Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Carly and Emma's Frozen Birthday Party!!!

Agenda for the party: 
color giant Frozen picture, 
decorate crowns, 
pin the nose on Olaf, 
Anna and Elsa 
and decorate cookies!

I stayed up late the night before getting the house cleaned, decorated, and cookies cooked. 

The first activity for the girls was to color a giant Frozen picture.

I got this idea from Pinterest of using little paint palates for the sprinkles and candies to put on top. The people on Pinterest had cupcakes in the middle, but Carly asked me when we were going to bake the cookies! Genius. Cookies are so much easier for kids to eat. 

And of course blue candy! I had to move the candy during the party because I had one of the girls just sitting on the stool chowing down on the candy! haha 

Olaf's nose and arms. 

Sven's snacks, grapes and carrots.

"We finish each other sandwiches".
Just peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I kept them in the bag until it was time to eat.

The gems and crowns for the girls to decorate!

Last final photos before girls started coming.

These girls were beyond excited for their party!!!


Pin the nose on Olaf! 



The parents asked what to get Carly and Emma. I told them anything Frozen and paint! It was perfect. They got a little bit of each!

Anna and Elsa came!!!!

Carly ran and hid behind me for a second and then ran up and gave Elsa the biggest hug. 

Emma dancing with Elsa.

Carly dancing with Anna. 

We are missing one girl, (she loved playing downstairs) but here is the bunch of princesses!!

I asked Carly if I could help her decorate her cookie, she said "No, I wanted Elsa help me!" 

Emma and the presents. She got two new baby dolls and kept carrying them around asking if we could open them. haha

Emma loving the cookie!

My princesses with Anna and Elsa!

We have been planning this party since Christmas! I am so glad it is over. I am so glad I did what I did with the coloring and decorating. I think the girls really enjoyed decorating their own cookie and crown. It was fun to see how particular some of the girls were, and how some of them just wanted to play (Carly). She put a whole four gems on her crown and then asked to go play.

After all of the planning and decorating and hours of Pinterest searching, I asked Carly what her favorite part of her party was. Of course she said Anna and Elsa! haha so grateful those girls could come and do that for us!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Poor girl. We had a young woman in our ward give us a free babysitting coupon for us to go to the temple. We had it all worked out. She was at our house, I was making sandwiches, and saying good bye to the girls. When Carly walked into the kitchen and puked all over! I took her to the bathroom and she continued to puke a few more times in the toilet.

Jeremy looked at the babysitter and said, well I guess I'm taking you home! Carly told me she didn't know she was going to do that. I told her it was fine and that we are just going to stay home and chill.

She crawled up the couch and slept for 45 minutes and then took another 2 hour nap later. She didn't have any other symptoms. I think she just ate too much and partied too much the night before at Jeremy's party.

Sunday ready! Carly did have white tights on just like Emma, but she takes them off as soon as she can. 

The only way I got both of them to smile was tell them to tickle each other.

Then Emma complained that Carly hurt her. haha

Happy 29th Birthday Jeremy!

For Jeremy's birthday we did a few extra special things for him. 
In the morning (since he gets up extra early) he had two bags with different times on them and he could open the bags at those times. 4:30 had donuts and 10:00 had butterfingers. I was pretty bummed when he took all of the donuts to work with him. But Happy Birthday! 

We went to the dollar store and the girls picked out balloons to fill daddy's car.

Waiting for daddy to come out of work with his surprise balloons and Taco Bell!

Emma was waiting in the back seat.

I was parked right beside Jeremy's car in the van. I was watching them play with the balloons. It was cute.

It was perfect and Jeremy was almost done with work, until I looked at Carly's face and she said "I have to go potty". I think any mom knows what their child is saying even though they can't hear them! hahaha I just started laughing, opened the van doors, opened the car doors and put the girls in their car seats to take them home so Carly could go potty. Jeremy was still surprised by the balloons and Taco Bell we picked up for him. So it all worked out.

Daddy and Emma playing with the balloons.

After the girls got up from their naps, they helped Jeremy open his birthday presents. 

We got him a new razor head and a new watch!

When I first asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner, he said spaghetti and meatballs. I said no and we then talked about Thai food. So I made sticky rice and Nom Tak. It turned out SO good! 

I had to snap this photo during Jeremy's birthday party. Declan and Emma were busy reading Books of Mormon on the couch. so cute.

Jeremy and his ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.

He let all the kids try and blow out his candles. 

We had some friends over for food, games, and ice cream cake! It was fun. It was perfect. And the girls loved having other kids to play!

Happy Birthday Jeremy! I hope you had a fun birthday. I had so much fun spoiling you!