Thursday, September 28, 2017

Ryan James Pitchforth

Long story short: I started having contractions at 12:30 Thursday morning and then went to the hospital at 3, had him at 11:10a.m. Thursday, September 21st, 2017. weighing 8 pounds 8 ounces, 21 inches long.

12:30 hard contractions started I didn't really think this was it. I had been having contractions for the past week and a half at night that would wake me up. But after an hour they would stop and I would go back to sleep waking up in the morning mad because I was still pregnant. haha But this time. They were getting harder and closer together so I pulled out my phone. I had downloaded an app to track contractions.
got to 4 minutes apart After they were consistently four minutes apart for an hour and a half I woke up Jeremy.
2:00 woke Jeremy up I tapped him, because of course he had been out this whole time as I was having contractions. I tapped him and said, "Jeremy I think we should go" I really felt silly saying that. It felt silly saying it and it felt silly that I was waking him up. But I had been up with hard contractions. So we took turns hopping in the shower and finishing up packing up our things. Jeremy woke my mom up who was asleep on the couch and said that we were heading to the hospital. She asked if I was already in labor, he said yes. I was still having hard contractions so hard I didn't feel like eating. When we got to the hospital you have to pick up a phone and state your reason for being there. I said 'uh I'm in labor?' so they buzzed us in and gave us a room right by the nurse's station in room 5.
3:06 checked into hospital
4:15a.m. IV put in, one failed in right arm, finally found a vein in left arm I have two awesome bruises from the iv's that were stuck in my arms. I actually liked it in my arm. It didn't hurt for as long as it did in my hand for my other two deliveries.
4:23a.m. blood drawn from lab 
Epidural 5:18a.m. The doctor came in. I had to hang my legs off the bed and my calves up against the bed. I hunched over and Jeremy sat right in front of me. I squeezed his hand pretty hard. I was shaking and trying to breathe through it. You have to hold really still so he can find the spot to put the needle and start the epidural. I could feel the tube going down my back for the epidural. At one point he said there would be a funny bone sensation. Sure enough my knee felt like I just hit my funny bone. It was so weird. It took a good 10 minutes. But after that the contractions were much more bearable.
Broke Water 5:44a.m. Dr. Bourgeous (the doctor on call at the moment and the doctor who did my c-section for Emma) came in and checked my cervix and I was at a 5. I came in at a 3.5. This time it didn't hurt! It killed the first two times the nurses checked me. Yikes! He broke my water. This started harder contractions and closer together.
7.8-8 at 7:15a.m.  I had two different nurses check me because I was feeling tons of pressure and I just wanted to know how far I had gone. One nurse said definite 8 and the next one said 7.5. Ugh.
My nurse ordered pitocin because my body wasn't progressing at this point. But didn't need it because it started progressing as soon as the nurse ordered it.

The last hour of labor was THE WORST. Back labor was bad. I was progressing from an 8-10 pretty quickly. After two contractions my nurse would check my cervix. She did this probably three different times within that hour. I had the urge to push but I wasn't at a 10 yet. So I felt like fighting my body that was trying to push the baby out. Back labor was so bad. Jeremy massaged me for the whole hour. Oh my goodness. I kept saying that when a contraction would come because it hurt so bad. I felt like crying during a contraction. She checked again and I was at a 10. Dr. Bourgeous had called and asked if I was ready. But Dr. Orr (my doctor) was 3 minutes away when we needed her.

Started pushing 10:51a.m.
The nurse calls and tells her we are ready. Dr. Orr comes in with another nurse. She was super calm and told me how she wanted me to push. For every contraction I needed three big pushes. This was way more productive when I pushed for Carly. I had to push for 10 straight seconds! That was horrible. This was much more doable and I did it with how hard I could for as long as I could. I knew when I first started pushing it was going to be awhile. Dr. Orr wasn't in her plastic cover or anything yet. She was standing there right in front of me. Jeremy held up one leg and the other nurse, Angie, held up a leg. There was also a nurse named Angel. When I would feel a contraction, I lifted my legs off he stirrups,  put my hands under my knees, hunched myself over, and pushed. They were so calm and coached me as to what they could see. When they said they could see HAIR I got so excited. Jeremy even watched the whole thing. (With Carly he was right by my head so he couldn't see her actually come out). They said with every push he wouldn't get sucked back in, he just stayed there. Between pushes I would breathe as much as I could. And between contractions I tried not to relax too much because I didn't want him to go back in.I could feel him crowning which KILLED. oh my goodness. I kept saying that hurts! They told me one more push and then his head would be out! So I gave one more push and his head came out. 

