Sunday, September 18, 2016

Game day: naturally we all wear Ohio State!!!

There was a squirrel on the banister to our porch! We have fun watching them in the trees and power lines, very few times do they come this close to our house.

Snack and a movie after nap time.

Culver's had a 99 cent kids' meal deal. If they dressed up as princesses or super heroes they got a meal for 99 cents! Score. I'm glad I didn't end up getting a meal because I got to enjoy their chicken tenders (which are super good) while Carly and Emma ate some french fries and chocolate milk.
We are waiting for our friends to go inside with them.

I love watching these two play outside together.
We have the perfect driveway.

Carly's gum in her mouth.
New matching boots and outfit!
Their smiles. :)

I promise, she loved swinging with me.

We found this adorable and quiet park.
Every time we find something that Carly likes, she says "mom, come back with daddy?"

Being a mom means... sometimes you are a human tissue.
Emma's nose was running and she ran up to me, grabbed my hand, and wiped her nose. haha

Monday, September 12, 2016

12 hour visitors

I have two younger siblings on their way to 
BYU-Idaho for college!
Franki, Ammon, and our mom stopped by on their way out. They got in about 7:00p.m. and left 9:00 the next morning.

Emma is in love with Ammon and Carly loves Franki.

Carly totally remembered Franki! It was so cute. I was talking to her about Franki, Ammon, and Oma coming for the night. She said 'oh Fanki! I love her mommy. She wear purple shirt! I give her big hugs." When we were in Ohio a month ago Franki did wear a purple shirt for our family pictures and Carly did keep giving her BIG hugs. 

Picture with Oma.
She was sending Pappa pictures who got to stay home.

The girls loved getting spun in circles. haha

Buh Bye!!! No this isn't our car. My sister bought the same car!! so funny.

Carly was so upset that they left so soon. As they were pulling out of the drive way she asked 'mom, can't they stay longer?? I not want them leave." The only thing I could say to my sad three year old was hopefully next time they come they will stay longer??!

Mommy took a selfish day and we went to the outlet mall
during nap time.
I knew it was going to be rough. But it turned out fine. Emma got a little cat nap on the way while Carly talked to me.

Daddy got the day off for Labor Day.
For lunch we went to a new Panda Express.
Carly loved the fortune cookies and wanted to eat everyone's.
She also liked the fried rice.

Emma always wanting to share.

Emma got in trouble so I put her in her crib for a time out.
Carly came to me and asked if she could join Emma.
haha ok!
They played for twenty minutes in the crib!

Walking in mommy's heels is a daily routine for these two.
They are actually really good too!

We sent this picture to daddy at work.
The girls are sticking their tongues out because they are eating 'his' graham crackers.

At home Preschool

Carly's first day of Preschool this year!
As usual Emma wants to be in on the picture taking too!

We have a little schedule to follow.
Books, songs, ABC's, color/art, play, snack
The schedule really helps us keep track of time. And it lets the girls know what is coming next. Because the first day all they wanted to do was play.


We started with the letter A for week one.
I got to do week two letter B.
We did butterflies!
We read the Very Hungry Caterpillar.
Circled all the letter B's on the chalkboard.

Made a Small World for our butterflies by collecting rocks, grass, and flowers.

Played with our butterflies.
This is Carly's little friend that we are doing preschool with!

Our coloring for the day was the life cycle of the butterfly.
rice for the eggs, rotini noodle for caterpillar, shell noodle for chrysalis, and bow tie noodle for the butterfly.

The girls have been obsessed with butterflies lately. So being able to focus on butterflies was fun!

I love Summer! 
I get to do all of these paint projects that I have on my list.

The girls painting their little bird houses while I finish painting the headboard to our bed frame. The bed frame is a light mint green.

Ohio State wreath!

Yay!! And it's done.
This really did take a lot of work. The buckeyes are actually from my parents' tree in Ohio. I gathered them last October when I was there. I brought them home, took off the pokey hard shells, dried them out, and sprayed them with a sealant.
I finally bought a foam wreath to do the wreath and I love it.
 We get a lot of comments on it because we are in Hawkeye country. :) 

Yucky black bench (we have two of them)
that sit on our front porch.
I sanded them down...

And spray painted them blue! I love how they turned out. We can sit on them now and not have black stuff get stuck on our pants.

The bed frame needed a few adjustments. Jeremy helped me put it together and put boards under the mattress.

Tadaaa! I am so excited about actually having a bed frame. It is much higher and it makes our room look so much nicer.