About Us

Jeremy, Krystal, & Carly

Jeremy is probably one of the most loving, awkward, caring, helpful, kind, fun, and charming guys you'll ever be around. He works at GoDaddy. He is loving his job. He loves to play basketball. He loves cereal. He loves sports. He loves the news. He recently started watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and loves it. He loves to pray in Thai. He served a mission in Thailand and breaks out in Thai and every now and then so I don't know what he's saying. He loves Thai food. He loves brownies. He loves spaghetti and could eat it every day. He loves to read financial books. He loves to tease me about buying a house. He loves wearing casual clothes to work. He loves getting compliments on his sweet LeBron James shirt.

In the past six months I have learned how to be a better cook, baker, cleaner, dish washer, diaper changing, waking up early kind of person. I have also been able to sew more and more. I love it. I love shopping. If you ask Jeremy, he thinks I am a shopaholic. I love finding new recipes and trying them. I love Pinterest. I love sewing little dresses for Carly. I am slowly trying to change my wardrobe. I have been wearing some of the same clothes since seventh grade.Yeah, I desperately need some new style! Now that I am a mom, I feel I need to dress a certain way. Not even kidding. I looked up "how to dress like a mom" and "how to look older." I feel people judge me all the time because I still look super young and I carry around this 20 pound baby on my hip. My secret is that I get rid of clothes (Jeremy doesn't know this) and then I slowly find some new ones super cheap. I paid $4.99 for a new maxi dress today at Sears!

Carly is our 13 month old daughter. She is such a bundle of joy. She smiles all the time. She giggles like crazy. She has the cutest little smile with her EIGHT teeth. (more are coming) She loves to feed herself. She is loving that we can go on more and more walks. We went on two last week when it was warm enough. She stands at the window and just looks outside. I can't wait until she can just run around at the park and play! She is going to love it. Carly loves to walk with her walker, walking along the couch, standing up for a second in the middle of the floor, and climbing the stairs. She has this new thing now that when she is excited, she just opens up her mouth and looks around. Or she scrunches up her nose and snorts. It is the cutest thing!

Enjoy getting to know us as we write about our little Carly, our adventures, and just enjoying life!

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