Sunday, May 21, 2017

Baby boy stuff!

First of many sports attire for baby boy.

The one request Jeremy has for baby boy is a sports room. I picked up this cute sport balls/hooks. And I had a few coupons to JcPenneys and bought some outfits for baby boy and sports socks! 

Two girls and their bikes

Carly was in mid sentence telling me how she is so big and can put her own helmet on.

Emma is pedaling!!!! She figured it out last week and hasn't stopped since. 

First time fishing!

A couple in our ward invited us to come and fish in their neighborhood pond.
First stop, ice cream cones. It was quite a warm day so it was perfect to eat some ice cream before going fishing.

Throwing some fish food.

The girls helped carry down the fishing poles, they were pretty excited about the little fishing poles.

Helping Carly cast the line.

Throwing some more fish food.

Cutest little fishergirl.

I love this view of the girls and their daddy. Their matching bows, matching dresses, and they were taking turns reeling in the fishing line after Jeremy would cast it out.

We didn't have any luck catching anything. We saw a few fish. But the girls had fun and they talk about doing it again. Carly reminded me every day this week, "mom we went fishing and we didn't catch fish!"

90 degree day!

Yogurt outside.

This is our third summer with this pool. (given to us from my sister in law) It is PERFECT. You don't have to fill it up too much and they play on that slide forever!

Emma's smile!

Carly's laughing face.

Emma most definitely caught herself in this picture, only to flip off the slide her next time down. It was so slippery!

We love rain! She loves wearing these crocs or her rain boot to play in the ran.

I love this little girl. Sunglasses in hand, baby doll in the other, blue blue eyes, and outside. 

about to sneeze...


Carly is getting pretty good on her Elsa bike. She got that cute basket for it for Easter.

Sunglass babies.