYU-Idaho in a couple of weeks. Dana is a junior in high school. I love these two girls and look up to them in more ways than one! 

Since it was "Christmas" at the Keller's my parents decorated! Christmas lights, Christmas tree, garland and lights up the banister. Emma loved Baby Jesus and even gave Joseph a kiss!

Loving my cute family even more when I look at these pictures and think of how blessed I am to have them.

This is how we were for most of family pictures. Emma was pretty attached to us. All of the new faces made her nervous. But she was a rockstar and we got TONS of cute pictures.

Sisters/best friends

Our precious Emma and our goofy Carly. I LOVE this picture.
This barn has been in a few of our family pictures. We had my maternity pictures when I was pregnant with Carly taken in front of it. AND when Carly was 6 months old we had pictures taken in front of it. 

These two :) (Olivia 4, Carly 3)
They love holding hands where ever we walked to.
It was adorable. 

Pappa and Emma :)

Pappa and Oma's 5 beautiful grand daughters.
Emma 19 months, Brielle 2, Katelyn 2.5, Carly 3, Olivia 4

Best Buds

Beautiful girls who were all rock stars taking pictures!

Franki's Homecoming talk
Nearer My God to Thee
Keller Reunion at Lion's Club
Kris, Di
Kids go through toys then go to Anton and Breanna's for game night

We were told to wait after Sacrament meeting for a family picture. Well we all (except Mom, Dad, and Franki) were all together waiting and waiting. So we took a selfie and headed home!)
Only for mom to be outside waiting. Oh well. Makes for an awesome picture.

Keller Reunion during the door prizes. I think we each got our name drawn to go and pick a door prize. Jeremy ended up with a pack of 3 water guns and I got a nice football.
Carly and Emma went to the kid corner and each picked out a prize. Emma chose a ball and Carly chose a princess drawing pad.
We had planned to be at Anton and Breanna's all night to play games Sunday night, but mom and dad had toys for us to go through. Oh well. We did eat, play games, and laugh. 4 out of 5 of the grand daughters stayed with Oma and Pappa at their house and slept great! While we partied and slept in a bit before heading to Cosi Monday morning. 

meet Oma and Pappa at Cosi: Columbus Science Museum
Weldon's Ice Cream
Aunt Dana's volleyball scrimmage
BLT pizza, rain 
Carly and Brielle dressing up Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Such a cute exhibit. They had Sesame Street and Daniel Tiger touch screen activities for kids to do.

COSI has a toddler area that is perfect for the girls. They have pretend play areas. Emma loved "driving" the ambulance with Katelyn.

The one time they were all together at the same spot. Olivia is sitting on the floor. At one point Carly had to use the bathroom. It took me forever to get her back to where the other girls were playing because she kept wanting to stop at the slide, or ambulance, or grocery store. 

The water area is always a huge hit. Emma didn't last long in that seat. Believe it or not she hates being confined and not being able to run around! haha

Kately, Carly and Emma LOVED the art room. 

Genius! And it kept them occupied for a good 20 minutes. It's a fan at the bottom of the tube and you put the scarves up the tube and the fan blows them out the top. Emma and Carly loved it!

At Weldon's Ice Cream. They love the Banana Split shake!

Another family selfie! But this time we are at Aunt Dana's volleyball scrimmage! She is an awesome volleyball player and it was so fun we could be there to watch her.

Pizza Cottage makes the best BLT pizza. Yes it has bacon, lettuce, and tomato on the pizza. We bought 6 of those and a few frozen pizza's for dinner after the volleyball scrimmage.
It was Uncle Ed's birthday the next day and so we invited him to celebrate with us and so we could see him!

Just about every meal we ate together was under this canopy on these picnic tables. It was so fun! It was hard to get the girls to eat, but hey! They were having so much fun.

Oma even made Christmas cookies! Emma and Katelyn enjoying the Hershey kiss cookies.

The five grand daughters catching lightning bugs in the rain!

Tuesday: wash Pappa's trailer
Wagon ride
Just dance
Pappa had the best helpers with cleaning up his trailer. We did end up going on a ride down the road. Someone took pictures! It was super fun and we had perfect weather for it. The girls were chill and just sat on our laps the whole time.

Wednesday: leave for Iowa!
You know you're an uncle when... you don't mind sleeping with a Princess Sofia blanket. 

We had such a fun trip! Carly asks me every day, "Mommy, go to Oma and Pappa house again?!!" It is so fun to talk to her about the trip because she remembers a lot. She loved the two puppies and 'tool' (she can't say Pool). She loved the wagon ride and sleeping at Oma and Pappa's house. She is constantly asking me for my phone so she can watch videos from our trip. She loves seeing her cousins and Aunts and Uncles.