Saturday, June 24, 2017

splash pad!

Emma girl, loves to play hard and crash.

Carly with her friends on their towels eating a snack. 

As soon as our friends left, the girls were getting back into the water to play. haha They ran around and around.

She loves running up to me to show me how soaked she is.

Finger painting, park and more park

Carly asked to finger paint. I'm not a fan of the mess of paint so we did it outside!

Our crazy climber who hates if you try and help, she yells 'mom no help!'

The tire swing is always a favorite.

Spider girl was excited that she hit the ball into the pool!

Pizza at the park. Two of our loves these days.

Emma pushing Carly. 

Those blonde curls!

Our neighbor was having a tree and bushes taken out.
It was quite entertaining! 

I love how she loves this baby already. It melts my heart.

Any time I tell the girls that I can feel baby boy moving, Emma climbs up and puts her head on my belly to feel him with her head. She knows that he will kick her head. And he does! He kicks her a ton.

Post nap snuggles.

Garage sale finds! Emma is pushing a lawn mower that BLOWS BUBBLES. She seriously walks at the perfect speed and the bubbles blow out like crazy. Carly is a natural at batting with the little t-set Jeremy found.

I love our back yard. I love having a back yard.
I have so many memories playing in our back yard growing up and I hope my girls do too.

Carly splashed Emma, so naturally Jeremy threw in the pool fully clothed!

Water fight!

And sometimes we get Chick-fil-a. Emma took one bite of the chicken nugget and said 'this yummy mommy'.

She tried to escape after drinking all the lemonade.Stinker.

Typical picture of trying to eat outside. Carly just wants to play and Emma comes back for more.

"Emma want to ride on my horse?"

Old Navy flip flop sale! We took full advantage and these two have been obsessed with their flip flops since!