Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

 I saw these Valentine's Day dresses at Old Navy and HAD to have them for the girls. I even waited to get a 5t from online for Carly because when they went on sale they were sold out of her size!

Getting a picture before church is kind of difficult when Emma just wakes up from her nap. Poor girl.

Carly bending down to talk to Emma.

I love them to pieces.

The backs even had HEARTS!

On Valentine's Day they each got their own box of chocolates and some conversation hearts. 

Carly's chocolate lasted pretty long, she only nibbled on the pieces. Emma would eat them in one bite! haha

Getting ready for daddy to come home and see his surprise. I set out his candy a little later. Reese cups, beef jerkey, conversation hearts and jelly beans. We also picture him up some Old Navy men's dress socks. One pair has killer whales and one pair has watermelons! 

My present to Jeremy was cleaning our room! This took me all morning because of the 10 loads of laundry that had been dumped on our floor. Totally my fault. But he very much appreciated a nice clean room and this cute string of pictures of us.

Asking daddy for some of his candy.

For an early dinner, we went to Olive Garden!

Their kids menu has stickers and seek and find page. It kept Carly occupied for a while.

Emma has a knife. haha

Carly using her own knife to cut her bread stick.

Jeremy and I split the Tour of Italy and the girls had mac n cheese, french fries, grapes, and raspberry lemonade.

Emma was getting sad. haha of course they just set an elderly couple in the booth right next to us. Jeremy kept glancing over to see if they were staring. haha

Emma was a huge fan of the raspberry lemonade. She downed it!

Helping daddy pay.

When we got home the sun was out and the girls wanted to play with their squirt guns that they found.

Carly riding her big girl bike! While Emma is still obsessed with this little yellow car.
I love seeing Jeremy just smiling at the girls.

Des Moines trip

We have some friends who live in Des Moines and it was about time for us to meet up with Uncle Clayt for a visit. So we met him in Des Moines for the night. 

We stayed the night with the Katzenbach's and their THREE border collies. 
Saturday we had an easy morning and then went to the science museum with Uncle Clayt.

Ice cream for this girl.

Emma was in love with this high chair. She doesn't even sit in a high chair at home, but she was a huge fan. haha.

Carly said "mom look! both hands!"
Like Father like daughter

Jeremy petting the dogs with both hands. haha

When we asked Carly if she was ready to go to the museum, she told us that we could go ahead and that she would stay at the house with the dogs and throw the ball. haha

It took Emma a bit to warm up, but as soon as she did she was all over Buddy and loved throwing the ball.

Heidi was having trouble with keeping her fish healthy, so Carly helped pick out a new gold fish "Cutie" so the sick fish wouldn't be lonely in a different tank.

Uncle Clayt is always fun to have around! Both girls are on his back and then he would throw them onto the couch. As soon as he threw them onto the couch, again! again!!

The science museum had bubbles! Emma loves bubbles.

Fun in some water.

Emma trying to get the ball, she even found a little stool to help.

Balls! There was a whole Ball Wall.

Emma would collect as many as she could carry and then put them in that yellow basket and watch them shoot up.

The thing in the middle spins, and you try and get the donut looking things to spin on the center piece. We were trying for a few minutes, this guy comes and sits down and does it his first try! haha
The lighting in this room is weird because it was really dark with blue lights.

Carly loves trains. It was perfect. Carly was playing with the train set and Emma was over with the Ball Wall.

Our weather girl!

The girls got to drive these little robots. They actually did a really good job! 

These girls love their Uncle Clayt.
They were sad to say good bye. 

Jeremy climbed in the back seat and passed out while the girls were asleep. Made for a nice peaceful hour and a half drive to Costco! 

The BEST traveler.
She took her shoes and socks off and was saying "how are you?" with her sock puppet. haha
I was so glad that we got to spend some time in Des Moines with Uncle Clayt. And the Katzenbach's were so nice to let us stay in their house. Carly is counting down until we will go back and see Max and Buddy and Molly again. haha