Thursday, August 31, 2017

Baby Boy!

I am 37 weeks! Last week I mentioned to my doctor that I felt like he was head up! Yikes. Every time I go to pick something up or move his head rubs right up against my ribs. I had this same thing with Emma, but they didn't know she was head up until 40 weeks. 

The doctor scheduled for me to have an ultrasound yesterday. And...he is head DOWN. I was/am so relieved. Because last week we started talking about trying to turn him if he was head up and if that doesn't work, repeat c-section. AH! 

Having a baby is so stressful. Getting pregnant. Eating. Sleeping. Taking care of my other kids. Is baby growing? Is baby head down?! So we are back to plan A: vbac. YAY!
Fresh profile picture of him from yesterday.

He either had his fingers up by his face, or grabbing his toes! It was so cute to see.

This is him at 20 weeks. He is definitely bigger now! The ultrasound tech said that he is weighing at about 7 pounds 10 ounces already!!!
Emma was 7lbs 9oz and Carly was 7lbs 4oz.
He is already my biggest baby and we still have three weeks!

Big day for Carly!

Carly is starting preschool! Not until Tuesday, but yesterday we took all her supplies in and got to see her classroom! 
She was so nervous and shy at first. Emma totally started bawling. She thought I was going to leave her. haha

Monday night is bowling night!

My snuggle buddy. Usually when she wants to snuggle it means to she wants her back scratched. :)
I wonder where she learned that from?!!!

Jeremy text us and asked how we were doing. I sent him this picture of us at Target. We were stocking up on mac n cheese, tuna, spaghetti, and diapers for when I have the baby. 

On Mondays from 4-9 the bowling alley does $1 bowling! We pay $1 for shoes and $1 for a game so it's $7 for us to bowl. Emma's feet are too small still for the bowling shoes.
The past two Mondays we have met our missionaries there. It is their p-day and they love talking trash to Jeremy. 

He is celebrating for me.

That's right...I beat JEREMY!!!! This is twice this summer that I have beat him. And that is most definitely my highest score ever. haha I'll take it.

Target already has their dollar isle full of fall decor. I love the little kits that come with a wooden picture, paint, and a paint brush! Makes for a perfect activity for the girls.

Emma actually painted more than Carly did! Carly was too busy trying to ride her bike to paint. haha Emma would paint, ride her bike for a minute and then come back and paint some more.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Blurry picture, but the lighting was horrible outside when I took this. Just showing that she gets ice cream every time she poops on the toilet! I was outside the sliding glass door, she had just come in the house, I see her little arms start swinging and she runs to the bathroom "me go potty, me go potty" Sure enough she went! It is hard to reward her when Carly wants an ice cream too. So we all got fudge popsicles. 

My shadow. Look at that bump! haha 

Yes it was cold enough Saturday to wear sweatshirts in the morning! Like 63 degrees. I am not complaining. I am loving the cooler weather. The girls not so much. They were both complaining it was cold and wanted sweatshirts.

Jeremy mowing while the girls ride bikes. Makes for a nice chill Saturday.

Saturday night Jeremy had church meetings from 4-9! So we grabbed a pizza and headed to the park. By this time it was 75 degrees and beautiful out! Emma is definitely drinking Strawberry pop. At least it doesn't have caffeine in it! My choice would have been the wild cherry pepsi. We played for a while. The girls love being pushed in swings! Emma loves going super high.

We painted our nails. This is Emma getting impatient because I asked her to wait to go sit on the couch until her nails are dry.

My mom used to do a thing like this with her face and tell a story about chubba. haha

They watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and ate kettlecorn while I put the four loads of laundry away that were on my bed! I put the clothes away so fast! Usually I get interrupted and it just takes forever. But they were pretty content.

The girls playing at the park across from the Nauvoo Temple!
Jeremy really pushed for us to go to the temple this weekend. I wasn't so excited about sitting in the car for four hours altogether. (pregnant=uncomfortable to sit long and lots of bathroom breaks). But on Friday I had the idea to go as soon as he got off work! It was a beautiful day and we didn't have anything going on.
It was perfect. He came home we got ready and went!
I never regret doing that drive, especially when I know we probably won't make it to the temple in September. But the peace I get from going and a good rebooting of my spirits is always nice.

The welcoming center was is right across the street from the temple. We had to take a quick bathroom break and head back to the park. 

Don't mind the sad looking pregnant lady. Some days I have all the energy in the world. And other days I crash. Like hard. I seriously was so tired this day.  The girls were happy to play and leave me alone so I could rest. At one point Carly came in so I could open some fruit snacks for her and Emma. Another time Carly came into my room to show me that she had two bags on her shoulders and she thought it was funny. 

Our little artists. They LOVE watercolor paint. And I LOVE it too. It is hardly any mess and it lasts forever. Unless they use up the purple and then they get mad about it. haha

As you can see our table is set and I am filling up the water pitcher. Pretty sure this was Thursday when we were having our 72 year old neighbor over for dinner.

I seriously made spaghetti and garlic bread. He went on and on about how good it was. haha Oh and brownies. He wouldn't stop talking about how good the brownies were. They were from a box.

Our first park for the morning. I had a chiropractor appointment which is actually on the same road as our church and this park. They kind of got bored so we hopped in the car and headed to a bigger park!

They could have played here forever. But I only brought a few snacks and it was definitely lunch time!

We were here last week for a ward cookout. Carly and Emma watched as big kids climbed this tree. Today they asked if they could do it. Carly did awesome! She wasn't scared at all. As soon as Emma saw how high she was she freaked out and slid down. haha

Every time we are out and about in the morning, on our way home Carly says "I have a good idea mom, you make a picnic and Emma and me play!" They ride their bikes in the driveway while I hurry and make something.
Peanut butter and jelly with strawberries for the win.

Don't mind her naked bum. haha She is pretty much potty trained! Woot woot!!
She is seriously the easiest. Just two weeks ago I ventured out to five stores with her in panties. It helps that I go every 20 minutes and make sure that she at least tries to go too! Even at parks she lets me take her without fighting me. She only wears diapers at night time (she stays dry during her nap!) and when we go to church. Because she is in nursery and she still needs help to go.

Here I am another morning at 6:00 and I can't sleep! Silly pregnancy brain thinks I need to get things done and I can't shut my mind off!

So here's to updating my blog, because I really don't want to get behind, especially since I am due in 3 weeks. Yikes!

Just trying to enjoy these last few days of summer! The weather has been so nice. Nice meaning it's not hot enough to actually go to the pool and nice that we could play outside all day and I don't want to die.

This pool has seriously been the best little plastic pool. The slide keeps them entertained. And it's small enough when they are done with it, Jeremy just dumps it out. He is kind of crazy about our grass and hates when the pool gets left out and kills it. haha

Pure joy in Emma's face! 

Jeremy was here too!

We made some popsicles a few weeks ago and Jeremy finally convinced the girls to eat one. They would much rather have the chocolate fudge popsicles haha