Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Merry Christmas! part 1

On the way to Colorado we hit an ice storm, so we got a hotel in Kearney and stayed the night.
The girls did awesome! Expect for when Emma took a 15 minute nap before we knew we were stopping and she stayed up in her pack and play yelling and talking to us. Both Jeremy and I fell asleep before she did.

Carly watching a show and Emma snoozing away.

Carly talked and talked about playing with Shasta. She loves to throw the frisbee for her and feed her. She would purposely drop food on the floor during dinners because she knew Shasta would come and eat it. 

Emma warmed up to Shasta and learned how to say her name pretty quick.

Playing in the snow with cousins Tucker and Sawyer.

Emma and Sawyer. They both just kind of walked around and ate tons of snow.

We have never seen our thermometer in our van list a negative temperature. Yikes!

There was lots of bonding time between us and Tyler's family. All the kids were up between 4:30 and 6:00 every morning. Long before anyone else was up.

Saturday night I got a call from my little sister who was stranded in the Denver airport because of snow storms. Their flight wouldn't leave until morning. Perfect timing! We picked them up they stayed the night and then we dropped them off in the morning.  

We brought this Shopkins gingerbread house that we got from our old neighbors. It was a huge hit! There was way more candy eaten than we knew about, but it was cute watching all four babies work on something and be so excited about it.

Carly would build a tower and Tucker would knock it down.

Sad baby after her nap. She loved Jeremy being home for so long with us. She would whine for him.

Early morning orange rolls with cousins. 

Carly and Tucker on their way to the park with Tyler.

Jodi and I followed close behind with Emma and Sawyer.

Eating snow.

Sawyer ran into Emma and just kind of fell over. He was most worried about his snow ball that he had.

Carly building her own snowman. She did awesome! She made her own snowball and started rolling it.

Helping Nana push a snowball for the big snowman.

Carly crying because Tucker ruined her snowball.

Tucker loved standing on top of the snowman! He was pretty high up. And to think they added one more snowball! 

We went to the mall and they had a playground outside. We played while we waited for the train to come.

Emma loves sitting up on tall things, and Sawyer is climbing under.

Carly did a really good job of climbing the wall!

Four cousins sitting with the elf.

The train!!

Carly was a huge fan of the train. Sawyer liked it more when he sat on my lap so he could see out.

So much going on in this picture.

Emma and Sawyer.

I needed to go to the Distribution Center and IKEA in Denver. Jeremy came along with me. I am so grateful he did. We got to get a picture of us in front of the temple we were sealed in! 

I cross stitched the whole Pitchforth family for Heidi for Christmas. 

And then each family got their own family too!

Grilled cheese with ketchup was a huge hit.

Children's museum is a must see again!

We spent a lot of time in this 'vet' room.

carly was the receptionist who answered Nana's phone when different people would call her. They would bring in their 'hurt' animal and she would give it to Dr. Sawyer and Dr. Emma.



Shooting paper airplanes.

The market.

Ball room.



Emma loves Uncle Brad.

Jeremy and I went on a double date with Jodi and Tyler to Crave. A really good burger place. On the way home we stopped and got Voodoo donuts. Everyone was a fan!

Aunt Kellie took us to an awesome park. All the kids would lay on this and we could push it around and around.

Emma and Tucker.

Uncle Brad helping Emma and Tucker fell seconds after I took this photo. poor kid.

Emma and Sawyer climbing.

Blow bellies!

Another fun park!