The last ten seconds of pushing was kind of fast and scary! It was kind of a blur to me and so I keep asking Jeremy what exactly happened. But his shoulder got stuck!! I heard Dr. Orr yell "Angel bed down!" They lowered my bed back so I was completely laying on my back, my hands were still holding under my knees, and Angie pushed really hard on my pelvis to maneuver the shoulder while Dr. Orr coached me on one more push and he came right out. If babies stay with their head out too long and their shoulder is stuck, they are losing circulation to their head and it can get scary if it's longer than a few minutes. Thank goodness they did what they call Shoulder dystocia. They explained it to me after he was born and they were sorry they didn't say anything during. But they did have to make a split second decision and thank goodness that maneuver worked! 
Born at 11:10a.m.
They placed him right on my chest and he started crying! Oh how I have waited so long to meet this baby of ours. He just came from our Heavenly Father and I couldn't help but cry because he was FINALLY HERE! He actually looked really ugly to me when he came out. I didn't tell Jeremy this until later. I was really scared this whole pregnancy that he would be ugly. haha So when he came out looking like a wrinkly old man, I thought he was pretty ugly. After his bath and he got all the yucky stuff off him he was exactly how I thought he would look like. Unbelievable precious. I could kiss his cheeks all day.
we are checked in!

last bump picture, I was in so much pain.

right arm with blood drawn bandage, and first attempt of an iv

My nurse, Casey, had me put the peanut ball between my legs to help contractions. It seemed to help because I progressed pretty well. 

Jeremy telling me when I was having hard contractions. haha Thanks babe.
They laid him right on my chest and sucked out his mouth. He had pooped and some of it got in his mouth.

I remember thinking 'he is finally here! I can't believe it!' while crying.
The picture we sent out to announce he was here! His weight and Jeremy liked that you could see him crying and me in the background.

Yucky hair and chubby cheeks. We love this baby boy.

Days leading up to Ryan's birth

My mom got here Friday morning (September 15th). I had a doctor's appointment at 2:30 and Jeremy went with me. Oma picked up Carly from preschool. Then Jeremy and I went out that night for my birthday dinner.

Saturday morning there was a Curiosity Day at the library with Curious George. We got there just in time to hear the rest of the book, see George, and have fruit snacks and stickers. Then we headed to Tucker Park with Oma.

Saturday after naps we headed to Wickiup Hill. It is a cute little museum that is free! And the girls loved it. Outside there are trails you can walk. Jeremy took the girls out for a bit, while mom and I stayed inside. I did not feel like walking.

Sunday Carly had her primary program practice, Oma got to watch it. It was my birthday! We had people for cake and ice cream.

Monday was his due date. Oh my goodness. I hate due dates. Especially when they come and go and baby still isn't here! Monday we headed to Old McDonald's Farm with Oma and Uncle Clayt while Jeremy went to work. They had a huge bunny just hopping around! It was adorable. Totally freaked Emma out. haha it hopped right to her. They also had a pedal tractor for little kids. Carly wanted to ride it the whole time. She did give it up a few times because we weren't the only ones there with kids. We kept Carly home from preschool because she had a little stuffy nose and a cough. At 4 we went bowling for dollar night. I almost beat Jeremy being 40 weeks pregnant! It is my goal to beat him. Clayt did awesome, and Oma got beat by the four year old. haha

Tuesday we went to AirFx with Uncle Clayt. It is a trampoline park and the girls had a blast. The girls are so much better at jumping because we have our own trampoline. Carly would actually jump really high and far into the foam pit. They loved it. Clayt even did a back flip into the foam pit for them. So Emma would do one too. She would back up to the edge of the foam pit while jumping and then jump with her back facing the foam pit. haha Tuesday I had an ultrasound. Jeremy went with me. Mom stayed with Emma and picked up Carly from preschool. The ultrasound was to check four things, his heart, breathing in and out of his nose and mouth, his big movements, and small movements. He wouldn't kick or anything for like 15 minutes! She had to give him 30 minutes to make a big kick or movement. Ugh. It took forever and was making me sweat. I was getting nervous. But he finally started moving around. She also checked fluids. He was just fine. The doctor scheduled an induction for 9:00 on Thursday morning.

Tuesday night Uncle Clayt had to head back to Omaha.

Wednesday we went to the play station for their Community Appreciation Day for play group. I could not believe I was STILL pregnant. My mom was supposed to fly out this day, but she changed her flight to Friday morning.

