Saturday, April 29, 2017

Girls can rough house!

A day in Ohio

We took off on Friday after Jeremy got off work, spent the day in Ohio on Saturday, and drove home on Sunday. It was a quick trip, the girls are total rockstars at traveling, and we were completely exhausted.

Some highlights from our trip:

Carly drew our family on this marker board.

Uncle Clayt got to come with us! Carly and Emma are huge fans of Uncle Clayt so any time they get to see him they get so excited. Carly and Emma chilling and watching a movie. Jeremy trying to sleep. Little did I know, every 30 seconds Carly was asking him, "Daddy, done with you nap?"

I hate when rest stops don't have changing tables! Ugh. This cutie is fine laying on the pillow to get changed though.

Breanna and Anton told us to let them know when we got up Saturday morning so they could head over and play all day. So we snapped this picture and sent it to them.

Some things never change. They are looking for Easter eggs! haha Franki and Dana didn't find all of them so Korbin and Clayt found some.

Carly runs into the house while her, Olivia, Katelyn, and Emma were playing outside, "uh Papa, we ride the four wheeler please?!!!" Of course he hooked up a little trailer and drove them around. I ran out and snapped a picture when I saw Jeremy driving the four wheeler. 

Papa walking Carly out to help her get back on the trailer behind the four wheeler for another ride.

Their first wedding reception together.
One of Franki's friends got married the weekend we were there and we made it to her open house.

Typical lunch by themselves so they could get naps and play some more.

Oma and Papa pulled out some toys for them to play with. Legos were a huge hit.

Weldon's is always on our list when we go to Ohio. 

Emma, Franki, Katelyn, and Lane

Carly and Oma

Emma was pretty excited to get her own ice cream cone. Jeremy was smart and grabbed a bowl and spoon so she could actually eat it.

Of course Carly wanted a chocolate ice cream cone.

Emma's big cheese face, Franki and Lane

Oh dear. I asked these goofs to look at me to get a picture and this is what I get. haha They were pretty squished in the booth.

Almost got all the kids! (And a few in laws). My parents had 6/7 of their kids together for a day. (Dana was at home getting ready for her play that night). Ammon is the only sibling missing. He is on a mission!

There is a juke box at Weldon's that Clayt kept pulling quarters out of Dad's coat pocket he had on and playing some music. haha It gave the girls and Oma a chance to dance.

An arm wrestling contest was also on the Dad's list of things to do. haha Jeremy vs. Anton.

Lane vs. Korbin

And then Clayt vs. Dad.

Korbin vs. Dad for semi-finals.

Dad wasn't quite ready when Korbin took him down. Jeremy let go of their hands and Korbin moved Dad's arm down so fast. haha

The final two. It was quite the battle.

I am proud to say JEREMY WON!!! It was so fun and I got it all on video.

Dana in her play. She totally took the show. She has a beautiful voice! The girls sitting behind me obviously didn't know we were related to Dana because they kept talking about her. All good things. But I thought it was funny. "oh man, that Dana Keller is so good. I can't believe she is only a Junior. I thought for sure she was a Senior." 

The star of the show!

Some things never change. Clayt's nickname growing up was Buggy. If we ever saw a bug we would yell 'buggy'! and he would come running with a tissue to kill the bug. haha He went into the food storage room, got the ladder, and climbed up to kill the bug that was on the ceiling.

Good bye Uncle Clayt! Thanks for coming with us! 

We spent the morning shopping at the mall and since they were so good, we went to the Children's Museum for a little bit. Before heading home we went to Target. Emma was complaining that it was too bright. She was out after seconds of putting these sunglasses on. hahahaha I could not stop laughing. 

Belly hanging out and she is dead asleep. haha

We stopped at Steak and Shake on our way home and got milk shakes during happy hour. Emma was a huge fan of the double chocolate fudge while Carly drank almost the entire mint chocolate chip. She said, "mommy, I drank too much". But it kept them awake until we got home for them to take a short nap.

At play group on Friday we went to the library. Carly loves the train table while Emma pulls out lots of books to 'read'.

Carly drawing people! Like a head with legs and arms coming out of a circle. First time ever.

They wanted their towels like how I wear mine after my showers. What did I start?! Now they always want their towels like this. Oh well. It is adorable and they giggle the whole time.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Happy Easter!

Uncle Clayt joined us for our Easter weekend.
Uncle Clayton pushing them on the tire swing. They got pretty high and none of them got scared!

Showing off their climbing skills to Uncle Clayt.

Emma is so strong. She would climb up all by herself and then just hang here for a few seconds, then drop to her feet!

Coloring eggs always takes the girls about .25 seconds.
I mentioned how Clayt was always the last one to finish coloring his eggs, like hours after the rest of us had finished. haha

Emma was so excited her egg was BLUE. She loves blue. 

We planted flowers out front!
Hopefully this year they will be the color that says on the package! Grrrr. (Last year Carly wanted purple flowers, we bought purple flowers and planted them and watered them. They weren't all purple. Not even half of them were purple.)

Uncle Clayt getting some exercise.

A huge thunder storm rolling in.
My all time favorite picture from Easter weekend. Carly loves her Uncle Clayt. 

Jeremy used his new grill!! We marinated some pork and he grilled it out on Saturday. Yum. I love how Emma is looking at Clayt in the picture. 

Sunday morning we let the girls watch Trolls with Uncle Clayt. He hadn't seen it yet.

Easter baskets!

Carly got a new basket for her bike and tons of candy.

Giving daddy his Easter basket. Jeremy got some fun church socks and two nice button down shirts.

They were pretty excited about new chalk.
They kept asking for it.

Emma giving Uncle Clayt his Easter basket. He also got some fun socks and candy.

This picture just makes me love them more. They are seriously so fun. Their personalities are so defined lately.

Happy Easter from the Pitchforth's!

Happy Easter!

Easter dinner. Yum. The girls LOVED the ham. We have been eating it all week.

Searching for Easter eggs. haha

Emma needed a little help filling her bucket. Carly almost had hers full and Emma was still working on the candy from her first egg. Jeremy grabbed her bucket and started helping her. haha

We got a bubble machine! They love it. 

Going through their plastic eggs. There was candy, pennies, little rubber lizards, bubbles, and rings.

We are so grateful for the Easter season that we get to celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. We are grateful for all He has done for us so we can be together forever.