Sunday, November 27, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pappa, Oma, Aunt Dana, and Uncle Clayt came to our house for Thanksgiving. 
There was lots of playing with toys (my parents brought a huge box of my old toys I played with when I was little. Mostly barbies and stuffed animal puppies. Perfect toys for my girls!)

There was lots of eating. I felt we cooked and cooked and cooked. I have been practicing for a month now with Thai food. It's Jeremy favorite kind of food and I am trying to master it. Pad Thai and Nom tak with sticky rice were a hit!

There was lots of football. Ohio State vs. Michigan game was a crazy one! 

They dumped out all the toys and then played the longest in the box the toys came in. haha. 

Stirring the apple pie with Aunt Dana.

They drove through the night to get here just when the girls were waking up. Pappa was a little tired.

Licking the spatula from the chocolate cream pie. Yum.

Taking turns dumping mini chocolate chips into the mint pie.

We made five pies!!!
Apple, chocolate cream, banana cream, butterscotch, and mint chocolate chip. Growing up my mom always had a dessert night the night before Thanksgiving so you could eat all your desserts and enjoy them. Then the next day you have leftover dessert for after the Thanksgiving dinner. It was a huge success. We invited some neighbors and friends and missionaries. 

Carly sitting so still so Aunt Dana could braid her hair.

I love my little turkeys.
Even if they drank all my chocolate milk. :)

Emma helping us stir the stuffing.

Jeremy and Pappa giving Oma a much needed hug after she complained that they smelled from playing Turkey ball.
These girls LOVE their Uncle Clayt and
showing him who Pinkalicious is.

They sat at their Minnie Mouse table to eat. It didn't last long, but they loved the ham!

Uncle Clayt playing with Carly. Her giggle was adorable.

A whole lot going on. Toys everywhere. Kitchen a mess. Oma doing some Black Friday shopping. And Carly and Emma taking turns jumping off the couch.

They were not amused that they had to count their tiles in Mexican trains.

Morning cartoons with Pappa and Aunt Dana.

Making waffles for everyone. 

Painting their turkey and pilgrim girl.
Emma did an awesome job on her indian girl!

Black Friday shopping at Kohls. Uncle Clayt needed a few new dress shirts. He accidentally washed a pen in his load of clothes. Dana and I were happy helpers to pick out some new ones.

On Thursday at 10:00p.m. I realized that one item I wanted to get for the girls was a one day only deal at Toys R Us. Oma said, okay lets go! Oma, Dana, and I took off and went out shopping until 2:30a.m. The stores (Toys R Us, two different Kohls, Old Navy) weren't crazy and I got everything that was on my list. 

We were supposed to be heading out as soon as I finished prepping dinner. I asked Clayt, "do I dare wake them?" I think they were wore out from staying up shopping.

We went out again shopping Friday at 2:00p.m.
We headed to Costco and Kohls again.
Oma was asleep too! I think they were wore out. 

They begged Aunt Dana to sit with them at their Minnie Mouse table.

Emma's face!!! 

Carly during the Ohio State game would come and flop on Aunt Dana to have Dana scratch her back. haha.
She did it at least four times. 

Oma, Carly, Pappa, and Emma.
Go Buckeyes!! They beat Michigan 30-27. It was SUCH a good game. 

There is never a time that Oma and Pappa come to our house and they don't have PRESENTS!! Thank you.

Emma brushing Uncle Clayt's hair.

Aunt Dana singing to Carly before she goes to bed.

Jeremy got a shop vac! wahoo. Our's just broke somehow and we have been looking for one.

It was such a fun & fast weekend. I cleaned and prepped before they came. Now I get to clean now that they are all gone. Oh the joys of having family come visit. Come again! 

Sick babies are no fun.
But she was quite snuggly and just wanted to sleep all day.
Poor girl.

Emma not feeling well and Carly 'curling' my hair, pretty chill day.

I love making Carly and Emma wear silly shirts. Especially when they match the dessert we made for our ward Thanksgiving dinner. :)

We got to watch this cutie for his mom for a bit. The library was a perfect idea. We met there and the kids played.

Emma loves this little spinning toy.
We have one, but the library one is more fun I guess.

The library has these seats in the walls where kids can sit and read. Emma climbed right up with some books. 

Emma is so independent.
Just as I was finishing exercising, Carly started yelling from the t.v. room that she was hungry. I walk into the kitchen to find Emma drinking a yogurt!
She opened the fridge and got her own yogurt and found a straw in the drawer. haha

Carly's perfect morning. Shows with a fire. We love being able to flip a switch to turn our fire on. It is Carly's first request now when she wakes up. 

I love dressing little girls. Too bad she only kept that big bow and belt on for the picture.

I love this little face
and kissing it a hundred times a day. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fall Family Pictures!!!

**Please do not download or print these pictures. If you want a copy, please ask and I will send one.