Saturday, July 22, 2017

All in one day...

Rain was on the forecast for this morning so we stayed inside and painted.
I love water color paints! Emma is a pro at dipping the paint brush in the water and then the paint. Carly is getting more structured with what she paints. She painted a person! It's so fun to watch them create.

Always a fight who gets to feel baby move. haha
We also played with beads! Carly has an Elsa necklace and Emma has an Anna.

We went to the splash pad after naps to try and cool off from this heat! Carly sticking her head in the water. haha

She was pretty excited about getting herself all wet.

Emma has a new found love for pickles!

Sometimes they get to play on the ipad. They are getting pretty good at the Endless Alphabet app.
Emma is so sweet and asks for Carly's help 'Carly you help me?'

snuggles, pink car and bikes

Jeremy asked how we were doing while he was at work. I turned around and snapped this picture for him. 

Post nap snuggles. I was in my rocking chair and they both wanted to sit with me. They were both still waking up a bit. 

This pink car is so fun. Carly has become a really good driver! 

I love how Emma's glasses are half way off her face. haha

Freshly bathed and playing out in this heat!

Her favorite bike to ride right now.
She is getting so good and fast!

I just love this baby's profile. The eyelashes, blue eyes, curly blonde hair, cute little cheeks and earrings.

That smile.

The only way Carly does a real smile is if we tickle her. 

With her nose scrunched up like this she looks just like Jeremy.

I love their conversations and pretend play. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

My view out my back door.

Daddy on the trampoline with the girls.

They both wanted to sit on dad's lap.

Carly's cheese! haha

Emma is getting better and better at hitting on the t with the bat. She used to just swing the bat with one hand.

Story time with dad.

library t-ball story time

Carly had Coach Jed as her basketball coach when she took a basketball class. He did a t-ball story time at the library

We ran the bases, he taught them how to throw, and then we hit off the T.

She is laughing because she just about hit me in the head!

We stopped at Wendy's for their 4 for $4 and fifty cent frosty. yum!

sick Carly, children's museum and trampoline!

After nap snuggles. 
Poor Carly. I don't know if she got sick because she didn't eat anything before going out but she did not have a good night. After eating chicken, rice, and carrots for dinner Carly laid on the floor next to Jeremy (like he usually does after eating) and she said her belly was hurting. A little bit later while we were watching a movie together she told us she had to throw up. This was at 7:00. She continued to throw up every 30 minutes until 10:30. Jeremy went to bed at 8:00 because he was tired. So he left me with throwing up Carly and Emma. Ugh. I was so mad. But he does get up early for work and he does not do well with throw up. At least I could have some support!! She threw up everything she had eaten since after her nap.  Poor girl. It is nice that she has been sick before and she can tell me when we need to go to the toilet. I didn't have to clean up any puke. Thank goodness. I just felt so bad and so I just kept her and Emma up. There was no way Emma would go to bed for the night without Carly in her room. So we took it easy the next morning and she was fine. She was hesitant to eat, but as the day went on she felt better. 

We headed to Coralville for a few hours and stopped at the museum before going to Costco. The girls are huge fans.

They were both driving the ambulance.

We bought a trampoline!!!!

The girls watched patiently as we set it up. It took a while because we didn't have instructions, we bought it used. But we did it!

I know it's blurry, but I LOVE their faces in this. haha

Sibling Class

Our hospital puts on a free sibling class. We were asked to bring a baby and a blanket. I signed Carly up and it was so perfect for her.
They got to learn how to put a diaper on their baby, swaddle their baby, and feed the baby with a bottle.

Then we took the babies on a walk to go to the hospital nursery and see a real baby.

They were all so excited it was a REAL baby.

Then we had a snack and decorated onesies for our baby. 

She was so excited to go home and show this to Emma and Dad. (while we were at the sibling class Jeremy took Emma bowling.)