Friday, November 3, 2017

Girls meeting Ryan

It was such a blessing I didn't really get hungry during labor. But after I had him, I ordered food right away because I was starving and it takes a good 45 minutes to get food cooked and delivered to our room.  
His fingernails were so gross. Long and yellow. 

We were waiting for the girls to come to meet him and then they could see him get his first bath. It was worth the wait. They loved it. But he was pretty yucky looking before his bath.

Jeremy changing his diaper.

My world all in one picture. I looked up on pinterest ways to help the older sibling meet the new baby. We read books to them. We had talked about the baby. But at the hospital I wanted to make it special. So we bought donuts, I made a Welcome Big Sisters sign that Jeremy hung up. And Ryan gave each of the girls a new Belle nightgown. Carly loved it. Emma still has yet to wear it. 

My mom extended her flight until Friday morning so she could meet him! She was originally supposed to fly out Wednesday evening. But changed it because he still wasn't here! It was nice having her at the house when I did go into labor so we didn't have to worry about the girls.

Ryan's first bath. It was fun to see how nervous the girls were and then by the end they were pretty excited to hold him.

Best nurse ever! She was so sweet with the girls and talking to them. She was SO nice to me during labor and super helpful. She usually isn't with patients anymore. But since they had more girls in labor than expected she got to help out! And I was lucky enough to have her. She just kept complimenting me during transition when she could tell I was in a lot of pain and telling me how good I was doing. Then during the actual pushing she was so calm and helpful.

Carly was ready to hold him by the time his bath was over. She did not want to hold him until he wasn't so 'sweaty' anymore. haha

Jeremy took the girls home to get them ready for bed and my mom stuck around for an hour or so while I showered and we chatted. She also got to spend some extra snuggle time with Ryan because she was leaving in the morning.

He was bright eyed and just looking at her.
Also, notice her cute Oma necklace. A mother's day present this year and it has birthstones for her grandbabies.

Just me and you buddy. This was after everyone had left and it was just Ryan and I. I did end up sending him to the nursery for a few hours so I could get some sleep. I was pretty lonely. I cried a little. For the other two babies I had Jeremy stay the night with me. It's not like he did anything or even got up during the night when I would nurse, but just having him there was nice. But we felt it was important that he be home with the girls. And because my mom was going home so early in the morning he needed to be at home to be with the girls. 

I cannot get over how much hair he has!!!

We just love him to pieces. The girls are still fighting over who gets to hold him first.

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