Sunday, March 26, 2017

Pitchforth Sister Sunday pictures

Here is another Sunday night, I am up late because I took a nap! Ugh. I am always in this dilemma. Don't worry tomorrow I will pay for it and Jeremy is already fast asleep!

 These are pictures I took just before loading them into the van to go to church this morning. I take about 20 pictures in 1 minute, I even deleted the ones where their eyes are closed and blurry.

As you can see, Emma is just a busy body and Carly is just trying to smile so she can eat her mint I promised her.

Emma's cheese smile.


Emma hit Carly and is saying sorry and kissing her arm.

I finally found a raincoat for Emma. They LOVE playing in the rain and the only thing we were missing was a raincoat for Emma. Carly was pretty upset I didn't let them wear their rain boots to church too. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Emma's first dentist appointment!

Emma had her first dentist appointment yesterday. I was a little nervous because you never know how your kids will act!

She was a rockstar. Seriously. We waited for the doctor to come and check her teeth and count them. He shined his bright light into her mouth and she just sat there with her mouth opened wide.

Carly's first time she covered her mouth and screamed at the doctor. haha. So this was quite a difference with Emma cooperating and not even shedding a tear!

Playing in the waiting room.

Emma wants pancakes every morning for breakfast and she is more than willing to help!

Sometime we get Wendy's on our way home from the store for lunch.
Carly sets it up. Gives me the jr. bacon cheeseburger and pop, Emma the four chicken nuggets and half the fries, and herself some fries.  Emma ate two chicken nuggets and her fries! She loves the bbq sauce.

Remind me NEVER again to order more than 100 pictures from Shutterfly. I finally got all of our wedding pictures printed. 348 pictures are all out of order. I could not believe it. I spent two hours the other night putting them all in order. This is just a portion of them, pictures taken at the temple before our sealing. Ugh. 

Okay I probably will order more photos from Shutterfly. They are amazing quality and they are free if you order them from the app, just pay for shipping. 

My mom got these photo albums for us to put our wedding pictures in. She printed out the Ohio reception for us already, but I just hadn't printed out the Denver pictures, which is way more than these two photo albums would hold.

I found this photo album on sale at Michael's this week. It is perfect and it holds all of our photos.

Free ice cream cone from Dairy Queen first day of spring?! We were very happy about that. 

They each ate a little of their ice cream and then just wanted to go play!
Jeremy and I were okay with that. We each got to finish another cone.

She ate quite a bit of her ice cream cone before giving it up.
She even tried riding her bike and eating it. haha

Beautiful day with beautiful girls.

I cannot believe how fast she can go on this little car! When she would get to a little hill on the path she would put her legs up. haha

We got home and Emma still wanted to ride bikes.
Yes, this is EMMA on the balance bike.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Every six months we have Stake Conference. It's where 11 of congregations get together in one building and are taught by our Stake President. 

Today we got to hear from a seventy, Elder Rulon F. Stacey. Which means there are lots of people, it's two hours, and we sit in the same room the whole time. 

BUT we Jeremy gets to sit with us! woot woot! And the girls are seriously so good. I have no room to complain. We always sit on metal chairs and so we brought magnets, things to color with. But all Emma wanted was my notebook I was taking notes in and my pen that she marked on her cute dress more than five times with. Ugh. Oh well. And after the intermediate hymn they finally got their special treats we brought. They were awesome.

Before we took off for this two hour meeting, I snapped these photos. You can definitely tell when Jeremy stepped into help because they were not cooperating with me.

We do have a basement. Half of it is finished. It has nice cozy carpet and we even moved a few couches down there to sit on. Downstairs is where most of the toys are. Every now and then we spend a morning, me cleaning, and the girls playing and watching old vhs Disney movies on the tv we have down there.

Carly got her new flip flops from Old Navy in the mail and she has worn them inside ever since! We are going on 5 days. haha She cannot WAIT until it is warm enough to wear them outside.

Carly asked me to move the van back a little so they could ride all the way around it on their bikes. 

They couldn't decide what to ride, they were all over the place and switching bikes and wagons and cars.

Emma throwing a fit that Carly got on the yellow car. 

A trip to the playground while it was still day light after dinner!

She loved this tire swing last summer and I think she will love it even more this summer.