Wednesday night at 12:30 I started having contractions that woke me up. I started timing them at 1:00a.m. Thursday morning. They were getting super hard and closer together. I woke up Jeremy at 2. We packed up everything and headed to the hospital!

My 27th Birthday

It was fun to have my mom here for my birthday. I can't remember the last time I was with my mom on my birthday. And I had a surprise guest! It was about 5:30 and Jeremy was taking forever to grill the pork chops for dinner. (I requested pork chops on the grill, rice, and broccoli).  Someone knocks on our door, I open it and it is my brother Clayt! Total surprise. Jeremy knew about it and didn't tell me! He did mention, oh girls are you excited for mom's last present?! Not thinking it would be Clayt. He hung out with us for a few days.

From Jeremy I got a gold bar necklace that says 'I (heart) u' I wear it all the time and I am in love. I also got two nursing dresses. They unzip from the sides! Genius and super cute.From my in-laws I got a nursing shirt. Best thing ever! I can nurse and still be covered up. From my mom we ordered a nursing top that has pockets and it super flowy. From each of the girls I got an outfit for the baby. Jeremy asked what they thought I would like, they both said 'clothes for baby boy!' haha they know my obsession right now is dressing this baby.
They each chose an outfit for the baby for me for my birthday. Cute!!

I know this has nothing to do with my birthday. But lately Jeremy will tell Emma stories. It usually had to do with a dragon eating our baby. Then when Oma got here it was about a dragon eating Oma. hahahaha

It is tradition to do streamers for birthday. Jeremy forgot them when he went out the first time to get stuff for me with the girls. So he went back out to Hobby Lobby to get streamers and a 2 and 7 candles.

The cool kid table. 

We brought up chairs and the leaves to our table, and everyone ended up sitting in our front room. haha

We went to Red Robins to get my free hamburger on Friday night (September 15th) because my mom was already here and my birthday was on a Sunday. It was nice to get away and enjoy a good burger and fries, oh and Dr. Pepper.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Every morning I have requests for chocolate chip pancakes or french toast from the girls. I love having breakfast with them. They sit at the counter and help me mix it and put the chocolate chips on. Then they eat a ton!

She wasn't quite ready to wake up, Jeremy went and got her from her nap and she just wanted me. I can't help but just soak it all in.

Emma and I picked Carly up from preschool on Friday because Jeremy had an oil change in his car at the same time Carly needed picked up. We walked to go get her. It has been SO nice lately. And it was seriously a five minute walk. I can handle that!

After preschool shows with Daddy scratching her back. This is a daily thing right now and she pretty much LOVES it. Carly doesn't take naps, as of this week, because she is in afternoon preschool. But once she is in bed at 7:30 at night I don't hear a peep from her! It has been so nice. During the summer they were up until 9-9:30 every night. And yes, that's Emma on the floor in her pink Minnie Mouse blanket.

Daddy playing on the trampoline with them. Not that it's already dangerous enough that he jumps with them, he stands them on his shoulders and bounces a little. Yikes!

Baby boy!

On Thursday, September 7th I had my 38 week appointment. The doctor checked to see if I was dilated at all. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I have been having so many contractions! And I was even up an hour the night before having hard contractions. Oh well. Carly wasn't anything and then I dilated in one night with her. 
Starting this blue scrapbook for baby boy. It is so weird doing blue paper and a blue scrapbook! 

Just when I don't think this belly can stretch any bigger, it does! Holy moly. These dresses were one of my favorite purchases for this pregnancy. I got three different colors and they have been on repeat every week.

swaddling blankets for baby boy. I couldn't decide which one to use for newborn photos, so of course I situate them and send a picture to my sisters to help me decide.

And the newborn sets, navy or stripes?! so cute and fun to choose which one for pictures.

Baby bandanas are super cute. Instead of bibs for them to catch spit up and drool.

This outfit! Oh my goodness. Brown pants AND a vest. Cat & Jack brand at Target is my go to right now.

I love my chill mornings with these two. They are seriously so good and fun. I had to snap a picture, Emma's hand on her cheeks and Carly totally laying down. I just love them.

Sometimes when we go to the mall we bring rolls of pennies to throw into the fountain. Carly threw one at a time, and Emma threw it by handfuls. haha

After nap cookie and shows with dad. We have been getting more time just me, Jeremy, and Emma while we wait for Carly to get out of preschool. Emma LOVES it.

Story time/soccer at the library.

trapping the soccer ball. They were so cute to watch.

We are working on writing her name. You can totally tell that's her name on the bottom! yayyy!